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Apr 5, 2012
Hello Everyone and I am back to write a review about The New Prince of Tennis/Prince of Tennis Season 2. Please forgive me in advance for i know for sure that i'll commit a ton of errors whether in the usage of the words and anything else for i am not that inclined in the English language. This is gonna be my second review so please be considerate if there are unforgivable errors. Note: Comparisons will be surely mentioned

Okay, Let me start off this review by giving my own opinion on it's story then after that giving my rating to the other aspects in reviewing read more
Feb 16, 2012
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Hello Guys. Well, First of all, I would like to say that this is gonna be my first time making a rewiew and this is solely about on my own opinion and personal experience in the serie itself. Second is that I would like you to know that English isn't my native language so please bear with me if there's any grammatical errors.
This Review is only about the Anime not the Manga/Novel. Ratings are subject to change. I have no experience yet in making a review so definitely errors and inaccuracies will be expected.

Let's kick off the review by rating the STORY: 9/10
The Reason read more