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Snoowflakes Feb 8, 1:37 AM
Hello just passing by..

Who is that character on your profile picture?
KingRequiem Oct 11, 2018 8:41 AM
Oh right, I meant that I don't need Quetz anymore so I probably won't roll seriously for her ^^' That said, the Dioman needs a shitload of chains. It's really a shame I didn't have time to farm seriously during Nerofest... whaled hundreds of dollars for Hundred Hassans and the Kayneth CE..? I got NP37 HFH through the FP gacha solely lmao.

Yes yes, I shall get on that before I forget again!

Summer Nito is bae, that FA art >.< Man they really are providing at least one welfare version of the most popular servants huh ? That's pretty cool of them. Won't stop my Scathach fanboy friend from not using her welfare version and ragequit when he won't get the Lancer on New Year lol, people are like that I guess.

Nah, spent a bit over 100$ on the Sca banner a while back and only got topless Kirei, I'm good. I'll stick to guaranteed gachas.

Dude, they just fucking gave us a welfare Altera, I can tell you that unlike Liz, it's probably the last one you'll get lol.

That aside, Dantes' animation update looks swell. Now just update Gil's bobblehead sprite hnnnnnnnggggg.

Hmmm I'm taking Gil to 100 with the halloween one. After that, not sure. I was going to give two to Kintoki Rider but I just got Ozy. Maybe give more to Okita, Cu Alter would be the logical choice from a gameplay standpoint. I wouldn't use them on Merlin. I think Scathach or King Hassan in the near future if I get them, Maid Alter if I roll her next summer.

I'm in this awkward position where I'm kinda pissed I don't have the opportunity to use Kintoki (especially Zerker) all that much anymore cause he grew on me and carried my ass in a lot of fights, but his animation is kinda shit and the update is far away...
KingRequiem Oct 8, 2018 7:47 AM
WELL NOW I HAVE OZY TOO, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??????? /s. As per rule of thumb, FGO luck is inversely proportional to IRL luck. You don't get to have both, such a bittersweet reality. He did come with a second Nitcoris in the span of 3-4 tickets, so that's really cool. I still have a stash for two 10 rolls for whatever I roll for next. And getting Ozy means I don't have to hesitate over rolling for Quetz too, so that makes things easy. I'll be rolling for Penth as well my man :p

Your preferences are puzzling dude, I thought you hated Kiritsugu yet you NP5'd him and now you show off Iskander in your support list >:(

Napoleon disappointed me personally. Gay cannon is gay, and he just doesn't have the regal character presence that you see from Gil, Ozy or even Nobunaga. Fucking awesome about your ancestors tho, wish I had such mythological roots to feel special too lol.

But hey aren't you rolling for Cleo soon ?

I'm not particularly hung up on JAlter man, but you know, I won't spit on adding an edgy waifu with big titties and massive damage output to my in-game harem~ Right now, I'd really want a Bryn or Scathach more than anything. That december to New Year planning is just overkill, seriously. How am I supposed to get Merlin, Scathach and Hassan in the span of a month without turning into a whale ? Thank God I can pass on Musashi...

The new Servants huh? You mean in JP ? Let's see. Sigurd sucks, despite having Seto motherfucking Kaiba's voice. The Valkyries are certainly nice, although generic at first glance imo. Ivan cracks me up, and packs a punch in the meta I hear. Don't really care for Anastasia, although I like what is tied to the character. Skadi is Quick Merlin, and is basically Scathach with more personality too. The new Summer Servants are all hot sauce (Ushi<3), and so is Okita Alter. Without needing any Servant all that desperately atm, there's more than enough to keep me entertained for the next year.
KingRequiem Aug 23, 2018 6:26 AM
A little ? Maaan you're a full fledged one now. NP5 Kerry, Np5 Shuten, NP2 Ozy (I think ?), Iskander, NP2 Shiki, Raikou, and all the other SSRs you got before.

