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Jan 14, 2020
Sangatsu no Lion is filled with important life lessons that is taught to us in style. It has great music, quality animation and a fantastic art style. All of this added with the writing makes for an experience to say the least. I want to also mention that the first episode of this show made my heart ache pretty hard and it didn’t take long to understand why. I felt like I understood Rei’s character quickly because I was Rei at one point. I did everything not because I enjoyed it but because it was necessary, I was unsure of what I really read more
Dec 25, 2019
(This is my first anime review, please try and bare with it.)

“If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.” Serial Experiments Lain is a psychological horror, sci fi, mystery anime about Lain and her ties with the WIRED and her existential crisis. The show delves into the psychological aspect of teenagers making connections through technology and the effect it has them. Connections pop up very frequently throughout the show and leads to what could happen if we take them for granted. There are two core themes that make up Serial Experiments Lain, existence and connections. Chiaki J. Konaka the writer for read more