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Sep 22, 2010
I liked Decode 2 more than Decode, because it’s more about Birdy and her past then about fighting criminals (although that obviously also appears, since not all criminals involved with the Ryunka have been captured). Some new characters are introduced (however it is better to say, characters that are new to the watchers) and they make the series rather interesting. Decode 2 includes some unnecessary sidelines to the story, but they make the story feel more like a whole. I watched the series in high speed, because the more it progresses, the more interesting it gets.
I would give the series a 9/10, but there’s something read more
Sep 22, 2010
Berserker Killer Birdy is a woman with a strong will, yet cheerful and determined. I loved almost everything about her and her personality is what I liked most in the anime. That doesn’t mean that I do not think the other aspects weren’t good as well.

Story (8/10): The story isn’t complicated, but it has a few nice twists. It begins quite simply and slowly introduces you into a more complex network. Though thanks to the slow introduction, it’s all quite easy to understand. More than half of the episodes had an exciting end, leaving me eager to watch the next episode.

Art (8/10): The animation is read more
Aug 9, 2010
I can see why most people liked this anime, but it’s not my cup of tea.
The first few episodes made me laugh due to the absurdity and the character introductions. At episode 9 I really felt like dropping the series but in the end I do like the fact that I watched it all.

Art (7/10): The art is very good at first, the surroundings were drawn in a way that I felt like it could be real. However other animations are also introduced, I liked some of them, I really disliked others. There’s also this bald guy popping up every now and then. I guess read more