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Mar 30, 2010
Preliminary (Unknown/140 chp)
I am in agony at the moment. Why? Because I was just reading this amazing manga with an ever-thickening plot and IT STOPPED. Not ended, STOPPED.
So far, most sites have only uptil chapter 32 released. I warn you now: Do not read it! It's an ongoing manga and was last updated about 43 days ago. Not too bad but the chapter before THAT took around 156 days to come out!

It's a really cute manga with G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S bishies! Good storyline, nice characters with the usual annoying ones in there, but a very good read. Oh, and it "ended" on a cliffhanger. Just saying..
I'm sorry that my ...
Mar 28, 2010
Gochisou-sama (Manga) add
Highly Recommended! Cute story, great art, funny and adorable characters all call for one successful one-shot! Now, if only it had been a bit longer...

So, the storyline is very cute and fun - no problems there. The length of it made it a little unrealistic because of the quick falling in love part, but then again it's tough for me to grasp when tons of time has passed by when it's not specified ^_^'
Personally, even though Suguru is supposed to be the bishounen, I found Hiroto more attractive overall. The theme is mostly funny, but I found myself "aww"ing...a LOT. Yaoi is yaoi, afterall, and ...
Jan 24, 2010
This series in one word: Pathetic.
Sorry, but the summary isn't all that exciting, and the actual story is even dumber! Iori - the seme - looks like a girl and is a cross-dresser, and even his extreme hotness is dulled because of his lameness. The uke, Naoto is annoying. As usual with dozens of other manga, he doesn't accept his feelings for the other person until the very last minute. He's weak-willed and even though both of them are in the same grade and class, his childish appearance gives the manga a shota-ish theme. No kidding, he looks like a 9 year old - putting ...
Jan 17, 2010
Preliminary (16/? chp)
Oh my God, it has been dropped! I warn you now: Do not read this manga, because when you reach the 16th chapter (the last one released) you will want more. So much that you'd gnaw your knee off!!!

The storyline drew me like a moth to a flame (or like an otaku to a good manga =P), even though I saw warnings similar to the one I just gave you all. Bishies + yaoi + cool plot = too much temptation for Momo! I regret reading it because I'll be suffering mental anguish, but at the same time I'm really glad that I read something ...
Jan 16, 2010
Gal Kadou (Manga) add
The protagonist is not the kind I like to read about. She's fluffy and wants to be "the most fashionable" and to experience love. Though the fashionable part turned me off, I decided to keep reading because, well, she was spunky.
She saw this one guy and was all over him - disgraceful. That's why I loves how he coldly put her down.
That was a bit of a spoiler, but don't worry, it's obvious what is going to happen from the start.
Cliched, but with a funnier and brighter plot work with. Not bad, but not great. I'd like to keep reading, because the one chapter that ...
Jan 16, 2010
Mixed Feelings
It was a very easy read, cute and peppy. I'm not sure whether or not I've read the complete series because the status is "Complete" but one site has just 1 chapter whereas another one has 2.
The ending is a bit vague because it doesn't really tell you what happens between the protagonist and the guy, but it just...ends.
A good read but the ending leaves much to be a proper, detailed description on just what the hell happened!

Recommended for a rainy day home with hot chocolate...along with a GOOD manga to back you up, in case this one is a "Fail" for you! ^_^