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Nov 24, 2006
As the name suggests this anime is about a load of useless animals, or shall I say cute people dressed up in animal suits, as cute animals.

The episodes are random and there isn't really a storyline. It is about these animals being useless and dumb and how their lifestyle in the forest.

Not much to say about the sounds. The opening song is cute though.

The animations are cute and funny, a rabbit holding a fag isn't your typical child anime.

Overall it's not bad for 26 episodes each episode lasting only 6 minutes. It is just to waste time though, if I was 10 read more
Nov 15, 2006
Love bread? Ever wondered how they make it? An anime about bread is the best way to learn! Education and entertainment rolled into one, you hardly see it happening… So watch it while it’s still hot!

Ok if you ignore the cheesy introduction, this anime is pretty unbelievable! The storyline may not sound so exciting, but believe me it is more entertaining than watching bread rise! Boy I’ve got to stop with these cheesiness ~_~ gomen.

What I liked about the storyline is that it manages to make bread very fun to watch, maybe because the characters are very funny. Bread read more
Nov 13, 2006
Hate watching those anime that drag on for too long with boring storylines? Then try School Rumble, each episode is totally random, even though it does try to follow a main storyline.

As the story goes on, it becomes more and more hilarious! I wished my high school was as fun as this. It portrays as guys being very pathetic and always going after girls, this makes them very funny to watch! The jokes are very humorous; some is just silly.

The animation is very beautiful, although it has more beautiful girls and the boys are all very weird. The read more
Nov 13, 2006
Bomberman, if you liked the game then you will like the anime. You may think that it is a bit childish, that's what I thought as well until one of the main characters die. It is much darker than your normal kid animes. It is very touching about a Shirobon trying to grow up into a Bomberman.

Warning this may not suit those who like bishies in the anime and intricate drawing. It's just something you watch if you like cute little things throwing bombs around.

The animation is good quality, and the drawings are cute ^_^
I especially like the big heads and read more
Nov 13, 2006
Hunters… What do you think about when you hear this? An Anime about people killing poor cute animals? Of course this is not it, all the animals are ugly! lol

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best shonen animes I have ever seen. For those who like to watch bleach will enjoy this anime. The only thing I have against it is that it has ended so soon T__T

The story has enough fighting scenes which are very cleverly thought out, and does not drag on for too long but leaves you completely satisfied with the result. No fillers which is read more