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ishitagupta Jan 22, 2014 12:21 AM
Hi Maryann! I was just going through some of my old posts and came across one where you described a guy "pro"-ing to you! I laughed myself hoarse! How are you?
ishitagupta Apr 25, 2010 10:49 PM
I've noticed these all girls school chicks tend to be more so than ever on the know about vernacular like "pro" and "lesbo" and all the HIP it terms of the week!
I too was subjected to this all girls nightmare in my four years of college. Now before you start getting rosy pictures of sarah lawrence (would've loved that scenario!), it was more a government run college, which means low funds, and even lower (Social) standards. Academic standards of course were tight. Damn this country is messed up!

Anyhoo... enough with this regurgitation chatter. I abstain now coz I cant stand the taste and the high is easily obtained by skipping sleep for a day... so I really dont feel the need to subject my tastebuds to that torture. But putting together drinks for others and seeing the look of pure delight on their faces when i insert a flamingo stirrer and a piece of pineapple and umbrella on their rim, THAT''s a good feeling!!!

Ahh... I'll make you purple/blue sparkler anyday. Even give it a name. Just say the word...
Hmm, most of the indians I would say aren't racist as per the normal definition. They like to band together and make fun of those different from us, but only cause it's obvious to everyone present that as a lot, we're envious of their fair skin hehe. Other than that, I've rarely come across acts of outlandishness perpetrated on anyone caucasian... I don't think.
And I dont really understand why they like to put oriental asians in that little chow mein box, it's more middle class section to do that. Most people in my social circle dont instinctively do that anymore. But I do cringe when I see that. Again, all envy. Although I do detect a fair bit of superiority complex in this case.

Actually, a LOT of my friends are avid anime/manga buffs. More so coz in college, we get a lot of time to ourselves to just sit idly in front of our laptops and watch the day away. My cousins sister who doubles as my bff, is totally into animated movies like me and we see almost every release, preferably in the morning when the hall isnt full of little kids who talk during the movie or make too much noise. Grr. I no like kids!

Oh dont you worry about me leaving them. I'm intending on moving out either for my MBA or to just vacation at my sisters for a month at least shortly. She's coming over on the 20th or something, I may leave with her or something of that like... Now if i can just get on with my visa!!

Dont worry about being pursued by just one type of fellow... it almost always turns out that way, with the best of us. And more often than not, it's the hideous baby moustache/greasy complexion/socially retarted/emo variety that we cringe away from... I try to get long term guy friends out of it. I've succeeded once hehe.
ishitagupta Apr 25, 2010 9:58 PM
Aww you're a sweetie.
ishitagupta Apr 23, 2010 9:22 AM
HAHAHA I'm in the middle of some telly right now... but that second last paragraph wouldnt happen to be some botched up awkward attempt at getting to know if i'm sexually active?
Well, this boy didnt technically qualify as a boyfriend, so no... *crickets chirping* i'm kind of self righteously shoujo-like happy to say i havent bestowed any unworthy boy (read ANY boy) till now with that honour.
More on your post in a bit...
ishitagupta Apr 18, 2010 10:34 PM
Sweety I would never miss my mom in a million years if I were to leave the country. She wouldnt give me a chance to. She intends to follow me wherever I go. Like a thrid arm I cant get rid of. Sounds a tad cruel, but damn... it's the reason I run from her, coz she smothers.
No branches though. I am looking for a job like that though. Which can send me outside too, but the problem there is they tend to be very mercurial in wanting you back n you dont get a say. If I study there and work for a while, I'll get a residents permit easier. Hmm... but to study one must get selected to good courses... Pray, I wonder when that'll happen.

Sigh, I'm just recently realising how hopelessly aggressive I had become. I gave him too much attention and showered him with admiration undeserved. Of course I got kicked in the metaphorical nuts. Guys dont normally handle adulation well if it comes their way easily. I'm still working on becoming more selfish when it comes to this cat and mouse boy-girl thing. I wonder if its possible. Sigh.

Oh my god, but you must write me back about more such PRO incidents. They make my day (There is no shame in admitting this is the high point, there's no one left to pretend for!). Hurry~

ishitagupta Apr 18, 2010 10:27 PM
HAHAHAH Oh my god, you are so effin adorable. I know exactly the kind of scm sucking variety you're talking about. I went to one of the more prestigious schools around and even there, boys feel compelled to use assinine vernacular like that. DIS-gusting.

Aah, but the very reason I forayed into bartending is coz I hate the taste of alcohol now. Cant stand it. I threw up once too, and I realised I didn't want to put something bitter down my throat if it was just gonna come out in an unpleasant way. Of course I tried the moderation bit, but really, it just feels no fun when I could be sipping on fun sweet drinks instead. I do love mixing and surprising others though. And innovating colourful drinks for girls. I asked a couple of friends at my cousins bash what they looked for in a drink, and a lot said it should look pink/girly/fascinating. It was an obvious conclusion but I thuoght girls had started going the austere gin and tonic route in a bid to keep up with the beer chuigging boys... I was so glad that wasnt happening anytime soon.

