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Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
Nov 11, 2:17 AM
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Dark Cat
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Mahou Sensei Negima!
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Dragons Rioting
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KLerrr Nov 3, 12:29 AM
I really liked your review on NGE. I totally agree with your point on how NGE is a show designed to brazenly depict the flaws in the various characters who each have their personal issues.

It's funny how you said that the show seems to help people cope with depression considering how the director was very depressed himself

From Wikipedia: "Anno's history of clinical depression[12] was the main source for many of the psychological elements of the series and its characters, as he wrote down on paper several of the trials and tribulations of his condition. During the show's production, Anno became disenchanted with the Japanese "otaku" lifestyle. For this and other reasons (although perhaps by design as well), Evangelion's plot became increasingly dark and psychological as the series progressed, despite being broadcast in a children's television timeslot. Anno felt that people should be exposed to the realities of life at as young an age as possible, and by the end of the series all attempts at traditional narrative logic were abandoned, with the final two episodes taking place within the main character's mind."

unimportantuser Oct 31, 2:39 PM
Me again, interesting you state that you plan on binging as much of Gainax as you can, because I am also doing that. I've seen my share of Gainax, from the greats of Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, and FLCL, to the obscure & trash like Chocolate Panic Picture Show, The Wings of Honeamise pilot, the Panty & Stocking specials, & even the Ranma 1/2 specials that Gainax lent a hand to.
The key (for lack of a better term) Gainax works that I haven't watched yet are Abenobaiashi Shopping Mall, Mahoromatic, Dantalian no Shoka, Medaka Box, & Corpse Princess. To name a few.
unimportantuser Oct 31, 12:21 PM
Can i send you a friend request? I've enjoyed conversing with you
unimportantuser Oct 31, 12:04 PM
Honestly, I find rebuild to be such a mislead quite honestly. Because to me, a rebuild would imply starting from scratch to create something new, out of something old. But the "rebuild" of Evangelion movies don't do that. "Rehash" is more like it quite honestly. 1.0 is pure recap of the first 6 episodes from the original series, while it does add a few new elements that those original 6 didn't have, those elements are nowhere near enough to be considered a "rebuild" of the plot. "Remake" (that's if I'm being extremely generous btw) is more like it.

I also have similar feelings to 2.0, and honestly, it's the one I hate the most out of the rebuild movies, despite the fact that I gave it a 5/10. I feel like 2.0 is attempting to try & take a step to "rebuilding", but at the same time, it's too scared to even do so in the first place. 2.0 is in the worst possible scenario for me. The material from the original series that it does adapt, pardon me, "rebuild" is handled & executed way worse here than it was in the original series. And the new material/differences in how events play out, are also very bad due to 2.0's poor pacing and having way less impact than the original series did.

I'm not going to repeat my thoughts of 3.0 here, as that isn't necessary. Overall, this "rebuild" of Evangelion was just a fucking mess quite honestly. Hideaki Anno stated he wanted to rebuild Eva in an attempt to garner new fans and make it "easier to understand". But that was just a disguise of "I wanna ride the Evangelion money train for as long as I possibly can". The rebuilds are just a joke, but they're not even a funny joke, they're just disappointing (and bad). But to end this off, on a more positive note. Have you ever seen Kare Kano & Gunbuster? Hideaki Anno directed both of these series, and based on your thoughts above, you seem to be a huge fan of Anno's directing. Both Kare Kano & Gunbuster have his finger prints all over it (more so Kare Kano than Gunbuster).
unimportantuser Oct 31, 8:48 AM
So, I read up on you Eva 3.0 review. To be frank, other than the point about Kaworu & the Visuals, I don't disagree with a thing you said about 3.0, I think you hit the nail on the head perfectly as to why 3.0 is such a bad movie. I'm going to real quickly explain why I thought Kaworu wasn't ruined in 3.0, and why I don't hate the visuals of 3.0 before I explain my thoughts about 3.0.

Maybe I'm just being too generous here, maybe I wasn't paying enough attention on my watch of the original series beforehand, but I thought Kaworu was the character they fucked up the least in the rebuild movies, you state in your review examples of how the rebuilds ruined the characters, such as degrading Asuka to a generic tsundere with no depth, & making Shinji into the biggest idiot in 3.0, both examples being very much true. But when I compare Kawaoru's character from 3.0, to the Kawaoru of the original series, it's not as in depth or as complex of a character for sure, and he's still better in the original series regardless, but Kaworu was the one saving grace of 3.0 for me. As for the visuals, I thought they were the best of the rebuilds personally. I wan't to let you know, I deeply despise how the rebuilds look, can't stand those films on a visual level at all to be honest with you. But I thought 3.0 was actually the least offensive personally, & there were even some mechanical designs & world details that made me go "Huh, that actually looks kinda cool, I can't believe I'm praising a rebuild film for its visuals"

Now onto my thoughts about 3.0. It's such an odd case for me, I think it's the worst out of them, but it's the one I enjoyed watching the most out of all the rebuild movies. I don't think that what they did was good, but I have to commend the teams efforts for actually trying something new with this, ahem, REBUILD of Evangelion, instead of trying to REHASH Evangelion like what 1.0 & 2.0 did. Again, I also quite liked the visuals of 3.0, not that I thought they were amazing or anything, but compared to the garbage that is 1.0 & 2.0 (even though 2.0 has some well animated scenes admittedly & 3.0 was kinda lacking on the animation front), I have to say I liked 3.0's visuals.And again, I liked Kaworu's character in 3.0, I'm gonna be honest, I actually enjoyed some of the scenes that he was in. Other than those, I absolutely hate 3.0, and I'm never going to watch it again. Though, if someone were to point a gun at my head and go "Alright bitch, pick a RoE movie to watch". I'd pick 3.0 easily.
lillhium17 Oct 21, 5:06 AM
I see, makes sense. I imagined it would be something like that. I also wouldn't be super sure about some of the ratings on my list, I should go back and mark every show I watched on the period of 2013-2015 because I'm definitely not sure how I would feel about most of those shows now. The one advantage I can see for having everything in Completed is so that people nows which shows you've seen and what to recommend, maybe you could put that in the tags if they're on your Plan to watch list (and if you feel like it, ofc).
lillhium17 Oct 20, 7:11 PM
Hey, just curious, if you say you've watched lots of anime before, why not adding them to the list?
lillhium17 Oct 19, 4:46 PM
Thanks! Also, between you and me, I'm really not all that new to anime, I've been watching since 2013, it's just a way to excuse the pathetic amount of anime I watched.
lillhium17 Oct 19, 1:21 PM
You know, I usually ask for a bit of interaction before accepting a friend request, but I see that Katawa Shoujo profile pic and I just can't not accept ;)
sumony Oct 18, 7:24 PM
Aww np! I'm so glad! :)))
sumony Oct 18, 4:31 PM
Hiiiiiii I loved your Evangelion 3.0 review!! I really agree so much with everything you said! And you wrote everything in such an amazing way! Great job!!
Aslt Sep 2, 2018 1:16 PM
Great Eva 3.0 review mate.