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Feb 3, 2019

It was an more hilarious episode than usually, and you can feel the emotions of everyone about the new start that they all are living , it brings you the sensation that something big its coming. In this special like in the previous movie "Take your marks" the element of funny confussions and coincidence again as ingredient,was perfect!
It really deserves your chance, the ED was the best of all! Hope to see more sexy's dance of the boys like this!

MUSIC: Like I said, the ending was the best of the OST that they used it here to me. As well, the sounds read more
Jan 24, 2019
Firts, this is not the best anime like the most of the shonen's. It has a different story than another storys of vampires and inusual condiments. You can follow an apocalypsis with vamppires and humans into war and even demoniac possesions with drama and touches of comedy.
The good thing here is that you can enjoy the plot and the story line pace even if you don't capture the meaning of each stuff from the manga, by the way, there are some changes from the manga in the animation. I guess all this was because of the fan-service, in fact , I believe that read more
Dec 21, 2018
Maybe many come looking for an arduous romance between two people and find this story uninteresting, this story presents the darkest side that can be traversed by loving someone and losing it and continue living despite it, this anime has the message of "Live and continue living" in each chapter. Violet Evergarden is a powerfully dramatic and realistic anime. If you watch this anime you will not only enjoy the rich plot broken down into different stories per chapter but also the personal growth of the protagonist so the stories will surely touch your heart, sincerely I cried too much in each chapter. This is read more
Dec 14, 2018
I even don't know why this anime has so many awfull reviews. I believe that this anime doesn't deserve to be call "garbage" or an "stereotype" I don't know what kind of anime of yaoi genre the people who writed the reviews saw, but I am certanly sure that this anime it's not that bad.
Firts, this is not the typical story of every yaoi OVA where you can see just sex scenes without a real love story or romance, I think that dispite the fact that in the manga there is a lot of sex scenes the producers made a really good job read more