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Oct 22, 2021
Shadows House (Anime) add
This anime is pretty underrated ngl. If you liked The Promised Neverland then I'm pretty sure you'll like this anime as well since the art style looks pretty identical as well as the mystery aspect of the show. The characters in the show are pretty good, especially the shadow people since they had to rely on their personality since we can't see their face. Personal favorite is John, loved that fucker. I would say the only thing holding this back is the ending since it felt pretty anticlimactic since nothing really changed nor progressed the story. Though I am looking forward to the next season ...
Mar 23, 2021
Made in Abyss (Anime) add
To sum up the series in general, it's pretty much if Dora the Explorer went to Dante's Inferno. The show isn't as gruesome as many claimed it to be, its more like a dark and disturbing type of ordeal rather than blood and guts everywhere. The story is pretty good as well as the art style as it reminds me of a Miyazaki film. There are some moments in series where you will be asking what the hell are the characters doing since they will be making some dumb decisions but you'll get over it in a few seconds. Overall this is something I'd recommend ...
Nov 16, 2020
This manga is like trash tv, it sucks ass but you still want to know what happens next. The plot is pretty straightforward, they got stranded and need to find a way out. Wouldn't recommend getting too attached to any of the characters except for the dude with the braids as majority of them are either a dumbass or a rapist. This is something you would read if you're really bored as once you read it you'll be falling into a rabbit hole. Had to bleach my eyes after seeing some things in there that will forever be engrained in my head.

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