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Mar 12, 2018
I really enjoyed reading this manga. In fact, part of me wishes I hadn't read it at all to avoid the sheer disappointment of realising only the first 31 chapters are translated and not the whole thing! After getting used to the fun and loveable characters and wanting to see what happens next among them at the end of each chapter, it was a blow to find out that was all I could read.

The story itself doesn't always seem much more than your typical romance/slice-of-life. Basically; the two main characters have a faint desire to live as the other and have the other's strengths. read more
Apr 10, 2017
Youjo Shenki isn't really what I'd call a 'parody', but more of a short 'behind-the-scenes' series featuring Tanya and the main battalion members simply sharing conversations and having a laugh.

The animation is very simple, using chibi characters and few frames.
It is not meant to be taken too seriously in comparison to the anime, nor does watching it have much benefit - it is simply a little something extra for anyone who wants it.

I personally felt some of the episodes were a little boring, but some certainly were worth watching for the amusement.

~Should you watch it?~

If you enjoyed the anime and wouldn't mind seeing a bit read more
Apr 6, 2017
This was my first war/military anime, and I must say, I was quite entertained all the way through. I found it a welcome change from my usual genres and may consider rewatching it in the future.

~Should you watch it?~

- Story:
The general idea is pretty easy to follow, but may seem complicated at some points. It mainly just follows the rising of the main character through the ranks and the war progressing.

- Characters:
The main character is really the only character with a unique personality. While the others do get character development, their personalities tend to be the same. The main character is also the only one read more