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Sep 29, 2019
The Best & Most Underrated Magirl Girl Anime

After like, 7 years ago, this show has finally ended with all 48 episode and I can hardly believe it, everything was just amazing. I'm so happy it got this much, but bawling my eyes out that it's over.

Smile Precurer is an amazing show where singing provides the power of a bunch of characters to fight Bad End Generals. It goes so over the top with absolutely everything you can imagine that it's probably the hypest series you'll ever come across. Miyuki is a great and fun protagonist, Rikka is such a sweet waifu, and all read more
Sep 28, 2019
After my review on Yu-Gi-Oh last 3 days ago got me thinking on reviewing Symphogear XV because both show came to an end this week. And next week i'm expecting a packing. So let's review this~

"Create a history, with the light God could not know" - final season memo

Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV Series Review: The Making of a Masterpiece

With September’s end of our latest Senki Zesshou Symphogear series. Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV’s run from late 2019 was definitely a memorable addition to the Reiwa-era line up, but was it a good series?

Absolutely, it was. Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV was a phenomenal series, and I read more
Sep 25, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Review: The Making of a Almost Perfect Series that alteast had something to hope for each week than ARC-V'S Wasted potential after Season 2 was long and the last season was terrible.

Yu-Gi-Oh shows imo never got a much of a 10 besides OG, but i don't care what genwunners say about the series imo. The solid to a 10/10 YGO series was 5d's. And VRAINS is what should be next. How? VRAINS may have behind-the scenes problems, but alteast it has quality that ARC-V should of actually had.

3 years ago, the Yugioh franchise was at its low point for me with ARC-V, which read more
Aug 16, 2019
When starting the special, one might be put off by the mostly still frame animation. But the action of the story makes up for it. The special only works if one has finished both 5D'S series. The special right away shows that it is not a serious and intelligent story that the series is famous for, by having Card Games On Motercycles break the fourth wall right away. The story creatively blends the major characters of 5D'S with Crimson Crisis being the targer of the shill and other stories. After nearly 30 minutes of action, as the story wraps up, a quick but solid read more
Aug 13, 2019
Okay, let me just give my thoughts on Beyblade original 51. It has a total of a 154 episodes per season (3 in total) 51 per episode in those hands.
As a whole though, it’s um… let’s go over the good things

The Seaside dome tournament
The Asian tournament
The American Tourmanet
The European side tournament (aloung the Dark blader arc)
The Russian tournament
The story to each of the main cast (exculuding Kenny)
The non-inmoprtent filler episode
The characters whom I liket and care about

Hm… honestly subjective but like.. these were the most interesting things outta the whole show for me.The show is still great after 16 years later and still glad it read more
Aug 5, 2019
''You can do anything! You can become anything! Embrace the sparkling future!'' - Nono Hana

I give it a solid 10/10 for everything and loving the Precure genre.

I would give this anime a 10/10. The design of this anime is so good compared to other ones that are currently coming out. The fight scenes are intense and makes you hop out your seat. This type of anime is one that is rare in my opinion because I love cure magical girls in anime and the way the characters represents their element. Hana uses a cherrleader type of fighting skill. In my opinion this anime needs to read more
Oct 26, 2018
After watching the first season of Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Superb Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear), I can’t help but feel wanting for more of this series. The first season consisted of only 13 episodes. It introduced the general premise of the story and had its character roster in set. However, it missed the opportunity to expand more and build on those elements. Have no fear. Season 2 is here and it’s set to fill the gaps for you diehard fans of this classic mahou shojo animes. However, on the staff changed. Back when the 1st season of Symphogear ended and the 2nd season was announced, read more
Oct 11, 2018
Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ is the most done and executed series! series and one of the most epic anime. The design and development of the protagonist Tachibaba Hibiki, the formation of the S.O.N.D team through the bonds with the nakama, the epic storyline and antagonists in every arc, the amazing Yu-Gi-Oh refernces in each arc because of Katsumi Ono (ARC-V AND 5D'S) definately achieved the peak of Symphogear! and brought the best out of the franchise. I am really looking forward to XV in 2019 ^^

Symphogear to me, has a lot of amazing stuff in it, and that's it's biggest sign of the show.

Story: read more
Sep 9, 2018
The key to saving the world is with music and big boobs?? For real?? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As kid growing up Power Rangers, TMNT, Yu-Gi-OH, Beyblade, Digimon and Cartoon Netowork was on my favorite things in the childhood, but there was like on type of show i dislike but will give a chance in a year from here on...Sailor Moon...magical girls
transforming gals fighting other villans and magical girls ikr? However, I liket Powerpuff Girls and that was more than enough for me to care (2016 version doesn't count cus that one pissed me off) a decade later and i was still not read more
Aug 13, 2018
Finished Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX last month

Whereas 2012 version was my overall introduction to the franchise, GX was my first "favorite series" Senki Zesshou Symphogear series. The production values certainly do show it, and the character development of 6 girls definitely adds to an already imrpessive show. The show's head director is Katsumi Ono (Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V and 5D's) I give all Symphogear series after 2012 version a solid 10/10, whereas that one get's a 8/10.

I grew into liking all the characters and my favorites are: Shirabe, Kirika and Yukine Chris.

I know this one seems short, but I finished it before going to bed, so my read more