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Sep 3, 2019
Zankyou no Terror is short and sweet, and I found the ending to be quite good despite what others have said. It's an excellent thriller that delivers a complete experience in the span of just 11 20-minute episodes, which is all I could really ask for. While I think some people are saying that it would be better if it were extended to a full 24 episodes, I feel that I have to adjust my ratings according to the length. Obviously people will experience more feels with characters they've invested more time in, so it's unfair to Zankyou to disregard the fact that it delivered read more
Oct 17, 2018
FMA:Brotherhood, to me, is the equivalent of classical music (think Beethoven, Mozart, etc.), but for the world of anime. If anime still exists hundreds of years from now, people will still remember FMA:B for being a classic, industry-defining masterpiece.

While newer, flashier things might come along to steal the spotlight for a while, FMA:B will return to the top with the same certainty that the sun rises each morning. While I'm concerned that this anime might never be surpassed in my eyes, it brings me great satisfaction to know that I discovered it, enjoyed it, and remember it. FMA:B had everything I ever wanted, read more
Oct 14, 2018
Hataraku Saibou is a very enjoyable and educational show that seems to be a bit polarizing, with some people praising or ridiculing the light-hearted and slice-of-life feeling of this 13-episode run. I will admit that I got tired of the show about halfway through the season, and only picked it up a few weeks later as the lack of a contiguous plotline and limits to character development made it hard to binge with so many other great anime out this year.

As a watcher, I feel that this isn't a show you should binge but rather enjoy periodically.


There isn't really much of a story in read more
Oct 14, 2018
My Hero Academia is a show that has a very interesting way of melding Western superhero culture (think Marvel/DC) with shounen & high school elements from the anime world. As I mentioned in a review I did for season 1, this show's ability to take inspiration from outside the anime world might be why it feels more refreshing than I thought it would.

MHA has come a long way indeed since season 1, where I nearly dropped the series because I felt a bit overwhelmed at the size of the cast and saw nothing special. If season 1 was an introduction to the setting and Deku/All read more
Sep 22, 2018
My Hero Academia (MHA) doesn't try too hard to break out of certain well-established formulas, but the execution is solid and the themes have a universal appeal. I feel that the creators of MHA have tapped the same sweet spot that western franchises like X-men and Harry Potter have, combining themes of growing up and fighting for what you believe in a setting where there is a clear distinction between good and evil.

Maybe it will come later, but don't expect to see much philosophy in MHA season 1. Like another hugely popular show Fairy Tail (which I had to drop), MHA is heavily dependent read more
Sep 9, 2018
While the series had moments of brilliance and some superb fight scenes, Moribito as an overall anime fell flat for a number of reasons. Probably the main one was that I never really got into the characters, which never led to the "addiction" phase that you get with many animes. Truth be told, I struggled to finish the series despite how much I liked the choreography of the fight scenes and the setting. And despite the effort they put into building Balsa, she just didn't feel believable to me.


The story of Moribito is strange in that it starts off with an intense series of events read more
Aug 11, 2018
Nice eye candy, but NOT as good as the original series! Not even close.

I know that movies can never be quite as deep as shows due to the time constraints, but the Psycho-Pass movie was a big step down from the original series and I'm still trying to determine whether it damaged the series as a whole in my eyes.

**spoiler zone**

Let's start with the most important aspect -- story. There were two things that I really enjoyed here. One was the initial few minutes of the story, with foreign terrorists attacking Sybil-controlled Japan which I thought was just really cool. The second main thing was read more
Jul 28, 2018
This was yet another case of "don't judge a book by it's cover" for me this year, the first being Made in Abyss. Both shows had an art style that turned me away at first, but both ended up being great experiences that I'm happy to have gone through.

Despite it's genre being outside of what I'd typically go for, and some slowness in the first few episodes, give this show the full 12 episodes before judging it. It's not even that long, and you will be amazed at how deep the rabbit hole goes. It's an amazing experience, and definitely one of those animes read more
Jul 23, 2018

I feel that because I watched the English translation and did not watch the original, which may have contained more memes and references to the stereotypical Japanese office life, I didn't get the full experience. The show is probably a notch or two better than I really think it is for Japanese people watching the Japanese version, so take this review with a grain of salt.

But anyway.

Aggretsuko is a series that manages to blend a few flavors of humor together into a great little office comedy. It's very light hearted, and doesn't really explore any dark themes, but that's okay. There are quite a few read more
Jul 22, 2018

Megalo Box is a somewhat formulaic anime that does a great job of pumping you up at certain points in the 13-episode streak, and had some very intense fight scenes that didn't rely on shiny lights and superpowers. Having said that, I feel that the show peaked halfway through and didn't really "knock me out" with the ending. The final moments of the show felt a bit rushed, as if I were watching some sort of abridged version, and honestly didn't really feel as satisfying as it should have for some reason. There was something about they way they handled Yuri and the final fight read more