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Jan 5, 2017
Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai is one of the best slice of life comedy anime in those time he was on of the few anime who was able to mix perfectly the romance with the comedy and insert it in the life of the protagonist and the other main character
story 8/10
this anime is about a high school boy who s mother is dead and his father is always travelling because of his work so in the tsuyoshi house there are no one other than him and his three sister .being the youngest his sisters make him do all the work in the house cooking read more
Jan 5, 2017
well i don't know how to start with that
...............................welp brother conflict have kind of a weird and stupid story
13 brother fell in love with they step sister
and bla bla bla romance and stuff happen

i really like this show
1 because i love reverse harem anime
2 - we barely find reverse harem anime
3 - this is one of the best reverse harem anime made until now
4- it have good romance scenes
5- and focis on romance

--story 7: 13 brother who love they sister

--art 4: the boys are so ugly
i never seen an anime where a boy is uglyer than his look in the game
the girl is read more
Dec 31, 2016
normally when i look for a romance anime and read in his genre the word ''comedy'' i cringe so hard,because i know that this anime will be so stupid with stupid characters who act like insecure people and not funny at all and will waste the most of the ep for stupid comedy who is not even funny

just like:''KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA'' , ''SPECIAL A'', ''OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB'' they genre include the word comedy when it's not even funny but super stupid ,they should change the genre comedy to ''psychological'' rumble is the only comedy romance anime that made laugh so hard read more
Dec 31, 2016


this anime is so......annoying to watch
maybe because i watched it dubbed and in this dub they might changed a lot of stuff in the story


it was one of the worst and most stupid thing i ever watched
but i watched worst than this anime ,i kinda liked it but hated it in some part

--story 4: a girl who want to make her dream come true and have ahappy live with her friends i might put more than 4 for it
but the read more
Dec 19, 2016

i am not english so this review might have a bad english

ROZEN MAIDEN : when you think about this anime ,it awesome but i had some problems with it

this is my honest opinion

--story 9:it's about dolls that need to fight each other and win the alice game so they became the alice of the person who made them ,IT'S A REALLY NICE STORY
but ...i kinda have problems with it
the fight scenes need more and they could make more but the animation moght take time ,and they could make the anime more misterious but they didn't it read more
Dec 18, 2016
i am not english so this review might have a bad english

watamote is a really good anime and it really deserve another season

some people say that it's cringy ,welp this is what make it good this anime is depressing and make you cry butmake you laugh a lot in the same time

this is my honest opinion

--story 10:it's about a girl who want to become popular and have a romantic life
and she try her best but tomoko ''the protaginist " have some spycological problems so it's hard for her to comunicate
the comedy is really good and funny but in the same time this read more
Dec 18, 2016
i am not english so it might have a bad english

KANON is not a bad anime at all and i keep seing people comparing it to clannad and saying that clanad is better ;;hell no at less kanon have a story with character with good story ,and make you fell something other than being bored
this is my honest opinion

--story 10 :the story is really good it's about a boy who return to a city after 7 years and he don't remenber what happen from the last time when he was in the city then he meet girls ''with a read more
Dec 18, 2016

DIABOLIK LOVER is not a bad anime at all so stop saying that he is the worst about it people -_- and if you see clannad as a master piece then of course you will find diabolik lovers aweful
i will say my honest opinion about it

--story 10:the story is not bad at all ,it's about agirl who have been choose to go to a mansion and to be the bride and her body wil be took from her so another person will take it and the brother will try to defieat read more
Dec 15, 2016
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
ok before i start my review:i am not english so this review might have a bad english
--clannad ? is this anime supposed to be sad and to make me cry . he is rated 8,30!! and people say that he is a master piece!!! WHY?
it's just so...aweful

**story 1: the story sucks just a guy who help other girls and this guy have problems the end,it's suposed to make cry welp it's not sad at all. i tried to cry but .............i was just felling how stupid and enoying was that anime the story is not even sad,there read more