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Apr 5, 2016
True that it is a typical settings of an Anime Having a elements of harem, Male character with lots of girls, loli, big boobs, comedy, ecchi and etc...

BUT that doesn't mean its not good anymore...
i have watched lot of anime but this one is one of the anime that ticked my interest..
Maybe its story is common type tweaked a bit... but i loved it..!!

I don't know if you like it your not..
But to me when you watched a lot of anime and when you are searching something that ticked your mind.. to me this one of them...

Don't judge me because we have read more
Jun 26, 2013
For those who don't read manga and Prefer to watch Anime...

I'm little disappointed by the character development on this season..
Why? because most of the character development wasn't shown in the Anime but only in the Manga.. So, those who don't read Manga will be puzzled why there's a sudden appearance of some Characters Like Tennos, Athena, Suirenji, Ruka and other characters...

In my Curiousness.. I didn't read the Manga but I only read the Character Wiki instead.. it was enough to explain why Season 4 was like that..

Overall it still Entertaining and fun to watch this Season..!!
Mar 27, 2013
This OVA is Pretty interesting.. I dont know about you guys but i love it.. its like watching steins;Gate thought its only 30min Anime but its still amusing, it keep my brain twisting...

Story: 9
The Story is Pretty Interesting though there still some point i dont really understand but still keep me interesting.

Art: 8
Still fine.. Average Anime Artwork..

Sound: 9
Good Quality in the sound.. Specially When the Bird crash to their Classroom..

Character: 8
pretty interesting keep you amusing sometimes but Some are not really Properly introduce.

Enjoyment: 8
For myself it keeps me interesting and keep me thinking what if our future was like them that repeats the day read more