Actually I'm completely dry, but haven't gotten anything but a Nitocris ever since rolling Cu Alter. I even dropped about a hundred bucks for Shishou on her latest banner and only got Kirei abs to show for it. I must be at 500 quartz spent without a SSR atm. I did get Sanzang from the guaranteed so it's not too bad but it is grating at me a little ;-; Now I'll probably roll what I can muster in the next JAlter banner, then go all in for Merlin and Gramps.
KingRequiem Aug 18, 2018 3:07 PM
>Don't spend money man, I've even reconsidered my "schedule" of what to roll for and I think I am just going to throw whatever I have at the time at interesting banners. My 10 roll this morning proved as much to me that it's not worth spending a dime in the end.

It was said that you would mock the whales, not join them ! Bring balance to your wallet, not leave it to darkness.
KingRequiem Jan 18, 2018 6:03 PM
Man you and your fucking luck, so you did end up getting her but were busy maxing her behind the scenes lol. If you burn that Jack I will curse you. I spent 60 quartz, got a Beowulf and my first Victor of the Moon out of it. Decent but not very satisfying. I don't think I'll use Beowulf much, while I love his VA, everything about him screams standard meathead. We'll see.
Don't bully Fran, I'm currently raising her to make a Kscope Kyohime-Fran duo with a support Waver for a maximum efficiency farming team. Plus her FA art is nice.

What CE did you choose btw ? I'm guessing Altera ? The Takeuchis were the best looking ones imo, with a clear edge to the the Artoria one so I went with that.

I decided to do 2 last runs of the Scathach node in the last 15 minutes, got 2 hearts out of it. Could it be I used up my luck right before rolling...

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah I'll stick with the 200$ option. 5k overkills the meaning of overkill.

Who the hell would Amakusa side with ?

I'm pretty sure I had Maple Mead during the Christmas break a year ago, it was admittedly pretty good. Canadian shit I guess ^^'

I'm not planning to grail anyone other than Gil to 100 atm. The marginal product isn't big enough compared to grailing lower ranked Servants, which not only grants a 5 levels increase but allows SRs to compete (almost) on par with default SSrs. I know I'm gonna switch my Servants around in the long term to avoid monotony, so might as well spread the Grails around.

We're already getting a welfare Ishtar with superior animations, and default Ishtar is an Archer class, of which I'm already stacked with. And aside from her silly NP, Rider Ishtar looks casual enough that she might be the first Summer Servant that I could picture using in the main storyline without her seeming out of place. That's my reasoning for now, but hey we both know impulse can easily trump reasoning.

She still looks awkward. Oddly enough I don't have any problem with Jing Ke's art however, which seems to bother a significant amount of the community.

Oh nice ! I believe we did touch briefly upon her sweet Kyoto dialect and stuff, good choice. Kintoki might actually serve as a good catalyst for her ^^' Her and Kintoki definitely benefit from Raita's art, too bad he fucked up Raikou's proportions.
Oh c'mon a quick search netted me a few good ones. There's one I saw a while back where she stood under the rain which was great, I'd have to look for it. Speaking of which, not grailing Bryn ?

She looks great in all three.

Gil THOT SLAYED that shit a while back though lmao.

Your taste is getting progressively less shit, good good, let the culture flow through you.

The "doc"..? You mean Okabe ? He's just some unemployed delusional nerd with a labcoat lol. I had a hunch it wouldn't be your cup of tea. It really plays on the otaku culture, I had to adapt a bit myself. For that reason my opinion has increased every time I rewatched it. Might I suggest to watch it in dub ? It's quite good and relatively less weeb ish since they localized the jokes to a western audience (allyourbasearebelongtous, Leeroy Jenkins, Reddit AMAs, Star Trek and so on). Plus, Daru and Mayuri sound less retarded and Kurisu more attractive in that. Try it and let me know if it helps.

The mecha one ? The plot and designs vibe quite generic...
KingRequiem Jan 17, 2018 9:12 PM
So how many Fionns does that make ? :/
KingRequiem Jan 16, 2018 9:25 PM
Thank god I'm finally done with all of it !! Fuck that event. Meh story, shit grind and shit rewards. Okita was an absolute MVP, beyond expectations. She deserves every last bit of that grail.
My bonus point was 150% IIRC, with a Okita-Altera-MHX Support-SaberLily-Caesar-Gilles. I might grail EMIYA to 90, but that won't be before his strengthening.

Define cheap and expensive.

