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Mar 26, 2020
This is my second review I have ever made so bare with it:

Somali and The Forest Spirit is a very niche show it seems, I don't really see too many people talking about it and I think more people should because this show was pretty good! I would say this was the second best show of this season, seconds to Eizouken but I only watched three shows this season.


The story of Somali is pretty interesting, in the past humans and grotesques lived together, and the grotesques tried to live in harmony and help out the humans, but the humans would get terrified every time they read more
Mar 23, 2020
So this is my first review I ever wrote so bare with me this might be all over the place.

Eizouken is great, one of the best series of the season if you ask me and for great reason. One, this season was a bit dry, and that is kinda sad because this was the first anime season that I kept up with, and two this series is actually pretty good. I will review this in segments like everyone does so lets get started.


The story was interesting. There isn't an overarching read more