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vade_strange Aug 2, 7:00 PM
Hello! Thank you for such an in-depth response to my review; I never expected it to receive such analysis as the one you have written. However, after hearing you out and genuinely trying to understand where you are coming from, I still take issue with your defense of Citrus. I hope you can lend me your ears for just a bit.

Now let me begin where I agree with you. I do agree that Mei Aihara is not broken because she is a lesbian. No woman is broken because she is a lesbian, and I never stated in my review that because Mei Aihara is a lesbian, she is broken. I even said that this show, at its core, is not problematic because at its core, it is a lesbian romance and lesbian romance stories are not inherently problematic. I could never call the premise of a lesbian romance or a lesbian inherently problematic, for I am a lesbian. And of course, I have a voice on whether or not this show is problematic or not. Now, back to where I agree with you. I agree with you that sexual assault wasn't the foundation for Yuzu's attraction to Mei, and there was nothing in the show that hinted that it was. I agree with you that Mei was a deeply broken character due partially to her strict and tumultuous upbringing, and her relationship with Amamiya. Speaking of which, how about we talk about that?

Mei Aihara was a deeply broken character, as I stated in my review, and as you stated in yours. However, the show gives a surface-level representation of how she is broken. They show us her committing these heinous acts of sexual assault, but it never goes deeper as to why. Is this a coping mechanism? Does she truly have no sense of consent? Why is she doing these things to Yuzu without seemingly any sense of what she is doing? What in the world is wrong with Mei Aihara? These are ALL questions I found myself asking while I watched Citrus, but did the show provide an answer? Nope. We don't get to see through Mei's eyes what she is doing, her strife and confusion towards her actions. We see her behavior, but we don't see the brokenness of Mei's mind that leads up to this behavior. Yes, she has no concept of right or wrong, consent, or the ideality of a romantic relationship, but we are only shown this through her behavior, not her thoughts. Citrus attempts to frame Mei as a victim of a string of abusive relationships, without showing the psychological effects, but only showing how they affect her behavior. It does this while throwing her into another, not abusive but frankly toxic, relationship with Yuzu. Mei doesn't need a romantic relationship. Yes, she can learn to be a better person with a healthy (non-pseudo incestuous, but we work with what we have) romantic relationship, but ONLY after she comes to terms with her trauma and understands, what consent is, knows the difference between right and wrong, only then can she finally experience a healthy relationship, not just from the other party but from herself as well.

And let's not forget when Yuzu actually slapped Mei on the cheek that one time. Is this not a form of rebuke? Does this not fit your definition of punishment or chastisement? These scenes alone effectively disprove your quoted passage above. The sexual assault in Citrus is addressed as a depraved, nefarious act. And furthermore, the scenes that contain them make sense given the character of Mei, which I assure you that you know very little about. Now, it's odd how you imply that Mei has no character, and yet the paragraph that follows doesn't develop that; it's just about the fact that you don't like her character. But I digress.

Yes, this is a form of rebuke and chastisement. This is punishment for Mei's behavior. But does Mei's behavior change? Does she cease to treat Yuzu like an object? Does this action alleviate any stress in their relationship? No, it doesn't. It just leaves Mei in this overarching sense of confusion because she does not understand that what she does is wrong. Her perceptions are still darkly colored, nothing in Mei Aihara's psyche changes after that slap. Now I do believe I should alter my wording to, instead of chastisement, intervention. Mei needs intervention for her behavior, she needs to be taken out of these situations that cause her to revert to only behavior she knows: bad, predatory behavior. She needs proper therapy to overcome and CHANGE before she can properly understand why what she did was wrong. There is nothing Yuzu or any of the other characters can do to help Mei Aihara except pointing out her behaviors and getting her HELP.

Citrus does not perpetuate negative lesbian stereotypes by having one lesbian character behaving like her upbringing would logically lead her to behave, another lesbian character acting unfavorably but making up for it, and having both characters learn from their mistakes and wrongdoings and having their relationship become more healthy and mutual.

I'm going to be short with my rebuttal for this statement. If you were a lesbian, would you want to see a portrayal of a deeply abused and broken lesbian be in a relationship that is toxic for the majority of a series, framed as an actual, healthy relationship, and that other lesbian is her stepsister? Put yourself in the shoes of a lesbian, a young one who just wants to see herself represented well in the medium of anime, and question whether you would want to see that in anime. I doubt you would.

