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Oct 22, 2018
Bang Dream! is definitely different from K-On. The band aspects and the good music were in a way similar, but that’s the end of it. Bang Dream! shines on its own. The story is actually generic, its the usual plot that you see in any slice-of-life animes starring only high school girls. But what separates them from the bunch would be the characters and the progression of their story. The pacing was quite slow compared to the usual pacing of a slice-of-life high school girls anime, but very compact and solid as they were able to showcase everything. Their setting was also quite interesting. Yes, read more
Oct 22, 2018
It ended. One of my favorite animes this year just ended. Uuuwwwwaaaaa.

I’m sad.

But at the same time, I’m also happy cuz I love how the series ended. And yeah, I know its an original ending. Still, it was written and supervised by the author itself, that’s why it was still so satisfying. I might say, its one of the best original ending I had ever seen. Maybe I’m kinda biased, but nah, so be it.

I really really love this anime. I enjoyed watching this every week. From the story to the long necks, I appreciate them all. I do admit, it had some flaws here read more
Oct 22, 2018
Asagao to Kase-san OVA was really good. It didn’t disappoint. I could really tell that they adapted the source material really well. I’m so happy!

The OVA starts off around the time when Yamada & Kase were just started dating. You get to see their really really cute innocent & awkward moments together. But it’s not only happiness and rainbows, we get to see the struggles of the couple, especially on Yamada’s part, as Kase is quite popular in their school. If we compare this to the manga, they sure skipped alot of scenes and chapters. Still, the OVA feels compact and complete, like the scriptwriter read more
Oct 22, 2018
I started watching this OVA without even knowing the premise, so my expectations for this one was quite low. From the first few minutes of the anime, I immediately thought that this one is a game adaptation. The atmosphere and the graphics gave it away. The 3D look of the airship reminds me alot of the video games I use to play when I was young. It was definitely nostalgic.

From the first 10 minutes of the anime, I wasn’t hooked at all. There was no world building, no explanation about WTF was going on. All I see was a guy in a failing airship, a read more
Oct 22, 2018
This a weird yet likeable. Even me, I don’t understand. All I know is that I really really like and enjoyed watching this odd ball short OVA series.

The main story focuses to the 801st Squadron, and the never-ending love triangle rivalry between the main heroines to the main protagonist. Each episode focuses on a specific plot, but its still telling the overarching narrative of the main story. You can pretty much tell this series is from the 90’s with the weird but passable comedy, its quite amusing and interesting watching it. It never made me laugh, but I did slap my forehead a couple read more
Oct 22, 2018
Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm is actually a ‘sports’ anime, or I consider it to be. It follows the main protagonist as she discovers how amazing and fun the sport, Flying Circus, was. Flying Circus is a sport about flying fast and hitting the back of the enemy to point. Its very intriguing and definitely interesting. The sport itself attracted me, that’s why I got into this series. The story follows like any other typical slice-of-life sports anime. Still, it was enjoyable. I do admit, there were some pacing issues on some episodes in the middle part of the series. There were some episodes read more
Oct 22, 2018
Food porn season 2!!! I recently finished this anime. I watched this cuz next season, the 3rd installment of this series will air, and this time, I’m planning on watching it weekly.

What I really like about this series was that the anime feels like its a shounen anime even though it doesn’t have any action sequences. It was that intense, every cooking competition was really intense and thrilling, I can’t even stop pressing the next button every time an episode ends.

The art and animation were consistent all throughout the series. I really really loved the fact they parodied some of shounen famous anime scenes (like read more
Oct 22, 2018
I had low expectations for this anime. Even though many people were in awe by this anime when this first aired, it seems the hype died down later on.

The premise was quite interesting but also confusing at the same time. I did get the gist later on. I do have problems with its pacing, but it was bearable cuz of the visuals. The gritty, dark and edgy animation turned off me at first, but I was able to adjust and liked it later on. It fits well with the theme and story of the anime. The anime is full of action, adventure, gore and even read more
Oct 22, 2018
An ecchi harem anime, where girls were wielding swords, and the guy had…invisible gun on his hands?!?! Sigh. It’s really absurd but it works.

The story went full circle at the very end, but it lacked impact. The suppose climax scenes didn’t give off enough thrill to make me appreciate it. At least I find the pacing good. The art and animation is on par with other animes, nothing new. The characters were meh. Even the main character was boring. There’s a bit of character development on some of the cast, but it didn’t save the anime.

I did enjoy watching the all to common anime tropes read more
Oct 22, 2018
Servamp (Anime) add (All reviews)
I was expecting that this anime would suck, but it didn’t. It was able to make me finish the whole season, at least. The story isn’t that solid, even the pacing was all over the place. I won’t say that this anime is the best or bad, it’s at least watchable.

The art and animation was on par with other animes released last year. The action scenes were done poorly. The characters other than the main ones were boring and too 2D. It’s they were just place there. The main characters, Kuro and Mahiru had great character development, especially the latter. I also liked the development read more