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May 20, 2017
Much like many other manga based on visual novels, they become mysterious beasts that become hard to define as to whether they can be considered 'good' or not.
I am writing this review as someone who has seen the anime adaptation and read the manga but not played the original source material, 11 Eyes the visual novel.

The manga follows a specific route of the visual novel, the Kusakabe Misuzu route.
As such certain plot points and characters are completely glossed over in the manga, as to understand the entire story one must play through all the routes of the visual novel.
The first chapter or two can read more
May 15, 2017
I cannot read Japanese and sadly as it is neigh on impossible to get a fully translated (english) version of this manga, since it seems as though it has no official publisher, the only opportunity i had to read this manga was through raw scans, and the english translated version of one of the stories entitled 'A Certain Hero's Death'.

With that being said, you can get the gist of the short stories simply through the artwork, which is a feat in and of itself as the short stories delve deep into the imagination and is well worth the read if you have the stomach read more