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Jun 22, 2012
This was a really great find! I would definitely agree on saying it's cute! I think that most, if not ALL, of my favorite mangas have strong female leads so I was really happy to have found this! I loved the main story's protagonist who was a strong character that had a strong passion that she worked towards! I could read this same basic story line over and over again and I would still find them very enjoyable! The second side story was also very cute and enjoyable! This definitely has made me want to read more from this mangaka!:)
Jun 18, 2012
Second to review! The story was really good! It's not a romance even if you don't get that right away and the turn of events was hinted at throughout the story so it wasn't so much as a shock but more of a story played out well. It's definitely a good one shot to read when you need something because it's one of those mangas that leaves a good feeling after seeing their heartwarming relationship:)!

Jun 17, 2012
This is my first review and I suck at critiquing since I gave it a straight perfect score and maybe I'm just emotional right now but it was a really good story that I have to admit I was in tears by the end! It's really sweet and there's a strong message of going for what you want before it's too late :) I'd definitely recommend it! - p.s. don't judge me for crying :P