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Oct 7, 2017
Now, Its become very common for various anime to have a prequel for them. These short episodes usually provide some background information and also fill in some plot holes for the existing series.In other words they help you to understand the series better. However, its not easy to create a prequel for a series which has not even come to existence as of now, and ironically you need to watch the real series for understanding the episode better.

Dies Irae episode 0 is a prequel for the upcoming anime "dies Irae". This episode might be better understood by the readers of the visual novel or read more
Jul 24, 2017
What is the strangest ,most unsettling and one of the strongest desires in this entire world. It is the feeling of hunger.... hunger for good food. It is interesting to see how this feeling of hunger can change people's mind drastically. This hunger can make people do any and matter who it is.. a salaryman or a beast .

The anime "Isekai Shokudou" is a bout a western cuisine restaurant , Nekoya , which seems to be a regular restaurant , serving normal food to people all day, six days a week. But there is a secret. During a weekend, the restaurant read more
Jun 30, 2017
In the past years , the romance genre has seen many changes and most of the recent shows we have seen are just mere copies of one another with loads of repeating cliches. And for that, i must really appertiate this show for actually bringing back the romance genres to its true roots and showing what it is really about.

Tsuki ga kire is an original anime made by studio feel which follows mizuno Akane and Azumi kotaoru , two 3rd year middle school students who fell for each other in first sight and starting dating. Its a sweet and innocent anime about 2 people read more
Jun 24, 2017
a word used to describe the beautiful relationship shared by two people , who are bound the mutual feeling of love and respect. But can this unconditional love develop into something past this sibling bond? Perhaps not ... in real life.. but hey its an anime .. that too a one written by Tsukasa Fushimi( yes, the one who wrote oreimo) so we can expect somthing out of the oridinary... right?

So, Eromanga sensei is an anime based on a Light novel of the same name written by, as i mentioned before, Tsukasa fushimi. Now you must have known bout this guy because of read more
Jun 21, 2017
Let me tell you all a story.. " once there was a delinquent boy.. who got expelled from school and had to join a new school which was being dominated by girls and they all wanted to straighten him up but ended up falling for him... THE END". Ever heard of something like this.. ya i know . So this pretty much sums up the entire anime and almost very other harem anime nowadays.This show here is nothing but a sorry excuse of a harem anime with almost no originality and is full of shitty cliches that would make no sense. You would rather read more
Jun 11, 2017
Gamers! (Manga) add (All reviews)
Reading Gamers had me go through a trip of nostalgia and made me remember the time when i was a little brat who would rush home everyday from school just to play games and i am also sure that many of would be able to relate to this as well. This is also a story about people like us, Gamers, whose lives are revolving around "games"

Now , the story part is actually a bit interesting. If i describe the plot of this anime in a few words , it would be .... MotherfuckingClichedPieceofShit . Yes, the story is nothing but a random mix of read more
May 31, 2017
In the modern world, Its not easy to live a decent life. You don't get a good life.... you earn it yourself .And having a good job is not an option but a necessity . No matter who you are.. a middle aged man, a young man,a boy, or even the demon need money or you are done for. And our friend Maou here is no exception either ... After escaping the battlefield of a war in his world and accidentally stumbling upon earth ,and after loosing most of his powers He now needs to work as employ in a burger joint to pay read more
May 2, 2017
something that many know..... but a few would experience . Tragedy can happen with anyone anytime. They are impossible to avoid... they may be forgotten but they leave a deep scar too.... And the same happens here with willem (the protagonist) who has literally lost everything in his life..his family, friends and everyone he knew. But that isn't the end of it .. he didn't gave up hope... instead gave others the hope to survive for themselves and the ones they love.

As mentioned above.. story takes place 500 years after extinction of human race and the planet is now home to various other read more
Apr 6, 2017
Boobs, Bikinis, Girls, swimming pool, And a dense asshole (protagonist) ....... what will u get when u mix them together .......... well the Standard fan service episode. Its almost been 2 years since the series last debut.. and what better way to make a comeback than a special fan service episode.

Well other than the boobs and bikinis , some plot is involved too (yeah ! right the "PLOT") . Blessing software is working hard as usual .. and they want to make a scene where the heroine is in a swimsuit ,along with the protagonist near a pool ( you know read more
Feb 5, 2017
we are having quite a fair share of slice of life anime this season and this anime is also one of them.

Like any other slice of life, this anime focuses more on the character and their interactions rather than the story. The plot itself is quite simple, its about a girl chiya , who on turning 15 ,goes to meirochou (labyrinth town ) to learn the art of fortune telling. There she meets up with 3 other girls Koume , Kon and Nono . We follow their everyday lives as these girls try to achieve of their dreams of becoming fortune tellers.

The art and read more