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Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Ψ-shidou-hen
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Heya Camp△
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Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka
Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka
Jun 27, 2019 2:15 AM
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Liddo-kun Feb 16, 3:14 AM
nice speculation. I would welcome a new season of Aquors, but give us new content and enough of the "our school is closing down drama" - I'm sick of that. It is not the only reason, but one reason why RE:stage is so attractive for me is they did not have such a thing.

yeah, noticed the 10th rain doll with no face. :)



ah, sorry to hear that about yer dog. 17 is already a really long time for dog. Our good dog Tuting, lived for around almost 10. And I'm surprised you have animals inside the house... my mom would never allow such a thing. Even our only expensive cat Pearl sleeps outside. However, we have high walls and our nekos don't really wander outside, so they're safe. My dad also owns a gun.. so anyone trying to get into our house with evil intent would be shot if they're not careful.
Liddo-kun Feb 11, 3:23 AM
Listened to the Love Live songs you shared. All good. Indeed, Hanamaru sounds good in them. :)

my favorite would be the one where they danced in what looks like a persian themed music video.


Sharing another song from Mana and friends. ^^

Liddo-kun Feb 6, 3:25 AM

no matter how much I like an anime.. I don't nag people to watch.
since I already recommended Bang Dream to you once, doing it twice would give an impression that I'm nagging. That's the reason I kept quiet after recommending it. If you do watch, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

IMPORTANT -- season 1 and 2 first, before Garupa Pico. Because you won't recognize some characters if you go for Garupa Pico right away. Yeah, Roselia is amazing. Minor spoiler that might make you like them bit more...



thanks for all the music. Will get them, and listen to them at work tomorrow.



hehe, I like Nicole because she harass Miyu. Come on, torment the sad panda some more. /just kidding xD

Liddo-kun Feb 3, 4:47 AM

I honestly don't know, although the rock has been with me for years. It's beautiful when light is shined on it. :)

glad Mira and sempai enjoyed the rock exhibit. wtf, meteors so expensive.

yeah, Moe giving powerful mya-nee vives.

looking forward to the cafe that they would set up.



whoa, you still haven't forgotten Isao. xD

so far, no one died in the tv series. worst was someone getting crippled + hospitalized. Well, maybe it would be different in the movie.


Seishun Buta

no, not yet seen the movie. ><
Liddo-kun Feb 1, 3:06 AM
almost here. :)

Liddo-kun Jan 31, 4:57 AM
Mea Hoshino singing a Love Live song! :3

Liddo-kun Jan 30, 3:45 AM
passed on your message with a copy paste to Chiibi. ^^



yeah, has been a habit back then. Also collected shells from the seashore, some still survive to this day.

And this is my best rock. My aunt bought it when we went the tourist spot "Crystal Cave". It's rock taken from the roof of the cave. :)

Liddo-kun Jan 17, 6:30 AM
Sango solo. Although it feels like the va decided to stop the Sango voice, and just use her real voice singing the song.

while searching, had to think a bit before remembering the name of the character. I guess Sango is indeed hard to remember. xD


Itai yo

minor spoiler



yeah it was good that we have been talking about them for sometime before the anime even started. that way, they need no introduction.

My favorite 22/7 characters. :)

1. Ayaka
2. Jun
3. Sally
4. Reika
5. Miyako



enjoying the show. ^^

used to collect rocks as a kid, so can relate.
Liddo-kun Jan 12, 1:11 AM

ah, Chocola tail getting grabbed. I wanna grab it too..

I hope they help the poor stray cat.



I'm almost in tears of joy seeing Sally, Miyako, Jun, Reiko, and Ayaka all turned into anime!!!! yosh!!!!!

This might enrage you, but Miu is just mehh.... just kidding. haha



best nunnery... so kawaii ^^

NoviSun Jan 10, 8:09 PM

I'm glad to see that you finished it. I really enjoyed the show, and it kept my attention the entire time. The surprise at the end of episode one still sends chills down my spine because it was so good, unexpected and sad. Up till that moment, I thought the show was going to be a light hearted sol like K-On on something.


This is my favorite of the shows I'm currently watching. In case you don't know, there are also 2 ovas that provide a little a little back story for ChocVina and the other girls. I already have a favorite Neko, and that is Maple. She cracks me up with her fine taste and eloquence.
Liddo-kun Jan 10, 4:56 PM

I suggest this one of you want another isekai ... well, it's not really isekai. But more like another cgdct with action. :)



will comment once I watch it. Already got the ep.
Liddo-kun Jan 10, 4:53 PM
new video from Mea Hoshino. ^^

she somehow really sounds like Umi. hmm..

Timz0r Jan 9, 6:39 PM
Haha, that's for sure possible on the looks department. Unfortunately so far I'm aware there's no real guarantee your desired the personallity trait for a saber toothed cat girl will be achievable. Otherwise I would personally go for a bit of a kuudere saber tooth cat girl myself. You gotta be carefull with kuudere's. They are iether plotting world domination combined with your demise or they are just playing some silly jingle they have heard two days ago inside their heads while staring at you menancly and just want head pats and wholesome cuddles. But I must also agree a cute 'baka!', a 'moooooh~' or even an 'ara ara nyah~ ' can also be very cute in some way or another.

Liddo-kun Jan 8, 5:20 AM

have actually finished the manga for it as well. Good read. Answers many mysteries left unanswered by the anime.


Bang Dream

as far as I've seen. They don't do covers for other shows. But the anime is rather good, feels like another Re:stage // Love Live. Although to what level of enjoyment someone get depends on personal preference. Hit or miss. it's a hit for me. Now going through season 2. :)



when you reach the mall episode we can discuss

Timz0r Jan 5, 9:07 AM
Eh, science have done so many great things already, but I agree it's also beeing wasted on useless things like Elon Musk-chan's Cybertruck-kun. If I had more money, I would do my best to introduce ZA WARUDO with my very own cat girl breed called the saber toothed cat girl. It's a cat girl based of the extnct saber toothed cats that existed from the Miocene to end Pleistocene times. The only main difference is that they will have a mucht shorter tail compaired normal cat girls and two enlarged fangs which basicly are enlarged moe fangs when they are adult and since I know a lot of weebs like moe fangs, so yeah it's a win-win situation for me.... :3