I think Martha is wishful thinking, but Medea and Nightingale is definitely possible. I'm sure we'll get Robin Hood at the very least.

Are people actually that ignorant lol ? I'll have to try it.

Makes sense from an historical perspective. People wanted to escape the fuck out of Ireland during the Potato Famine, and Canada was one of the cheaper places to travel to by ship. Since the Irish brought a bunch of shit like cholera when they arrived (lol), the government isolated them temporarily on an island in Quebec. After that it only made sense that they would get along better with French Canadians than those of English origins, because of the catholic solidarity against protestantism and all that.
Not that they were best buddies or anything, but you know how "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" works.

24 grails still seems like a lot.

Well I don't dislike the Gauls for example. But you are right that I am partial to the more civilized and urban cultures of the ancient world, from China to Persia to Rome. Eh, maybe there's something to be understood from that..

I've taken a closer look and the summer servants all have very cool animations, often better than their OG counterpart. I mostly have trouble getting over the fact that I'd be bringing Marie to slap Goetia around with a beach ball to save mankind. It's silly...

Hmmm well right now:

-Gil (to 100)
-Cu Chulainn
-Maybe Ozy/Iskandar/Quetzalcoatl (seriously I'd be pretty fine with any of these)
-King Hassan
-Maybe Mashu once she gets useful
-Whatever SR or SSR I hold at that point in time on a whim, as you never know what you'll end with
-Definitely Rasputin Kirei

We're getting a good boost from the celebration campaign, so that should round you to a good spot. I'd be fairly optimistic in your place, with some reserve of course. Rule of thumb is that 300+ quartz makes you eligible to sincere sympathy if you fail. I was expecting you to add Nightingale at some point :p No thanks for me, her art while not that atrocious is still unpleasant. Especially the FA one where her back is weirdly arched while she's lying down..? Why Drake though, I thought you disliked her ?

Ozy also has that Fragments artist, and his art is impeccable.

Melee based with the staff I guess ? Sort of like a Warcraft paladin.
Gil reminds me of that bobblehead syndrome EVERY.SINGLE.DAY T_T Tomoe Gozen's sprite, now that's quality work.

They both share Rin's body. The personality is a split, as in the TM verse Ishtar and Eresh were apparently once a united entity. So we get the spoiled, demanding, clumsy, teasing, rich princess side of Rin emphasized in Ishtar and the dorky, softy and frank yet dutiful side of Rin emphasized in Eresh. Something along those lines. Most weebs obviously prefer the second but as someone who can appreciate an ojou sama personality in doses, I appreciate both.

BTW ANIMATION UPDATE FOR KINTOKI HYPE !!!!! Alongside the fact that they announced they'd update all the launch Servants (which means Hans will no longer throw generic magical blue shits), the playability of some of my most used servants just expanded on the long term. I'm curious what they'll do with Kiyohime.

I see you started Steins Gate. First impressions ?
KingRequiem Jan 6, 2018 8:47 PM
Fucking hell this is annoying. Anything short of a MLB Purely Bloom MHX support makes my chances to succeed in the most difficult 40AP quest shaky. It's literally the only one that gives a decent amount of grind points (and it still sucks compared to Gudaguda), WTF. Good news is that I've finally max ascended my EMIYA so I'm pretty happy with that. I didn't roll for her but I really like MHX all things considered, too bad she has to compete with Shiki and thus loses all her appeal. I forgot to mention it but you must be thrilled about Medea's animation update right ?

I fucking wish I could trace back my origins like that. My aunt's husband provided a DNA sample to one of those sites that can apparently use it to trace back ancestry, and my research tends to show that those things are legit. I'm seriously intrigued and tempted to try it.

inb4 Mooncell creates a JAlter to mess with Jeanne, thus making the former a playable character lmao.

I'll have to be conservative and go with Bordeaux, as I grew up around French and Italian wines mostly. Cabernet is damn tasy too tho. I've been warming up to Porto as well, since I buy more hispanic stuff lately. Thicker and spicier.
Mead isn't my cup of tea, I have a hard time with honey and alcohol. Makes me puke.

Still French Canadian. Seems like my great great grandfather from my dad's side couldn't be bothered to move his ass and married a French Canadian woman lol.