Maybe one day yes. For endearments to feel totally comfortable with me (and this is all on my two or three bffs I refer to), they need to be returned too. I have one friend call me oneesama and I call her oujosama. Another is just everything under the sun from darling to honey to "sugary pugary" (her words not mine! In jest of course.) Oh my god... sometimes, in spontaneous bursts, we call each other Perry the Platypus or something from the latest animated movie/serial we're both watching. Life's good sometimes.
ishitagupta Apr 2, 2010 11:46 AM
heheh ohh bless the day when you decided to start writing to me!

I'm not sure what meethi choori means, maybe youre not pronouncing it right, hence youre transcribing it wrong, i dunno... or maybe I'm just unaware.

Aah, but see that's the great part about your mum not picking on you... You're fine being yourself then. And 90% of the time, I am too. Coz my body type comes with a certain type of chest, unless you're brazillian or like bundchen of course. But man... she comes at me in the weirdest ways, I was getting dressed to host my cousins party the other day (bartending it, it was super fun!) and she calls and says she thinks i should get augmentation. this wasnt the first time she suggested it by the way. and its so annoying for me to have to explain to her why i dont want it. she keeps telling me to leave my self righteous ass at home! hahaha, gotta love her for it though.

Ugh, I do NOT understand what those chicks in your school were seeing in those boys. Hopefully something other than a ticket to popularity. Dont worry about being awkward with endearments, I think I used to find them annoying until a certain point too, then I just started using em one day and it became more and more about fixing diff people in my life with diff endearments. I t does feel more relaxed when both parties are into it though. The ass I told you about, i used darling and sugar a couple of times, and after a while, even though he said nothing, i started getting conscious every time my tongue was about to roll off an endearment, coz you know what... it feels plain shitty.

Hmm, I dont know why you think that other 10% is cute... I dont personally see them very often, perhaps I will find one of those 1 out of 10 boys some day. Hope it's soon. Clock's ticking!

Yes indeed. Working gal it is. Though I think it's not the right time for me. I'm much too energetic and idealistic for the work place. I'm working in a client acquisition side. Like I go to big offices and tell them how my company can best service their needs. It's about smooth talking, and I think it's much easier for me than coding/testing/software development which is something I got trained for in college. Igh.

Ahh, well, I'll keep in mind to use the please and try-it's the next time I feel the need to dispense advice willy nilly.

Oh and PS we totally have that mocking the stereotypes facet in common. I think a lotta people do. Thats one reason people have become really aware that they should put themselves into a little box and get labelled easily, and are so quick to defend themselves whenever their identity arises. hehe

Well, six months or MUCH MUCH longer is common i think in school, as is a couple of weeks. I'm saying six coz this guy gave me all the subtle as well as concrete hitting-with-a-mallet-over-the-head signals that he just wasn't that into me, and all that pop culture hoo ha, and yet, I kept trying to be a supportive confidante or a friend or a boohoo sob sob he mistreats me almost-girlfriend. Jeez. I should have grown a pair sooner. I hope you learn the ways of the world sooner than I did sugar.

Write back soon, I'm gettin bored here!
ishitagupta Mar 30, 2010 11:44 PM
Yurgh, hot boys in India? You think? I found one cutie who shockingly resembles Chase Crawford and that dick couldn't get it together to understand what an adult relationship meant, even though he was 5 years older than me! It was another low point in my life, coz as is apparent, I am a bit obsessive, but I'm not boy crazy. I appreciate very few specimens, but when i do end up getting infatuated, OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY... It's not pretty. Self respect goes crashing out the window. And it did. Six months of my life I'll never get back wasted in wistful pining for him!

I'm pathetic. PATHETIC I tell you!

Sigh. You know what, I'm kinda lucky for my mom's metabolism/body type, but I was pretty unhappy with my non tight stomach too. The best thing to do is join a gym and keep at it. It took me an year, and I still go almost daily, but I'm really happy with my stomach, I was already happy with the rest of me, and me and my instructor talk about how I want to keep increasing my stamina and not be unnecessarily skinny or lean for no reason. It's a healthy experience, I hope you can join some activity which helps you feel the same way. Sigh, but you should see how my mum bashes my A- chest. So it's not like we're in the safe zone yet...

Hmm, you think shakespeare a prick... why is that you think? I mean the fellow knew his raconteur skills, and yes he tried pleasing the masses, but really, who'd rather cut his ears off in rebellion instead?!

Hmm, I dunno, I dont mind using darling, handsome etc... you just need to be comfortable and non awkward when you speak such things so they dont sound douchy. Comes naturally to some people... Others, yeah, I can see how they may have difficulty pulling it off.

Oh now dont beat yourself up to be a non conformist. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Some things will inevitably end up becoming popular, but it doesn't detract from their inherent coolness. It's sad that some of us tend to reverse disparage such things!