Once again I want to reiterate that I appreciate your feedback greatly, and I hope that you would open your mind to things I have to say about Citrus. Thank you for your time; stay well and healthy in these trying times.
Geshtinanna Jul 5, 6:58 PM
I'm glad to see that you're still keeping the faith with Cop Craft. I'd love to see a second season, sometime in the future. Best cop anime I've seen up till now and the English dub slaps :)

limywo Jul 2, 8:05 PM
Happy Birthday! :)
Kabuto77 Jul 2, 1:48 PM
Happy birthday!
limywo Jun 30, 4:23 PM
thanks for accepting :)
CodeBlazeFate Jun 28, 3:24 PM
lmoa almost no passerby's gonna get the context behind this
Royal-Guard-Reli May 11, 6:35 AM
It's no problem haha. <3

Well in regards to myself I try to do just that, to be honest I was homeschooled and grew up listening to editorials like Totalbiscuit, Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe, if I were to speak frankly to this day they still hold a big influence on me at least in terms of how I do "reviews", which I once again find kinda boring. =.= But I had nothing else to do and it's kinda sticking. While I can talk about things I enjoy about the show and break it down such as aesthetic, color palette and animation/character design philosophy, voice acting, tonal shifts, etc, pardon for being repetitious but I find the subjects somewhat boring. Do you have any writing influences/inspirations?
Royal-Guard-Reli May 8, 2:56 PM
Hey hey. I apologize for the comment out of the blue, though I felt the need; I got done reading everyone of your reviews and I must say I'm in love with your in depth analysis of the shows you look over. <3 My biggest fear when I started myself was that, well, I'm far, far, far more interested in themes of a show than actually giving a review on it. For instance, I'd much rather give an analysis of Taxi Driver, than give a review on it because it always has some underlying motive of the goal to be: Should someone watch it or not. This really makes things at a tad linear for me and since I'm used to writing things that are sometimes 60 pages long, but bottlenecked into writing something so short due to being unable to get into more themes, as that would best be saved for analysis, it can become laborious. But the way you word things is a really inspiring and the fact you can get them out in a fashionable manner. I'm very envious and think they're great. <3
Ghemotoc Apr 10, 4:48 AM
Yo old pal, hope you're going well.
puffle69945 Mar 29, 6:24 AM
Hey there, just wanted to say great job on the Citrus review. If I'm being honest, the negative stigma around the show almost stopped me from watching it. but once I read the first paragraph of your review I finally watched the show, and actually enjoyed it.
Anyhow, you have my praise good sir.
RebelPanda Mar 16, 8:21 PM
I apologize, it slipped my mind when school got busy. How are you doing?
BossBlackRabbit Mar 7, 6:26 PM
Hi AltoRoark ! Thx for accepting my friend request! 🐇🖤
gintokisbicep Feb 27, 1:30 PM
oof the topic you asked me got locked so i just wanted to respond to your comment:

i guess it depends on the person itself. everyone has different opinions and views on how they see specefic scenes. personally from what i've watched/read citrus, it made me incredibly uncomfortable in the sexual scenes and i personally think it's bad lgbt representation, but someobody else could see it and think it's fine.

also you had a point in my shitty writing of using the words "normal" and "well-written". i was mainly thinking of majority of yaoi manga when writing. majority of it have rape scenes that are sexualised/romanticised and then ends up with the guy falling in love with the rapist because boo hoo he has a bad past and he has a secret nice side, but i just coudlnt be assed to include it. i just wanted to bring up citrus to have a yuri example, but from what i've read, it usually yaoi which has that problem.

so yeah, hopefully that clears some things up.

(also thank you for putting that pension up there!!!!!!)
RebelPanda Jan 27, 8:53 PM
FrankyP Jan 26, 4:18 AM
Well some people like privacy, so I didn't want to be inconsiderate, but I see you live by your own rules, so go ahead 😂

Honestly, anime conventions can be pretty fun, although going to a convention is more about the people you go with than the convention itself. They have those items, yeah, but it's not really an awkward place. May have some awkward people though, but what large place doesn't? lol
You should definitely give one a chance some day. Might like it more than you would think 😎

But I do agree with you that when someone seriously starts getting into anime is when it's the most exciting. All these new, great shows just waiting to be discovered. Same way with manga. The eventual disappointment does come along when you see that not every anime is a masterpiece and has its fair share of duds just like every other medium.

My journey with anime is more similar to your friends than yours though because my introduction was Dragon Ball Z, but I didn't stop watching anime. I just kept watching more of it lol

I didn't know DBZ was anime at first because the TV hosts didn't call it that, but I was eventually told by other people who watched anime before me that's what it was called. From then on, I just started watching whatever was in the video store. When I initially watched anime, the number one requirement was that it had to be violent and gory. Then I realized that most anime wasn't like that, so I change my requirement to "It must have a strong plot." Then I realize a lot of anime didn't have that either, so I then change my requirement to "I just have to find the characters interesting."