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Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Yesterday, 8:43 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
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Assassins Pride
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Jun 16, 12:01 PM
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Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den
Samurai 8: Hachimaru Den
Jun 15, 8:41 PM
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Thcs12 Jun 10, 7:55 PM
ai me ofendeu
Thcs12 Jun 10, 6:09 PM
o que aconteceu com o chessa?
static_spacer01 Jun 10, 9:39 AM
o que aconteceu com o chessa?
Ritsu-Kawaii May 23, 2:06 PM
Obg kk
Kirtap May 15, 6:11 AM
CLARO Q EU CURTI NÉ, CG É MARAVILHOSO! Eu acho q de todos os animes q eu já vi até hoje, Code Geass é oq tem o melhor final de todos, aquilo lá é simplesmente fenomenal! Eu vi mto pouco de Gintama, há mtos anos, preciso voltar a ver kkkkkkkk

SIM, eu sou assim tbm, to cntg nessa
Eu tbm gostei bastante desse Boogiepop novo, mas senti falta de uma parte q tinha no clássico, e q não teve nele...
NADA MAIS JUSTO, agr tá em #18 e eu acho justíssimo, a temporada foi absurda d+!

Bom, se eu te falar, que eu ainda não comecei a ver todos dessa temporada q eu queria, por estar revendo uns arcos de One Piece, vc acreditaria ?
Eu só to vendo Shingeki 3/2, Kimetsu no Yaiba e OPM 2, até agr KKKKKKKKKKKK, e essa seria a ordem de Hype, com Shingeki BEM na frente!
Deminus Apr 29, 1:11 PM
Sup. Well University's been keeping me quite busy and tired the last days <.< But I'm glad to always come back to MAL and talk about Anime in my free time haha.

Yea. Gintama got pretty lucky with that 14 episode slot. Like how they even tried hard to get that slot so that they would have enough time to finish the season xD But in TPN's case they were pretty unlucky, since Fuji TV / Noitamina block is known for usually providing mostly 11 or 22 episode slots.

I also loved Erza at the beginning, but it's just that she didn't really get much character developement, because of how she kept winning every ridiculous fight just because she's Erza haha. But I know what you mean. It's more Mashima's fault for using her like that.
Dragon Slayers used to be treated us so rare and ancient. I liked that concept a lot. But in the end they barely slayed any Dragon, which is a pitty. Mashima wasted alot of potential with that..
Yes. Tenrou Island really shocked me with how Acnologia knocked them out and caused the 7 year time skip. He always appeared as such a strong and frightening character. Especially that intense battle with Igneel in the Tartarus Arc. Would've loved a fight between him, E.N.D and Zeref. Sometimes I even think it would've been perfect if Fairy Tail ended at Tartarus (my personal favorite FT Arc). The series would've ended on a good taste.
I personally also wouldn't recommend Taizai. The first season was quite enjoyable and I liked Escanor, but that's all. It didn't really suit my taste to begin with and then kept getting worse. Only reason I read the manga was to see what the hype is all about, but I kinda regret that now and just want it to end.
Exactly. Part of the reason why Gruvia is my favorite Fairy Tail ship is all the hard times and developements they went through together. And I also found it cute how passionate Juvia was about Gray haha. Really loved that moment at the end of the Tartaros Arc.
Fun Fact, in case you continue watching Clannad: Gray and Juvia share the same voice actors as Tomoya and Nagisa. That makes it even more adorable imo.

I feel you haha. They spammed Obito's backstory waaay too much. And then it just concluded with a Talk no Jutsu. But I really enjoyed and missed Obito's appearance as Tobi. I found it a bit odd with how much his character changed after it was revealed who he really was.

Oh. No problem. The fillers are also not bad. Especially the ones at the beginning of the series. Hope you'll enjoy the series and let me know once you started^^
Deminus Apr 13, 12:47 AM
Sup. Well late again xD But it should be getting better now. Took a look at Holmes. He indeed has a badass design. Same goes for Ozzy^^ But thanks I'll check that out so that I'll be better prepared for the next event^^

That's true. It's a perfect spot for ending a season. But unfortunatelly it's pretty difficult to fit it into 12 or 24 eps. But I agree. I saw the scene with mama's loose hair and she looked freaking gorgeous in that. That's something I can appreciate.