Oh and by the way, I think it's pretty darn cool if you're thinking some boys are cute/hot/attractive etc. Most chicks out there try to go around being stoic and pretending they dont have hormones and are invulnerable to infatuation (Clearly, I have been there ~_^) and it IS NO FUN. You're young and carefree, and as corny and trite and cliched as it sounds, you're really not gonna be young again, so you should revel in those fleeting moments of attraction and infatuation rather than shying away from it. Thats what I tried after i passed out of school (a bit late bloomer i felt) and it really turned things around for me. No shit.

And dont worry about the vagaries of your moods. Just keep yourself busy and healthy and you'll start getting a kick out of those swings instead... haha, plus angst just sorta dissipated for me after a while. Literally on my 19th birthday, I woke up and that day forth I was angst free. I'm guessing it wont take so long for everyone heehee.

Hope i dont sound too preachy here. Just wanna let you know you arent alone out there feeling like a goober!
ishitagupta Mar 29, 2010 12:06 PM
Aah well hello Maryann. Not to be condescending, but I was your identical clone at 15 (still am), and while it's super fun living at the pedestal, we have fewer funny stories to regale. It really makes for interesting party anecdotes.

I'm not into Naruto sadly. It's coz I've judged it. It's too darn popular, AND it's shounen so it probably A. shows romance in a stoopid/boyish/skewed light, B. the boys wont behave like natural born charmers and C. There'll be action yawn.
I know, I know you're coming at me with your trusty swiss pocket knife. I'll retreat.

Ahh but zettai is sad times ten, but its... something thats so beautiful before it has a bittersweet ending. I dont know why humans invented that term. Bitter CANNOT be sweet. They normally refer to a culmination where one major character dies (never construed as "Sweet" in my universe) or a major life ambition is crushed but you're so BLINDED by love, that it pales in comparision (for this, I quote your fitting POO).

Aah tell me more about your life. I have a feeling it'll nostagically mirror mine. Mine's pretty much out on my profile, very little has changed in the past couple months, a series of unfortunate boy dramedy episodes featuring me as a the supporting actress and lady luck on PMS as the lead heroine DID put me off of my happy hormones for a bit.... but thats a different story.
More on that later.

No talk already woman. I'm-a-curious.
ishitagupta Mar 6, 2010 12:19 PM
Hahaha frickity frick. I beepin' hate when MAL loses one of those especially long comments! Why does it have to happen when you type long paras?! Then and ONLY then?! Darn!

Sigh... if you're looking for a "Whoot India" cheerleader, you knocked at the wrong native's door. Not that I have any particular issue with it, but in general, it just gnaws on me. Small little things.

Ahh to be young and happy and jumpy! It makes writing and rewriting long arduous reviews all worth the pain. You'll be surprised how many sporadic comments I get now and again even though I've barely been active on MAL for the past six months simply coz shoujo and smutty manga is really taking off and people just happen to read a couple of my reviews sometimes and SOMEHOW agree and wanna talk more about it. I'm so glad for the day that I googled zettai kareshi and got to know of MAL.

And dont worry about it bein a century ahead... like I said, give a devoted summer or a couple of months here n there, and you'll be upto speed in no time!

Hehehehe, yes indeedy do... I am pretty ancient. I can almost see 'em crows feet widening. It's cool you post on fanfiction. When I was in 9th and 10th grade, I used to read SO MANY fushigi yuugi fanfics over there... sigh good smutty ones sometimes too... I went over there last yr and a lot of them had expired. That made me sad... :(

Ahhh and pray tell what is the difference between the normal way and your way of dancing sweet miss ^_~

And I'm pretty freakin' glad you're poo... and that you use that word so often, keeps things refreshing! Ehh, what's your name again?

PS when typing these long paras... just do a quick CTRL+A along with a CTRL+C. That way, in the off chance you lose the comment in a time warp, you can just paste it again...
Pyapi Feb 17, 2010 10:18 AM
I find the boy's way of life to be funny, especially when I'm not on the receiving end of their hormones. Thankfully, most of my guy-friends think of me as just a friend and way to guy-ish for their liking! X)

Hmmm, yeah, if things don't turn out well the animecn will be a drag... But you might get to meet interesting people there! :)

You could always try to convert one of your friends into anime...
Pyapi Feb 13, 2010 7:53 PM
Nah, don't worry I got your explanation :)

I think it's so unbelievable that guys think with their weenies that it's amazing xD

Oh, and Sao Paolo's in Brazil! :D
Well, even if I had no one to go with to the animecon I'd still go... But maybe that's just because I'm so stubborn xD
ZeroDesolation Feb 12, 2010 9:05 AM
I'm good. I guess I was more curious if you did it or if it came from a certain site where someone had made a bunch like that.
Cursedkei23 Feb 11, 2010 8:45 PM
I'll hug ya!!!... I mean, if you want to... (>'_')>