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May 7, 2020
I watched this till the ninth episode in 2017 when it came out and I never finished it so yesterday I binge-watched it from the first episode again. I never had many expectations about this anime. I didn't watch any gambling animes so I was mainly drawn in by the art style.

The way I would describe this anime is "psychopathic lesbian gambling porn", less emphasis on the gambling. Mostly this is about the main character who is a compulsive gambler and doesn't care if she wins or not, she just wants to gamble for very high stakes. But she always wins. So if you're read more
Jan 18, 2019
No. Just no.
First of all, I do not like yaoi mangas with intense sex that have goofy characters, humor and "goofy" art style combined with said goofy humor. I just don't find them entertaining at all so I knew immediately that this manga was not going to be well loved by me. I don't like the plot and I don't like any of the characters. One guy is an asshole while the other one would literally throw themselves under a bus for the asshole guy and I ain't buying it. So many yaoi mangas today have these exact same characters in a romantic relationship and read more
Sep 5, 2017
I honestly didn't even finish this because I couldn't.What bothers me the most is that this is labeled as a comedy anime yet it's actually just really depressing.

As someone who has experienced, and still does experience social anxieties, this was really miserable.While Tomokos issues are very much exaggerated for comedic effect I still could relate to so many dilemmas she has.

She has no friends, her brother doesn't care for her issues, her classmates don't even acknowledge her and while I do get that some situations are more miserable by her hand I can't really blame her.She just wants to be loved and have friends while read more