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Anime Stats
Days: 25.9
Mean Score: 6.44
  • Total Entries257
  • Rewatched11
  • Episodes1,642
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Miru Tights: Cosplay Satsuei Tights
Miru Tights: Cosplay Satsuei Tights
Sep 19, 7:24 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
High School DxD
High School DxD
Sep 7, 6:05 AM
Watching 4/12 · Scored 7
Sep 4, 4:30 AM
Completed 5/5 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 93.0
Mean Score: 5.64
  • Total Entries1,562
  • Reread41
  • Chapters14,074
  • Volumes1,634
Manga History Last Manga Updates
29 minutes ago
Completed 162/162 · Scored 10
Eden: It's an Endless World!
Eden: It's an Endless World!
Sep 21, 8:55 PM
Reading 11/127 · Scored 7
My Broken Mariko
My Broken Mariko
Sep 20, 3:50 AM
Completed 5/5 · Scored 6


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98_kize Sep 22, 7:14 AM
nice i see...
i can relate to that, i tend to forget plot details pretty quickly :D
dhb1048596 Sep 21, 1:29 PM
I hope you feel alright soon! I'm stressed out but I'm fine right now, thank you for asking

Oh my I've been watching pewds since 2014, I was still a college student back then and now I'm still a fan of his. I've been lurking his profile for the longest time and was surprised that I saw him be online just recently. Because of that I constantly comment on his profile just for the heck of it haha are you a fan of pewdiepie?

By the way do you have a top 10 anime that you watched?

That is really cool that you watched on the cinema, what other anime that you watched in the cinema?

Also I didn't expect to see Violet Evergarden in a suit and see how really beautiful she is. I really need a new season for Violet evergarden, I can't get enough of her

That was a long time ago, how long have you been watching anime now?

Miru Tights need a sequel so bad haha and I hope if they make it one it is a 20 min per episode. There is just something about that show that wants me more out of it
Zura19 Sep 21, 8:58 AM
Nice to meet you too😁
GOH anime and Webtoon are what I really liked lately. It also became one of my favorites. Did you watched the episodes so far?
And you?😊
moonlight_tears Sep 20, 9:51 PM
Haven't been watching any anime lately.
dhb1048596 Sep 19, 5:38 AM
Don't worry, I understand and I don't mind the late replies. Just take your time replying if you have the time. Hope you did well and got a great score on your exams! How are you feeling so far?

I also wanna see how they would animate Hana and Hiroshi's pee arc during the sportsfest in the manga haha that was always my favorite moment

So far only the disappointing ending of Mirai Nikki that has really put me off and wasted my time. What about you? Is there an anime or manga ending that disappointed you?

Do you also plan on watching the latest violet evergarden movie in the cinemas?

Gaiden was really great, I like how the characters have a proper character development and I like how it subverted expectations by not letting the two sisters meet, to let them meet in the right time in the future. It is a true violet evergarden movie and it is great movie to hype myself up for the upcoming film.

What about you? What are your thoughts of Gaiden?

When did you first watch Steins;Gate?

What made you like a silent voices movie more?

Yes only 4 minutes and a worthy 4 minutes at that!
moonlight_tears Sep 18, 6:58 PM
no problem. 💜

I only learn Korean. The other I grew up speaking them at home.
98_kize Sep 15, 9:35 AM
couldn't agree more, btw are you done rewatching it?
how was it? did you find something new you never noticed before ;-;
Rogersss Sep 14, 12:08 PM
I definitely agree but I really liked the ending tbh, especially with the sequel chapters, because while there were a lot of edgy messed up aspects, a story like that can have a somewhat happy ending, like life I guess. And probably guts but I’m not super far into it yet, only like 180 odd chapters I think, but I absolutely love guts, the rest of the characters so far seem great but I’m pretty sure the best for them is yet to come, sorry for the late reply, I’m pretty sure i have covid 😭
707Haru707 Sep 14, 4:51 AM
Omg same!

