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Jan 11, 2018
I was intrigued by the art on the cover, so I grabbed this volume out of my collection of Harta magazines. The art gave me a Meiji era vibe. The women are still very traditionally dressed, as is something that continues even today in some formal events in Japan, while the men tended to adopt a more Western fashion. That's our setup. Despite Japan having issues even today with gender equality, it was much worse at this time. Men could get away with quite a lot, and that's a theme that carries through Kemuri & Mitsu (or Smoke & Nectar -shudder-).

Not a lot is concrete read more
Jan 27, 2017
I got talked into translating a chapter of this series for a group of friends, so I decided tonight that I'd read the rest. It's such a joke of a series. I don't think the mangaka has any truly good manga at this time, but at least he shows potential in his later series. It's pretty funny and sad to see what sort of series he used to do.

If you're looking for a manga that's "so bad it's good," and you can make fun of it with your friends, this is definitely one of those. Everything about it, up to the end, is just so read more