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Jul 17, 2021
As you can easily see, this second part of the series is incredibly long compared to the first part which made me wonder how they would pull it off. After reading it all, I can answer this very easily: they took from the survival genre to put it on shounen genre. Indeed, Kamisama no Iutoori 2 is a hybrid of survival and shounen genres, unlike it’s predecessor which was more focused on the survival aspect. Is it a bad thing? Not exactly... But you might find yourself partially blinded by the illusion you’re seeing a group of friends on an adventure on certain parts ...
Oct 12, 2019
Between season 1, season 2 and the OVAS, Kako-hen is my favourite. In a shoujo anime feelings are important and these 4 episodes didn't let me down.
The problem with time-travelling is that sometimes it almost looks like the creators are trying to seem smart. They try to build a web but that web ends up full of plot holes. This time-travelling little story on the contrary was simple and concise. And when I say simple it is in a good way.
There were some little things that weren't exactlly 100% explained but if we start thinking we can easily feel the gaps (and there are ...
Oct 27, 2017
I ended up watching Death Parade today and I can say it's one of my favourites until now (I didn't see that many anime, but still...) .
I enjoy shows about death and afterlife so, before I started wathching, I already knew that I would enjoy it at least quite a bit.

Story 8

For 12 episodes, I must say the producers made a great work. The premisse of this show is incredible. It didn't surprised me the way it was developed, but didn't disappointed me either. The participants on the game of Quindecim were entertaining, with some predictability but with enough innovation to not get the ...
Sep 9, 2017
Hi again!
So, watching this season was a really pleasurable experience.

Story (10)

This one has a very good thing that the previous seasons didn't have. It's canon, it was manga based. So I feel I can take it seriously.
I mean, I liked the ending of the first season, I enjoyed the second season but I put that things in my hands and I think... "where I put this in the storyline?" because I know that the manga will lead in a different way.
So I kinda see the endings of the two seasons like alternative endings.
I don't know if I already said it ...
Jul 12, 2016
First of all, I have to say that Kuroshitsuji is one of my favourite animes.
What doesn`t mean I will play all nice, but I had, in fact, a good time seeing it.

Story (7)

The concept of this anime is amazing, the ideia by itself is a 10 stars coin. Victorian age, that is a rich time scenary, combined with a boy that had made a contrac with a demon. Well, in fact, this sounds cool because it is cool.
The big problem is that Kuroshitsuji is a bit "an everything" anime and the bordelines between the different styles are very, very sharpen up accentuating things that ...
Jul 6, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Hum... well, from where I begin?
I`m not a fan of harem genre so, this being sad, you need to have in count that I didn`t really like that Saito (the male main protagonist) grabbed the eyes of EVERY girl on the serie.
But that`s personal, and persons that like harem must like that point. The problem is that that is not the only problem.

Story (5) - Characters (4)
A school of magic on an other world holds so much potential, like, really, much potential that is not well explored. They could develop and explore that fantasy world more, but that was replaced with exploring ...
Jul 6, 2016
Kotoura-san is an anime that I stepped across for pure chance and I ended up staying and watching it until the end.

Let`s say... for the story there are positive and negative points.
Drama and comedy is a thing that well done ends up being a good mix.
And the animators and writters, in fact, had done that transicion pretty well in my opinion.
I found it a bit strange at first but it was not a so bad chock.
No, no, the problem is with the drama itself and with the comedy itself, not with the transicion.
The drama part is very good in ...
Karin (Anime) add (All reviews)
Jul 5, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Ah, Karin chibi vampire, actually my second anime.

What I have to say about it?

For the story there are two things that annoy me "a bit". First, why she had to be different from other vampires? That sounded so cliché, i would prefer Karin to be a normal vampire from the begginning.
She didn´t needed to be different from others, a romance between a vampire and a human is very commun but between a special vampire and a human gets even more commun afterall.
Second... I hated the ending. Unconsistent, fanservicing... and why that drama with the characters if in the end they... well... who ...
Jul 5, 2016
Well, what can I say about B Gata H kei?
I don`t watch much ecchi anime but this one surely deserves a watch.
I ended up enjoying this way more than I though I would.
It felt so strange but yet I could`t stop watching (I was not famillier with ecchi at the time I saw this anime)

Story (8)
Well... the story is simple but well developed in what could had been developed.At least in the ecchi padron. It`s not to be taken too serious. What this anime has as a special talent is the humour!
I found the humour of this anime very ...
Jul 5, 2016
I already reviwed the Inuyasha first season so why not keep the spirit?

First... this serie got rid of the amounts of fillers so this is the first positive point that I have to absolutely point out.
In other hand... the first 2 episodes seemed a bit rushed in my opinion, especially the first one.
Well... we are used to series starting a bit slow but this started like a bomb and got me "ei, ei, slow down, why everything is happening so sudden?"
But the rest of the serie was made absolutely amazing, every episode was there because it made sense to be there, it felt ...