You're not dealing with the average whale player here, that's freaking Moby Dick. Yeah the next grail is for Okita, I'm starting to wonder if my shit gacha luck lately is to push me into fulfilling my promise. As for Hans, yeah tots, I can finally let him get to work without having to worry about his HP at all. I don't plan to grail him further for now.

And I always thought the Picts looked retarded, and she has dreads to make things worse. I don't say that very often but I prefer the whitewashed Keira Knightley version :^)

OG Nero I will burn. Nero Bride I won't roll outside a guaranteed gacha, but if it happens then I guess I'll keep her so I don't feel like I completely wasted 30$. Swimsuit Nero might spook me when I roll for Nobu... Urgh I mostly don't give a shit about Summer Servants but the one I want has to share the banner with Nero... We'll see then if it happens lol.

The thing is all the Servants I really want are fucking far away and I want a shiny new toy to keep me busy while I wait :'( No Karna. I've started saving up again, but I'm still hesitating between my options. Seriously you're gonna blow everything on her even if you get her twice rather than keep the rest for another Servant ? That's a luxury that only whales can allow themselves buddy, it won't work. And while we're talking about Bryn, why didn't they go with this artstyle rather than the light blue colored turd they call her FA art in FGO ? Ruins everything.

All Rinfaces are deserving of my love, equally (except for OG Rin who takes the top spot). But I also really like the whole underworld Goddess concept, and her attacks reflect that well. Plus she's a Lancer, and it's not exactly the class with the most options to choose from. Dark hair looks better than blonde though, I'll definitely give you that.

Yes I have ! Jesus must be rolling in his grave by now ^^ Nah man, not even thinking of grailing her before she at least gets an animation update. Fuck those generic blue shits Caster animations.

KingRequiem Dec 28, 2017 5:56 PM
She does ! And well, for the saberface part I guess you must be thrilled for Saber Wars :^)

Well that didn't go as planned lol. Cool about the scotch thing, though I'm more of a (red) wine guy. Having a cellar is one of my life projects, though it won't happen before a long while I guess. I don't need a catalyst, my Irish blood will operate its magic by itself~

>I rolled normal Jeanne back when I got Okita, but I will probably never use her I find her too bland, plus I want that Martha Ruler.

I mean Scathach and Karna are also bland, yet I'll roll for them lmao. I'll second that Martha Ruler though.

That's kind of retarded tbh, those losses stack up on the long run. Not to mention you can just be patient, and I personally have so many apples than I don't even know what to do with them. Then again, you're the highest level player on my friendlist lol. I see you've Bond 10'd Medea, jesus christ, nice. I finally brought my Hans to 90 so I can chill, I'll be aiming for his Bond CE because of the sweet importance it has in his lore.

Oh, that's fair.

It's 30$ on the store and it looks pretty good, I'll think about it ! You loved Hearts of Stone like me so I trust you. The design of the MC is wack tho haha.

Oh trust me, I don't think I'd want to be over 6'1 anyway.

This is anime, this shit is fucking irrelevant. Fuck it, this is Type-Moon, so even more irrelevant. Scathach doesn't have any problem with her assets. I wanted to mention Nero but that'd be acknowledging her existence, which I refuse to do.

I regret blowing my reserves on the Mordred, I only got a fucking Fran that I'd gladly trade for SAlter. I have about 30 quartz now, that I'll blow on Karna when he's on solo. I don't think I even have a plan at this point. Heck I might roll for Dantes in the end.

Lol typical, I know that feel. My opinion on Santera is...mixed to say the least. BUT EREEEEEEEEESHKIIIIIIGAAAAAAAAAAL

Edit: And merry late Christmas and happy New Year !
KingRequiem Dec 3, 2017 8:22 PM
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Aoi Yuuki's performance ? Fucking impeccable, I'm melting over here ;-; Those lines when she gets defeated are quite powerful, capture all the nuances of her regrets in regard to her previous life.

LMAO my internet friend contemplating ragequitting the game because he didn't get Scathach in 200 quartz. On the other hand he has like four 2030, three SSRs (one of them being Waver) and 3 kaleidoscopes. It really irritates me to see so many players of that kind. The worst being those guys playing since Day 1 and saving up only for Jalter, ready to quit if they don't get her. Like holy shit, if that's all you're after just get a life, or buy a damn account once she's released and do something else meanwhile.