Makarovs fake death was so bad that I had to laugh xD Erza in general is a character who has been abusing the Nakama power ups the most in Fairy Tail, which in turn made me dislike her as a character. When she wins it'll only be reasoned with "because she's Erza". The Eileen case was the pinaccle of that. I facepalmed when she started flying with broken bones and slayed a Dragon like that. Made the Dragon Slayers look like a joke.
But the Acnologia and Zeref defeats were really the most painful ones. All the build up throughout the entire series was ruined. It made me upset. Especially with the way I remember Acnologia being such a badass character...
I find it funny how in shounen those tropes (especially the nakama power-ups) always appear most during their final arcs. Nanatsu no Taizai is a good recent example for that. Because the final Arc was also pretty bad there.
As for Levy's pregancy. Fortunatelly it was fully confirmed in the 100 year quest sequel. So their relationship is pretty much concluded. I'm sure Mashima will even make more of it by the end of the 100 year quest. As for Gray and Juvia there's no sign of that..
It's also a hit in the face how Gray even left her behind to go on a 100 year quest lol.
I also agree with Naruto. Kishimoto made Madara so ridiculously op that he had to bring in Kaguya, who could easily be sealed to solve the war lol. It was really the massive villain fiasco that brought the downfall.

I can send you a very good guide to watch Detective Conan:
If you follow it and watch all the *Main Plot* episodes you will skip all the "unnecessary" parts. Highly recommend it. The main plot is very exciting and really good written with MASSIVE foreshadowings.
I used to watch all episodes including the fillers, when I was watching it on TV back then. But as soon as the german episodes ended and I wanted to get back into the series I used that guide as well to catch up with the remaining episodes. Currently even rewatching it with a friend and helping him to catch up. And we use that guide as well xD It's very helpful.
Kirtap Apr 3, 5:13 PM
Kkkkkkkk eu preciso mto ver Durarara, mas eu não consigo juntar forças, talvez aconteça como foi no caso de Code Geass, eu posso ter uma epifania, e começar a ver descontroladamente até terminar kkkkkk. Bom, por Durarara ser grande, ele tem mais tempo para desenvolver, então eu creio que vá ser melhor que Baccano! Psé, i just want more Baccano...

Esse Boogiepop tá incrível msm, eu to amando, até pq eu to entendendo, o antigo eu tava perdidão vendo...
Dororo tá mto bom tbm, todo estiloso e com uma pegada mto loka!
Ainda não comecei a ver, to esperando sair na Netflox
Kaguya-sama tá mto bom tbm, to curtindo d+

meu top 5 dessa tempoada seria:
1- Mob 2
2- Neverland
3- Dororo
4- Kaguya-Sama
5- Boogiepop
Deminus Mar 30, 12:00 PM
Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Got a bit busy this week, but thanks alot for your efforts with recommending me the guides/wiki. It helped alot!
Oh. Holmes as a servant sounds hype. I hope he will have a badass design. Hope you will get them too!
Unfortunatelly I didn't make it in time to get enough points for permanent Nobbu, but I've been using your Nobbu as a support servant pretty often^^ Thanks once again for telling me. Didn't even know that some servants had bonus drop effects during the events. I'll make sure to get a servant in the next event. Hopefully Cacha. She looks nice^^

Yea. I think it would've been great if they adapted it into around 22 episodes with the small arc after the escape arc. It would've been a perfect adaptation without damaging the plot too much, but they tried too much to force it into 12 episodes.

I know what you mean. The fake deaths also made me very upset. Especially the one with Makarov. And the fact that the villains were so hyped only to be one-hitted with plot armour also frustrated me. Especially with the way Acnologia, Zeref and Eileen went down. It's clear that Mashima obviously didn't plan the arc out and only wanted to hurry and finish it, which is a pitty because it had alot of potential.
But I really don't understand why he would make so many fake deaths. It's almost like an insult to the fans. And if he doesn't want to kill characters he shouldn't fake it in the first place. What also got me annoyed with that arc is that Mashima had alot of opportunities to solve things with good writing but instead went for the Nakama power-ups.
Gajeel is also one of my favorite characters of the series. He probably had the best developement out of all characters and I'm glad at least he got his deserved end. Even though it was annoying that his death also got faked like that. As a Gruvia shipper it also hurt abit that nothing came out of the ship. But maybe that'll change by the end of the 100 year quest.
But you are right. One thing I gotta leave for Mashima is that he is very hard working. I think during the 11 years he did Fairy Tail he didn't take any break and even sometimes released double chapters.
Naruto was also one of my firsts. I watched Naruto and Detective Conan alot during my childhood. So I have the same nostalgic feelings for them. Even though Narutos final arc was also kind of debatable.