I see! It's a good choice for first anime
I don't specify know what my first first anime was, because I used to watch them on tv but I didn't know about the term anime much
But the show that I really remember and enjoyed at that time was hxh 1999 very. But the one that got me into anime was detective conan. When I saw it I directly went and searched it then found out about Japanese dub and stuff, then I slowly started getting into anime.
dhb1048596 Sep 14, 4:22 AM
The anime is not that bad but I really did not like the premise at all for boys being in a prison and it has a lot of unnecessary fanservice. I only really completed it to watch and see hiroshi and hana's seemingly entertaining misunderstandings and see hana slowly fall in love to hiroshi haha.

After watching the anime I skimmed the manga to see how hiroshi and hana would end up, basically I only read the interesting parts and hana parts. Even though I did not read the whole manga, I was disappointed in the ending of prison school, it really felt rushed and half assed by the author

Violet Evergarden might be the most beautifully animated anime I've seen and combine that with great characters and storytelling, it was for me a masterpiece. I was not that emotional when watching it but when I reached that 10th episode, the one with the letter from the mother, that was when the waterfalls started flowing. After that episode I just grabbed my pillow and slammed it to my bed because of how depressing that episode was. I also like Violets growth in the series and the realization of her "burning" was a touching scene

How about you? what do you think of Violet Evergarden, the anime

I also find many similarites between Violet and Suzuha from Steins;Gate because they are both blondes with almost similar styles of hairstyle and they are both badass child soldiers

It's nice that you also like Shiina Mayuri, are you planning on watching Steins;Gate 0? I came watching that anime as a fan of Mayuri and I like how they made her even better in SG0

Oh Shouko Nishimiya, I always feel bad for her character. I was not a fan of the abused she got in the movie, I actually wanted to read the manga, did you read the manga?

Yes you should watch the special. Miru Tights is unexpectedly good haha I didn't know there was gonna be a yuri in that anime and that sealed it and seeing 2 thicc anime girls go yuri on each other is fascinating

If I ever need to give it a score, I'll give it a 4 or a 5 because it was really dragged on for too long by the author and again, he half assed it.
LovelyAlice Sep 14, 2:52 AM
My favorite character from Tokyo Ghoul is Ayato.
Sunshine86 Sep 13, 11:59 PM
No. It's a shounen fantasy about yokai. It's a comedy so it's funny. The manga is a little different from the anime but they're both good.
98_kize Sep 11, 7:20 AM
i see... :]
perfect blue was so confusing, the most confusing anime i've ever watched but plot twist 👌
how are you able to rewatch it? my head hurt from watching it but it was great even though im still confused till now :''
dhb1048596 Sep 11, 4:51 AM
I actually haven't watched or read Attack on titans yet but I'm familar with Mikasa because I saw a gif of her with abs

I don't have a waifu but there is only one exception that I could give. It's funny you mentioned Hana Midorikawa because she is the only 2d anime character that I'm attracted to. I really find her pretty and cute and she is voiced by Kana Hanazawa who is also my favorite voice actress who also voiced a lot of iconic characters from Mayuri, Nadeko, and more. Hana Midorikawa is the only anime girl I simp for.

As for for best girls Shiina Mayuri, Yakumo Tsukamoto, Mai Sakurajima, Aqua, Hanekawa then best girls for being badasses are Shinobu, Amane Suzuha and Violet Evergarden. And maybe Mikasa will be there once I watch Attack on titan

Oh you watched Miru Tights? How was it? That anime was surprisingly good and subverted my expectations a lot, I also didn't expect yuri from that anime. I wish they make more and I know it has a special 4 min episode. I saw that you haven't watched it yet, you should go check it out!

I'll read the manga for citrus soon after I finish some yuri mangas I am reading.

I think I'm comfortable with giving the anime citrus a 7 since it fits the description I gave in the personal rating system that I have.

Is there an anime or manga you find difficult to give a score?
Sunshine86 Sep 11, 4:09 AM
My favorite anime is One Piece.

My favorite manga is not actually a manga but a webtoon Noblesse, if I had to choose a manga maybe Fukigen na Mononokean.

My favorite seiyuu is absolutely Kamiya Hiroshi