Oh man I don't remember. Atm I have like 15 golden apple, 3 quartz and one ticket. No way I'm spending quartz for ap refilling though.


One day I'll watch TV series for real and be able to converse with plebs I should stop lying to myself

Kind of regretting yeah... But seriously does one even buy visual novels ? I'll just crack them if need be or have someone else do it.
Gameplay looks stiff and artistic direction a bit bland, but do tell me about it if you buy it. I'd really like to play Zelda Breath of the Wild but it'd be dumb to buy a Wii U for that sole purpose...

I see why you liked Rider then ^^' But you're one tall bastard, have some salt from the top of my 5'9.

Ok that's good taste, ya got me. Not really waking up material though. It's not memetastic enough.

Dude Musashi is obviously ahead of her in swordsmanship.

No that's the best part, allows us lucky F2Ps to enjoy the salt of the waifu worshippers.
KingRequiem Nov 11, 2017 9:39 PM
*rolls the ticket from the login*

*gold stars around the summoning*


*Gold Saber Card appears*

Siegfried you son of a bitch, I dare you to show up, I double dare you

*It's Okita*


The gacha is my ally, an ally with a sense of humor in bad taste but my ally all the same.

I don't even know what to save for now... Scathach on New Year and Iskander I suppose.
KingRequiem Nov 11, 2017 6:51 PM

You bitch. I'm sitting over here with my collection of keys, Mephistopheles and Caesars. God dammit. I'm waiting for the login quartz/ticket and grinding Honnouji points for more like a beggar in the hope that a desperate roll effort will bless me like it once did with Gilgamesh... Worst is that while the Tamamo banner was a bloodbath with people ragequitting and blaming DW, Okita's is very peaceful and generous, according to my friendlist at least. She's taunting me.

At what level ? Baccalaureate is enough up to high school here, it's starting from undergrad schools that a Masters is required.

lolwut that's way too much

It used to drive me insane that I had almost no one to talk to about the movies I watch and the books I read. I kinda suppressed that craving rather than made peace with it lol. Talking about anime with people IRL often ends up centering around Attack on Titan and FMA. I actually like these shows, but I feel we've gone full circle on them more than a dozen times already. You'd think Monster and Ghost in the Shell SAC would be mainstream enough but no.. Not too long ago I came across someone who told me his favorite anime was Baccano, he genuinely piqued my interest there. Then I started actually talking about the show and he didn't even know who was Claire Stanfield. He's the main antagonist ffs. I wanted to facepalm myself into oblivion by then.

Right, obviously it was P5.
I caved in and bought AC Origins in the end. It's alright so far but I have only played like 4 hours. I'm not too keen on the new combat system which is very similar to the one that tore me a new asshole in Bloodborne but eh. Stealth bow master race.

I would've thought you'd be into that :^)

I myself am a man who likes to sublimate my morning routine by basking in the manliest of homoerotic tones:

She can't be summoned because she's not dead yet. Yeah... I figure it's like Artoria but without the part about striking a deal with the counter force to summon you in Grail Wars in exchange of becoming a CG once the grail is obtained. We're still talking about Nasu here though, if he wants her in a game he'll just retcon away what he said earlier and find some bullshit convenient excuse to make her summonable. I think that's what happened in FGO anyway but I'm not sure. We'll know this month once her banner arrives. I'm positive Okita would get destroyed by all the 5th war Servants except for Kojiro (that I think would result in a stalemate) and Shinji Rider.
As for the sub, just do yourself a service and turn on the fluff filter. Helps sorting out the useful stuff.
There's recently a short comic series that gets posted about Jalter living a family life with Gudao, it's cringy as fuck but gets a lot of support. *shudders*

Don't worry I'm still holding on to my F2P badge but it's hard man. Seeing all those Okitas in my friendlist T_T
KingRequiem Oct 21, 2017 9:24 PM
Kinda doing both. Testing the waters to judge if I can land something good enough or if I need more credentials, and at the same time taking some time to breathe. I might go for a teaching license rather than a master's. We'll see.

Man those gold fous sound like a royal pain in the ass actually lol.

