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Fidelium 12 hours ago
see not 670
or 672 neither

what about screenshot I sent you? scary aint it
shazzyy Yesterday, 8:29 PM
oh i see! well i already have an irl crush i see no reason to have an online crush at the moment even though i probably never will. but who can really say? love is weird and it leads to many different things that you would never think possible.
that's unfortunate, you should go outside more tho! i mean not like the patronizing kind of way but idk, i think outside can be pretty cool sometimes when it's not trying to make you suffer. um, well i like to walk around nature and stuff when i have the time. this summer i'm going to be doing an internship though urgh.
hm, well maybe i am smart in your sense. i think of myself as a loser so who knows really.
please, my hatred for my writing is only second to my hatred for myself. i think that's everyone's dream to be honest but life can never let that happen eh? pretty dumb. well if i held you at gunpoint and asked you to pick a career path right now, what would you pick?
shazzyy Yesterday, 7:24 PM
haha, thank you. anyway that was a while ago and besides i could care less about money. im more into just making dope stuff that i can be happy with.
i guess i'm just not the type to be attracted to someone that way over the internet haha! well, not yet at least. i mean i need to like meet the person irl and have conversations in real life to fall in love with someone. but that's just how it is for me, it's different for other people of course! i'm not the type to easily fall in love cause i don't know really, i guess i'm just wired like that lol. how about you?
oh, that's tough. 2 week breaks don't seem like much :/ what did you do last time you had break?
haha, i guess? i'm not really sure what it means to be smart myself, everyone has their definition after all.
don't worry, i'm the same. i want a job that pays but i also want a job that let's me be creative and just travel the world. unfortunately, there's no job in the world like that :x
271 Yesterday, 1:14 PM
aww i'm glad you doing okie!!♡
are you currently on break rn?

nono that's you! now that school's basically done i'm honestly just a lazy blob who stays home all the time LOL
Fidelium Yesterday, 11:11 AM
670 where? :smirk:
SweetKiichigo Yesterday, 2:48 AM
How’s it going?~
Haven’t heard from you in a while.~
SweetKiichigo Jun 24, 6:38 PM
Fidelium Jun 24, 8:31 AM

Illuminati confirmed
shazzyy Jun 24, 8:13 AM
perhaps! thought i kind of hate everything i write but i feel that's only natural if you write. yeah, forreal! it was really the competition holders descion to give it to the school rather than me. absolute bullshit in my opinion. i mean,i was the one who wrote the friggin poems.
treezzyy, i have no clue how that started. i think reiner was shipping me with people and said he liked how treezzyy sounded and cause tree had such a colorful reaction to treezzyy, he kept it. tbh, i don't like tree at all that way. tree is cool but falling for someone over the internet hasn't been something that's ever happened to me. i'm not the type to easily fall in love anyway.
doesn't school in november or something for you guys? ap is basically college level courses but in highschool. it's supposed to be there for you to do them so you don't have to do it in college but most high-ranking colleges make you retake them in college so it's kinda pointless. regardless, they look really good on your application cause they're way more difficult than regular high school courses.
oh i see! do you have any sort of idea as to what you want to be?
shazzyy Jun 23, 10:27 PM
yeah, typically. i only really write stories and stuff. i've written poetry for competitions in the past and got 1st and 2nd but the school took all my prize money >:^( issa all good!
please, tree acts far more immature than anyone of us ever could >.>
schools already over for me, its summer over here. im planning on taking ap psych, ap phys, ap american lit, ap american hist, precalc, comp sci, and the rest being filler gym and lunch. hbu?
Taylor_Mk Jun 23, 10:20 PM

i will donate my hip to u i dont need it :wwoah:

i haven't seen it yet >< how was it! and hmm i've always wanted to watch a ghibli film, so how about Princess Mononoke!
such a sad story ;_;not as sad as my life :dab:
we should watch a cozy anime in the holidays ! uwu
Taylor_Mk Jun 23, 10:14 PM
das u
cutie pixie uwu

does dr tae need to give you a hip replacement? :eyes:

have u seen detective pikachu owo
i've had lots of stuff going on so i haven't been able to make the time aaa

Taylor_Mk Jun 23, 10:04 PM

Pixie getting memory loss already :yeehawn't:

ooo i'd love to! what movies did you have in mind :o
shazzyy Jun 23, 10:03 PM
yeah, i don't think i'll be sharing it to anyone any time soon. i'm just gonna be writing for myself and only sharing it with a couple of heavily trusted and critical editors. writing is all about the mindset for me and i feel that'll guarantee the best writing. maybe one day though pix, one day!
so are you like 18? a 13th grade? that's wild from my perspective lol, 4 years of hs is bad enough already. i love listening to them talk, it's really cool to know someone actually somewhat admires you, woah !
oh, ofc im in school. im in hs atm.
shazzyy Jun 23, 9:47 PM
hm, i don't know. i'm keeping my work private since worrying about writing my novel for anyone else other than myself distracts me. you said that several times already!
oh what year in hs? how many years of hs are there over in new zealand or is it just 9th-12th grade like in the usa? younger, im the big brother. i have a younger brother too.