I agree. The amount of announcements last week were really insane. So many trailers for upcoming Anime and new great announcements of other anime I loved. I coudln't even handle it haha. AnimeJapan is really a blessing festival.

Same here haha. Watching sol's about idiots is probably one of the most fun things to do. I never get tired of that. Even after watching over 300 eps of Gintama lol. It's amazing how creative some writers are to turn this into an enjoyable genre.
Gui8830 Mar 25, 6:57 PM
tu tirou kiznaiver do seus fav porraaaaaaa
Gui8830 Mar 25, 6:49 PM
lal, tu tem boogiepop nos fav
Gui8830 Mar 25, 6:48 PM
agr vi que é tu will KKKKKKKKKK
Gui8830 Mar 25, 6:47 PM
Kirtap Mar 25, 3:36 PM
Nada, não precisa desculpar a demora pra responder não, eu tbm demorei dessa vez kkkkkkkkk

AMOU? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, SATISFAÇÃO ASPIRA! Eu te falei que era genial, e bem único! Tem que prestar atenção, se não, ferrou... Falando disso, eu preciso é ver Durarara KKKKKKKKKKKKKK. SIMMMMMMMM OST LINDONA! Bom, eu acho que aquilo é realmente o final do arco, mas ainda tem mto mais de Baccano, podia ter outra temporada... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA EU NÃO PODIA CONCORDAR MENOS! ELES SÃO DISPARADOS, O MELHOR CASAL DE ADULTOS QUE EU JÁ VI NO MUNDO DOS ANIMES! EXATAMENTEEEEEEEEEEEE Não é atoa que existe um "meme" que é MORE BACCANO, pq todo mundo quer mais, não dá, é bom d+!

Oque está vendo dessa temporada ?
Deminus Mar 23, 3:52 PM
Got pretty unlucky in my last roll v.v Only pulling Rider class servants. Hope you got Quetz since her drop rate was up today. Btw, do you know how to get Nobbu permanently. I participated in the event, but it says she's only temporarily. Really need to get myself back into the game mechanics lol. Didn't know she had Kaguras voice actor, but that sure is a nice coincidence haha.

Yea. It felt like Rin flowed really well with the story (especially at the end of UBW), even though I like Heavens Feel and Sakura more and enjoy seeing her influence in the story.

Yea. It's really frustrating how the Anime rushed the story and cut out the monologues and mindgames (the part I enjoyed most in the first Arc). I've already ranted about it and written long messages about it, but it really bothered me how they butchered the writing in the Anime and make the characters seem pretty boring compared to the manga. I highly recommend you to read the first Arc in the manga as well, once the Anime is finished.
Also: Which Youtuber about TPN do you watch? Is it perhaps ChibiReviews? Because I watch him as well and love his videos.

Yea. This Fairy Tail Season is a dissapointment. I hoped that the Anime would change a bit of the manga and improve it, because of how chatastrophical the final arc was. But they aren't making it any better. It's a shame, because I was really excited for this season and waited so long for it. But I can't bring myself to hate Fairy Tail in general, because it was the Anime/Manga which got me into watching more Anime. Even though I admit that it has some massive flaws and can understand why people wouldn't enjoy it.
But I agree. Mashimas Art is really good and he has a strong dedication for drawing manga. Unfortunetely he often fails in the story execution.
But seeing you being hyped for Babylonia I'm also getting hyped to play it in FGO. It seems like the story is really good.

Bungou S3 is what I'm looking forward to the most in the next season. The Anime will probably catch up to where I was in the manga, but I'm really excited. Hyped for Takagi S2 too! Didn't expect them to do another Season, but I'm really looking forward to it. It's so wholesome and cute. (Btw: Re:Zero S2 also got announced today and I'm sooooooo damn happy right now)

Yea. At the beginning I didn't think much of her and thought she was another side character that probably won't have a big significance again. But seeing her appear again and getting developement makes me interested.
Oh, Azusa is also a good match. Sometimes I think she understands Kitahara very well (apart from shipping him with Kohei LOL). The scene where she offers herself was also damn hilarious haha. You are right lmao. The character interactions are really pretty similiar to Gintama. Gotta love that you can pretty much sum it up that they are all idiots going thorugh a daily life xD