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Jul 27, 2007
Paranoia agent, all I can say is wow.

It\'s a really twisted and psychological anime. I don\'t want to give away the entire thing, but I\'ll give a brief explanation.

Tsukiko Sagi. The main character in this anime besides lil slugger, is a woman who makes a cartoon named \"Maromi\" based on her dog that died years ago. Since then, her cartoon has become a hit, everyone loves it, but there\'s a secret that she knows which is why she is always so quiet and timid.

One night when she stayed late working on her next maromi episode, she leaves home. Deep within her thoughts, and clutching her read more
Jul 24, 2007
I\'m the first to write a review about this lovely anime?

Surprising. Well, Shinigami No Ballad is pretty much this: There\'s a shinigami named Momo, and if you don\'t know what a shinigami is.. it\'s basically a death god. A god that takes people\'s lives. So she\'s all around watching people and judging who\'s life she\'s going to take next. But the thing about this is, there\'s more to just that.

Each episode is based on one or two people, sort of like mini stories about each person, and the reason why they\'ve been chosen to take their lives away is based on what they\'ve been doing, read more
Jul 18, 2007
Pet shop of horrors. Really didn\'t know what to expect from this anime. I knew it would be creepy because it\'s about Count D.. obviously a sort of dracula type person who keeps pets in a pet shop. Obviously.. there\'s something dodgy about this shop because these "pets" have these rules that the owners that buy them have to abide by, or they suffer the consequences. Which to Count D\'s knowledge, is why he gets them to sign a contract, so if they don\'t follow the rules, it wouldn\'t trace back to Count D, because he informed them of what they should or shouldn\'t do.

One read more
Jul 18, 2007
I read the synopsis for this anime, and I just had to watch it. I mean, a girl becoming a boy\'s right hand? Impossible!

Oh it\'s possible. In Midori No Hibi, Sawamura seiji is a well known delinquent with a \"devil\'s right hand\", he\'s known to be in alot of fights with bad people. He\'s dying for a girlfriend, but he gets rejected by every girl that he approaches.. and he just came to the conclusion that his right hand will be his one and only companion. (That sounds wrong..) Until.. he wakes up one day to find out that a girl named Midori is his read more
Jul 16, 2007
I was actually kind of reluctuant to watch Afro Samurai. There was no reason why, but I\'m glad I watched it.

The plot is pretty much about a man seeking revenge for a samurai killing his father. In a way, the plot isn\'t that original, but with the voice talents of samuel L jackson, it brings a little comedy into the "seriousness" of the plot.

The animation I would say is quite good, not outstanding, but not too bad. Alot of samurai action, which I would say is the main point.

The fact that it\'s 5 episodes is really a plus, because this kind of plot couldn\'t read more
Jul 16, 2007
D.N Angel is about an ordinary boy, named Daisuke Niwa who has a family secret: when a boy in the Niwa family turns 14, he\'s prone to turning into phantom thief Dark. The only way to turn into this phantom thief is to think about the girl that he has strong feelings for. At this point in time, it\'s a girl named Risa.

Dark has an alternate named Krad, who is represented as angel, which is like \"light\", and they\'re constantly at war with each other, but the reality is they both have to be conjoined together.

D.N angel is such a cute anime to watch, Daisuke read more
Jul 14, 2007
Anyone who likes light hearted comedy about school escapades will definitely enjoy Azumanga Daioh.

There\'s six girls in total: Sakaki, (the shy girl who has a secret love for cats), Chiyo (The genius who skipped __ grades), Kasuga aka osaka (the random one), Tomi (Loose cannon) Yomi, (Smart, and has her own set of problems), and Kagura (The sports fanatic). Each and every one of these girls go to the same school, but are very different in terms of personality, and their look on school. Each girl is completely different from the other which makes this such an interesting anime to watch.

Throughout the entire series read more
Jun 24, 2007
Captivating from the first hit, death note is a thrilling, exciting, huge mind game, and we get the front row seat.

It\'s funny how a regular school person like Light Yagami finds a notebook that happens to kill anyone\'s name that you write in it. What\'s also fascinating is that you can even alter how the person dies. With this being known, Light finds a new hobby when obtaining this notebook, and gets a great idea: Why not cleanse the world of all of the bad people?! and create a new world with only good people that he can judge. Really, he wants to become "God".

It read more