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Dec 5, 2015
Seikoku no Dragonar or Dragonar Acadmey in English, is a story about a young man named Ash Blake whose dragon takes the form of a petite, pink-haired girl with a feisty attitude. Not only is that his start to a harem, but is also the start of his journey to become the hero of his kingdom.

(At the time of this review, the manga is still being published with about 7 issues released. I myself have read up to issue 6.)
Overall I give this manga a score of 8. Here's why:

Story: 7
The story so far looks promising. Our protagonist, Ash, is at the bottom read more
Mar 9, 2015
Guilty crown's an anime that'll have you watching more episodes for all reasons you may not expect. It's sound and voice acting is like music to your ears and the art will keep you glued to the screen. But the predictable story will make you beg for the action scenes and a quarter of the characters will make you facepalm.
The score I gave for this show is a 7/10
Here's why:

If your looking for an anime with a story that will catch you off guard with every plot twist or turn. Then this isn't the anime for you.
Shu, our hero, is your average socially inept read more
Feb 3, 2015
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
What can I say? Next to pokemon, Naruto is a classic. Especially for people who grew up watching it. Now I don't do reviews often so take that in to consideration while you're reading this

Naruto is set in a fictional world where ninja roam the land and use techniques called 'jutsu' to amplify their performance. To do this ninja need chakara (similar to kainin DBZ) which is basically their life's essence. Everyone has it, but ninja know how to harness it.

Naruto is a story about a boy with the same name. The story centers around him and hos friends. As it progresses you see read more
Aug 11, 2014
Date a live is your typical 1 man and 3 girls (currently) harem, with a science fiction/extraterrestrial twist. I give this anime an
Here's why...

The story is thought out (to some extent) and charming for some parts but it loses it's vibe after a few episodes. It had a thing going on with the fate of the world in the balance... at least for a few episodes when they realize only one of these spirits (the alien girls) were causing 99% of the quakes in Japan

There is a lot of different art styles for the various mechs and firearms in this anime. However, most look either read more
Jul 24, 2013
Elfen lied was one of the few animes that had lots of blood and Gore, romance and still had an interesting plot. No point in me telling the summary and making this review longer than it should (summary can be found on main page of both anime and manga adoptions ).

My overall score is a 9. Here's why...

Story: 9
This show isn't for the faint of heart but tells an interesting story if you can get past the blood and nudity. It has been very thought out and I couldn't find too many moments that made me think "WTF" or "that doesn't make sense". I give read more
Oct 7, 2012
Gurren Laggan. Two words can put it in to a good summery. FRICKIN EPIC. The story is amazing the characters are uniqe and it's simply original.

The art is very good considering the proportions of all the mechas however, the anime changed directors a couple of times in some episode which made the characters look diffrent so i give this a 9/10.

sound- 9/10
Very good sound. It's just a few parts and bits through out it that gave it a 9. sometimes the sounds wont play according to the image or simply seem out of place for what's going on.

characters and enjoyment 10/10
The characters were simply AWESOME, read more
Sep 11, 2012
Love hina is a fantastic show. Every episode kept me smiling and at least made me laugh once! Those who love romantic comedies will definitely enjoy this show.

Most of Love hina's episodes are stick to the main story but there are a few that are little misadventures that the group go through. Those few episodes focus on certain characters. For example, there is one episode that focuses on shinobu's first kiss.

Love Hina was MADE IN 2005! So all of you who are complaining about it's "simple" animation just stop.