YES! He deserves it for sure. He's one of the earlier SSR Servants, has had an event practically centered around his legend, a bunch of rate ups, has a major role in Japanese folklore and yet still gets shafted. I mean even fucking Robin Hood had a (freaking awesome I have to say) animation update a while ago.
Oh Shizuo. Now that you mention it they do have quite a few similarities... Still, where Shizuo is individualistic and hostile, Kintoki is warm and soft hearted. I find it hard to not like him at this point actually.

It's fine lol. Trust me if I had relationships I was ashamed of in my past, you very likely wouldn't hear of them.
Speaking of, do you actually run into otaku IRL ? As in people who cosplay and wear their love of the medium on their sleeve, as if it's part of their very identity ? Because it happens to me every few weeks and I've noticed that so far... Well I know more and have watched more than 90% of them, by a fairly good margin. What the hell is up with that ? When it comes to MAL I'm still a small fry for sure, but one would expect that someone like me (that you wouldn't guess watches anime unless you got me in a conversation about it) would have watched less than all those self proclaimed "otakus" right ?

Ok so it's practically a Danganronpa collab then.. I suppose it's to be expected that it doesn't fully resonate with me. Man that girl and Cleo don't simply look similar, they're fucking look alikes !
Did you end up playing Persona 3 btw ? I haven't but my friend did and it looks pretty dank.

Maybe not being a Zerker would moderate her grudge against Achilles... Yeah no, that's definitely not happening lol.

Tell me again why we have Spartacus but not Semiramis. Or Astolfo who's been added for a long time and no Achilles in sight... There's actually a dude on my friendlist who grailed his Spartacus. I'm starting to think it's an elaborate scheme to trick the desire sensor.
Yes he looks fucking awesome, although I'm disappointed that it's Muramasa that gets to have control of the body. What the hell is up with Waver taking priority over motherfucking Zhuge Liang but the OG FSN protagonist getting shafted for a (relative) no-name like Muramasa ? Also new Emiya theme:
I came.

Well Scathach is apparently impossible to summon in any context, and it was only possible at Chaldea through an abnormal exception IIRC, so that's that. Okita is a mediocre Servant lore wise due to her tuberculosis and her time period giving her shitty Magic Resistance, so I'm not sure if it'd make sense to have her stand alongside the likes of Karna outside of a waifu collector like FGO. I would have brought up Jalter but she only exists as a manifestation of Gilles' wet dream so that seems to be off the table as well. At this point she eclipses Okita and Scathach's popularity easily, in fact the cult around her on Reddit is turning me off.

They're gonna turn Napoleon into a munchkin aren't they...

Absolutely. There's still hope, Type-Moon has been servicing us filthy gaijins like crazy in the past year, it's like they're making up for all the years they didn't pay attention to the West.

>Right there is your problem. Not the self destructive tendencies, but rolling for Tamamo.

wat. I mean yeah I had absolutely nothing to gain from rolling for Tamamo but I think those priorities are wrong lol. I'm already regretting it by this point. It seems the gacha is like masturbation, the urge happens either to relieve stress after a shit day or because I'm bored as fuck. Both at the same time was my downfall. To make up for my foolishness, my new grail is guaranteed for Okita if she still comes home. And I'm ready to break my F2P status and drop a hundred bucks if it's not enough, though I know I'll regret it...
Yeah I am definitely luckier than most. Fun fact is that out of all the SSRs I pulled (5 in total), 4 of them showed up around 3-4 PM and 3 of them showed up while I was at the extreme end of my couch. In weebspeak that means the peak of my mana is between 3 and 4 PM and that according to Feng Shui, the end of my couch has mystical properties.

*pulls out the 3D Maneuver gear*

That would be last Summer, so you've got a long wait ahead of you man.
KingRequiem Oct 17, 2017 4:43 PM
*comes back from a shitty day*

*rolls for Tamamo because self destructive tendencies*

*It's Altera*


Rate up is a lie. I need 50cc of Extella footage to make her grow on me.

But seriously though, I fucking called it. I was avoiding her like the plague and the rainbow chocolate alien was onto me.

Worst is I kept rolling afterwards because I'm a sore loser and I have 40 quartz left. FML.