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Dec 12, 2019
So, if you watched the original fate stay night first, immediately you start comparing both anime.
Overall the anime is like a remaster of the first one, some things went better, other were not necessary to change, at the beginning i felt i was just recapping Fate Stay Night,
but the events changed considerably and it became interesting. Story is not so captivating but it is good.
Graphic quality is good as expected.

For those who already watched there go my considerations with some spoilers:

While Unlimited Blade Works makes the romance storyline around Shirou and Rin with Archer as the badass servant, the original Fate read more
Dec 2, 2019
Overall, story is bad and boring from beginning until the last 7 eps, then suddenly starts to get a little more interesting and it gets pretty fair, especially with some characters: Joane with Gilles, Shakeaspere, Karna and Mordread with his master. Man, if it wasn't for this characters i would give less than 5 score, i really liked their role (Fate Zero feels). I think there are some too much cuteness for "heroic" servants. Fights are somewhat cool, but a clusterfuck since there are many characters. Impact sounds are just too loud on headphones. But a lot of things on this anime drove me mad, read more