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24 - Female - Virgo - Journalism Graduate

What I like: Scuba Diving - Coffee - Reading Books - Cream Liquor

What I dislike: Spiders - Being Cold - Stuck Up People

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Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
8 hours ago
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Yesterday, 1:30 PM
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Yuukoku no Moriarty Part 2
Yuukoku no Moriarty Part 2
Yesterday, 1:32 AM
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Clockwork Planet
Clockwork Planet
7 hours ago
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Semantic Error
Semantic Error
Jun 24, 1:45 PM
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Starting Gate!: Uma Musume Pretty Derby
Starting Gate!: Uma Musume Pretty Derby
Jun 22, 11:50 AM
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Kingofglory77 3 hours ago
Wow thats crazy, so if you had to choose what you would wear to school for a free day lets say it was Friday as well what would you wanna wear for free dress
Dardanos 7 hours ago
I’m also good. I’m glad you liked it. Is the character you’re disappointed in Eren? I was upset when Sasha died. Did I get the name right? I could not believe they move the final series to next year. But maybe with that, their planning to make it good so I just hope MAPPA doesn’t disappoint. So which long season anime are you watching or are you back to only short seasons anime? 😁
IsaacKusakabe 8 hours ago
Well, not all parts of London are quite the same, plus most of the prices went up quite a lot in the last two either it's a scam or I'm partially dumb or smh. In any case I'll probably check it out, perhaps I assumed it's expensive since diving wasn't really on my current to do list. But with how this summer heat is going to kill me. Pools kinda gross anyway.

I heard varifocal lenses are pretty great, but all lenses really kill my eyes, whether 1.75 or 4.00. My eyes are naturally good since I was born with a refractive error which corrected itself overtime, kinda like how asthma symptoms reduce overtime when you're born with it.

Indeed, it's like they breathe, eat and sleep anime/manga. There also some people with like ten thousand or so forum posts and most of the time its the toxic ones. They live on this website essentially. It's very sad indeed.
lucas147 Today, 5:06 AM
Yeah, it's pretty expensive when you go with professionals. But tbh, you just need someone to speak with, not a real teacher. It should be possible to find someone online, there are tons of sites and apps to find people for this purpose. I'm sure you'd find someone within a few days of starting to look for a partner.

Oh I heard Beastars is supposed to be really great! I haven't read it yet, but I'll probably will in the future. You definitely make it sound like a great read too haha.
Dardanos Today, 3:01 AM
Hi Akagi. Hope you’re doing well. Are you done watching AOT. Did you like it?
Edison007 Yesterday, 4:47 AM
Yed that's what I have been doing this whole time watching anime,enjoying them.
Nahh I haven't been in anything just thinking about my last year of secondary school that I am going to start before I went to university.I want to enjoy it with all my friends because it is going to be the last time that we see each other and then get seperated from each other,choosing our roads what we are going to be in life.
What about you!What's the weather like in UK in this summer days?I know that weather in UK changes immediately from sun to rainy.Thats what I have seen in football matches,I am of Liverpool.
How have you been doing this days?
Kingofglory77 Jun 24, 12:55 PM
Yeah thats a normal thing when i was going to highschool you had to wear specific type of dress code. Tan pants or a dark blue pants. For the tops red , dark blue, white, green i think thats it tbh. We only had free dress days on fridays actually we could where what we wanted but appropriate dress wear of course. That was the only day though
Kingofglory77 Jun 24, 12:18 PM
Wow thats pretty strict foreal, i never had out of this world strict teachers but some didnt like any funny business in the classes
IsaacKusakabe Jun 23, 9:23 AM
Here the cheapest is around 350-550 being in London and all, also depending on the certification.

Yes, it is understandable, but I think I'll invest in some blue light glasses....I hear they really help.

That's why I really have a hard time understanding why some people on this site are like that. They have like 4000+ anime/manga on their completed list and have a mean score of 1.89 or something in that range. Then I'm like, why bother?
immanuelw Jun 23, 9:10 AM

I'm sorry for them. Actually, I don't think partying is an interest. Human beings are a social species that rely on cooperation to survive and thrive. It is not only in our interest to be with someone. It is in our nature. Good for you. I'm sure the best way and the only way to improve your foreign language is to spend time with native speakers. And I do. As I immersed myself in this environment and emerged for an hour, I gained more than I could have in an afternoon of studying alone.

I see. Keep it up!


That is the point. There is a fundamental change in human society. It is a big mistake to blame everyone. Thus, our diet is quite different from that of our ancestors. I feel great when I finish my workout. How often do you exercise?

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. It seems that your mother is the exact opposite of your father. It was desperate to live with a bad listener. It is hard. That's not fair. They are so mean. You deserve better.

11 years? Wow. Things will be better. I have faith in you.


I was shocked, too. I think it's different. Although ends don't justify the means, it's reasonable that people got jealous. Unlike women, men who forgive their partner under any circumstances will have fewer children. Nor was it revenge. He had not known her before. It was totally unproductive.

Maybe they just enjoyed it. The story of the fire. A man's urge to take a thing of beauty and strike the match.
kyoneko2216 Jun 22, 10:01 PM
Ya xD
Well that's ture , yep its like nothing that special when you are a local
Oh i see , well next time you do visit , i would definitely recommend you to see it , tho it may seem a boring place at once but you know the number of different mystery of that place , i am sure you gonna be amazed by it :DD
Ya it is , i was super pissed when we had to cancel our plans cuz then we won't be able to go till like after my clg finished xD
Ohh i see , is it in journalism itself ??
Well that's good cuz i think its kind of fun to do this xDD
Sry for late reply i had been quite busy last few months cuz its my last year now of my clg xD
IwantpeanutASAP Jun 22, 9:01 AM
Hello thanks I am doing well,just taking a break from animanga

More active on Discord these days

Have a great day ✌️
Edison007 Jun 22, 5:12 AM
About me!
I am having a great time.I have 3 months vacations before i start my last year of secondary school.I am going to spend them all watching anime as much as i can before the season of school starts.

Thats all!
lucas147 Jun 21, 12:48 PM
Yep, that's why you need to practice putting it in real-life situations from the start ;) But it really is sad that such a large amount of people don't learn other languages. Learning about other cultures goes hand in hand with that and that's always a great thing to do,

Oh I know that problem. I have started Lone Wolf and Cub quite a while ago, but it can be pretty text heavy as well. I like manga with a bit less text more as well, but if it turns out to be a great story, it doesn't bother me too much.
Kingofglory77 Jun 21, 12:42 PM
Oh really what did your teachers do that made them harsh?