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May 9, 2010
Azumanga - the first genre of anime everyday life (for me) that wants to stand up and applauded for the high level of humor, Kawai, children's spontaneity, character, ease of viewing and good mood ...

Story: 7 (Stories there is no per se, there are separate inserts, pictures which becomes interesting to watch this creation)
Art: 10 (I'm not fussy to affectation, and to the left in general, only a good impression)
Sound: 8 (to the music I'm fond of, if I did not like I can reduce the anime to score, but rarely are funny OP and that is all I can say is good = ()
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May 9, 2010
"I always begin to inspect the anime, even if I did not like" this proposal is
anime Bokura ga ita
In other words a waste of time on useless characters - children and their inclinations emovskih
(All bad, he does not love me, etc.)

Start honestly intrigued me, because I have always liked romance, do not know if the creators
confused her, instead of romantic melodrama, they have done "a la Santa Barbara", whether it is anime constructed
only for girls who love this genre and from that strange and appreciation of the anime ...

Story: 1 (boy, girl meet, then parted, then again there are - for mneya is quiet
horror read more
May 9, 2010
Nana (Anime) add (All reviews)
Anime is hooked with the first series, music, posing, adult life and history about two friends whose name is the same - NANA
Very colorful anime, which makes full plunge into the world of music to the world of problems and their solutions ...

Two people were different from each other, all his world view, his charm, charm ...

I remember how I looked at the PSP, each night for 2-3 series view I got endorphin hormone (hormone of happiness) and slept like a baby XD (excuse me, because that anime looked long ago, I decided to do a review, a recommendation as you want, and then the read more