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Feb 10, 2020
This is a very fun manga. The comedy is priceless. It's got nice smut too. The story is amazing. I never got bored while reading this. Nothing has been stretched. The main girl is one of the best female shoujo MCs I have ever seen.

It has all the factors a typical shoujo manga needs but somehow I find it a looooot better than many shoujo manga that I have read. I actually re-read this manga recently. Characters are adorable in their own way. Some people might find the main MC as a dik but he got his reasons as usual. He did not bully the read more
Jan 4, 2020
This manga was fun with really cool retorts and many different facial expressions of Takane and Hana. It was just until the first half of the manga.

After that it felt like the story is being dragged with pointless twists. There’s nothing called ‘seriousness’ in this story which is fine. But there are some times where I expected something that’s not funny and the characters take some moments seriously.

It’s a gag manga but does not exactly look like one. Hana’s character was the best in the beginning and now it’s the most annoying character. Especially with the pointless plot. Takane’s character has been so read more
Sep 18, 2019
This a great SoL anime. I swear to god I need a season 2. I need more MACHIO SAN REEEEEE

I learned a lot from this anime than from the actual Gym trainers. I go to gym 3-4 times a week and thanks to this anime, I can now try out more exercises than the ones I used to do.

Characters are fun and their friendship is so precious. There nothing shady in this anime. Not too much shitty fan-service instead they changed the point of view of viewers who expected the fan-service from this anime.

There are so many gags and one of those 'good' read more
Dec 25, 2018
Short review, this manga is quite cute and simple yet provocative. Imagine being a friend to someone for 10+ years and one fine day, you marry that person. It sounds great. Since both can understand each other with no mis-communication at all. But, in reality *cringes* , having sex with your friend is as complicated as it sounds. :p

That is exactly what this manga's main couple is facing. Every chapter, every day, they try their best to ignore everything and just do it. :p But they fail in every chapter, every day. It might sound like nonsense, but their failed attempts and the reasons for read more
Dec 25, 2018
Short Review, after reading like 52 chapters I think this manga is not that bad. It's just your regular shoujo manga. Nothing too serious but nothing too naive. At the beginning, it kinda looks like some crap story with two hot guys chasing a plain.. more like a rudimentary girl (was a bit annoying). But the best thing about this manga which makes it stand out, in my opinion, is the character development. IT HAS A STORY WITH EMOTIONS. Art gets better too.

Story is simple. Two hot guys: white and black. White popular. Black Demon. Girl likes white. Black kinda likes girl. Girl realizes read more