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Oct 20, 2016
After a long time, finally I finished Death Note, what a trip! Without a doubt this one of my favourite anime ever and it's truly a masterpiece that I must write a review on it.

It makes you question one of the most basic morals "What is good and evil?"; Is what Light doing right? Is it really that bad? Is it that good? Would you like to live in a world where an invisible identity is watching every step you take in a way?
During this anime, I've wanted both Light and L to win since they are both genius and they just kept blowing my read more
Sep 21, 2016
Wow!!! I am speechless! This movie was so good I can barely make an actual coherent review about it, I guess I'm still in shock.

The story was truly well written, it was emotional roller-coaster without doubt. I laughed and I cried (oh so much tears) but it was truly incredible.

I was honestly scared the movie would end up in a cliffhanger or that it would have end up in disappointment, but it had a good ending actually. It really touched my heart and for me that's impressive mostly because I don't really enjoy the romance type.

I have to say I was very confused in the read more
Sep 19, 2016
If you want a cute anime with cute girls and just happy feelings this is it! Even though the episodes last only 7 minutes, the character development and the little plot it has, flows nicely.

Usually I don't like this type of anime but since it was short and it sounded interesting, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did.

Everything about this anime is just cute and funny. The characters are adorable and extremely likable and the strong friendship that these girls form is just great and people should actually aim to have friends as reliable as them.

I really enjoyed this anime, read more
Sep 19, 2016
I don't understand why people hate Makura no Danshi so much. It's an interesting concept and I think it was pretty nice.

The art was alright and there were some types of boys though it lacked a bit on the variety the twins gave me the chills and the little boy was unnecessary considering what it was supposed to be the show (the synopsis says "Who’s your ideal boyfriend?" a little 5 year old boy who's supposed to be like a little brother isn't my ideal boyfriend or anyone's I think).

It lacked the actual "whisper and sleeping together" and the "pillow talk", since most didn't even read more
Sep 19, 2016
Plastic Neesan is a wonderful anime if you're looking for something short, funny and with a little bit of ecchi. I watched this in less of half an hour and I wasn't disappointed.

Even though it lacks on the plot, the comedy makes up for that. It goes straight to the point and it's something to watch after a long boring day, you'll get instant comedy and cute characters. The humor is a bit weird so it probably isn't everyone's cup of tea but each episode is only 2 minutes long so it's worth giving it a shot, you just might find a hidden gem read more
Sep 5, 2016
Pupa (Anime) add (All reviews)
This anime makes me truly angry!

The idea is actually okay, it looks like an interesting story however it was completely ruined...

The length of the episodes is just ridiculous, how is it suppose to create that tension we are supposed to feel in horror animes/movies if 2/3 of the episode is the opening and ending songs? Which aren't good either.

The plot is all mixed up, though I guess we couldn't except much from 4 minute long and just 12 episodes.

The only thing I truly enjoyed was the last episode because it was cute and funny which is rather bad since it's supposed to be a horror read more
Aug 31, 2016
To be honest I only got interested because it was a shounen ai so I thought I would give it a try. Considering this is only an OVA and there's only 1 episode, it lacks a lot and the story is very confusing.

However it peeked my interest and there's a lot more to find out, so I'm planning on reading the manga to learn the rest of the story so my rating might change after reading and learning the rest of the story.

I probably advise everyone to read the manga since this story has potential and I'm sure the manga manages to explore it but read more
Aug 31, 2016
Wow what can I say? This is now one of my favourite movies of all time.

The story is amazing and the characters are great too, everything is just spot-on.

The setting even though ist isn't very new since this is a 1997 movie, the moral is very modern and everyone should learn.

Technology and evolution should be always in harmony with nature, without destroying each other for both are necessary. This movie us there isn't a good or evil side, both sides are simply trying to achieve the best and trying to protect equally important things.

Simply put both sides must achieve a balance so that humans and read more
Aug 29, 2016
This anime is a real hit or miss, either you love it or hate it.

I really did enjoy how this anime rolled out, it was a truly unexpected end and to be honest I'm glad it ended that way.

Makoto is truly a horrible character, he ruined everyone's life and it truly made me hate him. He let sex rule his life and made him not care about the other people's feelings.
He hurt pretty much everyone he interacted and he honestly had it coming, Sekai did a great job in taking care of the problem.

I understand that Sekai and Kotonoha fell for him, I just don't read more
Aug 26, 2016
This is my first review ever so I apologize if it isn't very good.

When I started watching Gugure! Kokkuri-san, I wasn't very sure what to expect but it was a very pleasant surprise!

Plot-wise I was rather disappointed, I believe they should have showed more about Kokkuri-san and Kohina's since Kokkuri-san apparently knew her and I wanted to see Kohina act a little bit more human.

The characters are lovable specially Kokkuri-san. I think Inugami's obsession with Kohina was a bit too exaggerated, they're a real stalker but if you have patience you can understand why they act the way they do. Shigaraki was a surprise, I read more