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Apr 24, 2011
I guess I get the honor of writing the very first review for this.Now that's nice.
At first it was its title that caught my eye cause it was so weird and I was wondering what the deal was and gave it a try.I read a few chapters at first and liked it,but like I always do,I left for the time being.After months it wondered around my head,but unfortunately I could not remember at all what it was called,until I did and read many more chapters.

Now as for the story,which I have rated as 7 out of 10.
It's about a girl,Tamiya,who is very pretty,fashionable and popular read more
Apr 13, 2011
Why not add another review on this manga?A more recent one!

You are about to read my personal review,hoping to help you appreciate more this manga and generally to share my opinion on this.

First of all,I have a weird habit of starting some mangas or animes,watching 2-3 episodes/reading 4-5 chapters and then putting them on hold thinking that "someother time I'll be more in the mood for it",which is pretty true.Not all animes are for any time.The same goes for Eroica.I started reading it about a year or so ago and then after chapter 4 I put it on hold.It wasn't that I didn't like it,not read more
Dec 24, 2010
Came across this here and read the reviews so I was all curious to see what this was about,alhough I did know it'd be shocking.And of course it was very.But I don't believe I'll be scarred for life though,so I guess it's o-k-a-y I think...

It is pretty unvonventional I have to say,unusual and weird.Also twisted but that was to be expected by its title and summary.Don't think it is quite deep but even if it was I won't waste my time and think about it much,I don't want it stuck in my head,that's for sure.
It is about a man who in the process of the read more
May 8, 2010
After I finished the original Karin,I decided to take a look at those short stories just so it could be complete.

I found them all,despite being short,to be quite joyful and it was a nice flavour after the end of Karin(Chibi Vampire).
In one of the stories we get to see a little side-story of Tokitou Maki,I'm glad the mangaka gave this character such spotlight cause despite being Karin's best friend she didn't appear as much and still supported her from backstage.So it made me glad that the mangaka didn't forget her in the end.

As my personal favorite of those three stories I gotta admit that the read more
Feb 28, 2010
I'm so happy to finally write a review on this one!

I started it last week and finished it at the end of it(this Friday).All I have and want to say is that it's a magnificent manga.If you haven't read it then you should.Sure it might like a bit old but don't let it fool you.I too was fooled.I would have read it earlier but the cover just wouldn't inspire me enough to do so.I had come across this title many times but always thought it was not worth it,until a decided to try it a few days ago.After all I didn't have anything to lose,right?
It read more
Jan 21, 2010
At first it doesn't seem promising but after the first volume it does its magic.It's a manga that goes unnoticed most of the time,the cause of this could either relate to the unknown mangaka or the fact that at first it's mistaken to be like all typical shounen mangas.
My decision to write a review on this one was to offer you my point of view.

Story 8/10
The story of this manga is being told quite nicely.It unravels softly and slowly with no problems concerning its telling(maybe one or two) or leaving holes behind.The way it is told mostly resembles a legend,but that's the charm of it.It read more
Jan 21, 2010
I'm just gonna try and prevent people from watching this by adding my review here as well.This anime already has those who oppose it,I'm one,but I'd like to point out a few of its ood points as well(if it has any of course)

Story 6/10
For those who lack the knowledge about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms or the Chinese history,then they probably gonna rate it a 1.Good thing for me that I wasn't so clueless and I'm gonna have to thank Dynasty Warriors.Actually the reason why I gave this a try was this reason,the PS2 game by Koei that I so like.But it was a read more
Jan 21, 2010
So far I've watched 36 episodes and I'm loading the 37th one now.It might not be appropriate to write a review on this one just now that I'm so into Fullmetal Alchemist but I'll be as objective as I can.I'm not gonna let the enthusiasm influence my judgement on this one.

So far I hadn't watched it...It just hadn't happen,it never had really made me go "Wow,I wanna watch it",maybe it just wasn't the right time for me to start watching it or I might not appreciate it.
Now that I finally decided to just see what this is about,I'm really glad the time for FMA and read more
Sep 22, 2009
Well,well...When was the last time I read a Tenjou Tenge chapter?I wonder...

Let's start off with the story...

Story 6/10

Typical,turns a bit more interesting after chapters but nothing big.Everytime it tries to be surprising the mangaka devotes more than 3 vols to the past of the characters,making you lose track of the real history.As if that wasn't enough we've got another "surprise" waiting for us...You might all be wondering,or even you already guessed it...that's's the example,thingie...Yay!When Oh!Great wants to explain something more analytically he will just stick in the story some historical event or figure.For the people who have no idea about Japan's histoy will probably read more
Sep 10, 2009
Doubt (Manga) add (All reviews)
I found out about this manga just yesterday,it was a recommendation to another one in this site.Thought I'd try it,so tomorrow I started reading it.Firstly I have to say that I loved the atmosphere,I've always loved buildings like that in horror movies,or in this case let's say manga.They fit best if you want to creep out the readers.
Now let's start on the review.

Story 6/10
Something I've heard before again and something I'd think of it too,if I were to create a manga.Didn't give me a "Wow" when I read the summary but sometimes all it matters is how the story develops later.Now that I just mentioned read more