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Jun 28, 2019
Idol or musical anime usually isn't really my cup of tea, but while I won't describe it as spectacular or anything, I enjoyed this one enough, surprisingly. I recently began re-watching it since Season 3 is coming this year. This 2nd season is better than the 1st season, so I have some expectation for the next season. Hopefully it won't be disappointing!

[STORY] 7/10
The plot is quite good. There's some entertaining dramatic conflicts that kept me entertained thorough the whole episodes.

[ART] 5/0
The art itself isn't that bad, but unfortunately I can't say the same for the way it's animated. The animation is really choppy and the read more
May 28, 2019
[I wrote a review for this anime a while ago but as I (unexpectedly) keep continue watching it, I decided to delete that review and write an updated one]

So, RobiHachi. The title is the acronym of the two MCs' names, as you might've guessed.

To describe this anime simply in two words: it's Weird and Gay. Yes, in that order, because the overwhelming weirdness is definitely the main selling point here. It's no Yuri On Ice dramatic gay or Sekaiichi romcom gay or even Free! innuendo naked guys gay. And it's certainly NOT yaoi, so even though I'm saying this, don't come expecting much of read more
May 10, 2019
This is one of those times when I believe the summary doesn't really done its anime storyline's justice.
If you like stories about developing friendship, beautiful soundtracks, and/or touching slice-of-lifes, this is for you.

Story - 8/10 (very good)
Ah, another story about reliving an unpopular school club. It's one of my most liked tropes, so I might just be a little biased here.
A shy, timid guy wants to keep his club going for the sake of his graduated senpai. The premise is quite simple, you see. But the way the director is telling it to us, the audience, managed to bring along the stories of its characters' read more
Jan 3, 2019
This is a slow paced story about a young, innocent couple who went about discovering romance and figuring how relationship works together.

A few notable things about this show:
- The girl MC is kind of a stalker and can becomes really creepy at times.
- The guy MC is very innocent and kind of oblivious (though later episodes revealed that he's not really as oblivious as we thought).
- The characters act somehow too innocent despite being a highschoolers.
- The slow pacing is seriously Very slow.

That being said, I think this show is not really for everyone. However I think you'll enjoy this show if you:
- Like romance read more
Dec 31, 2018
Not really a master piece, but this is what I would call a hidden gem. So yes, 6-point-something MAL score is definitely less than what this show deserves.

So, the premise of the story is an optimistic boy loving something and want to spread that love by gathering member to make a team, or a school club in this case. Sounds cliche, right? Yes, even the most of the characters are the usual mix-ups: The Optimistic Guy, The Super Smart Guy, and even The 'Refuse Doing Something Because of Some Dark Issues But Ended Up Doing It' Guy.

Some people might think this is just another boring, read more
Dec 28, 2018
What this show has to offer:
- High school teenagers drama
- Smart guy MC helping multiple girls
- Supernatural mysteries
- Science theories references
- Good animation & soundtracks

What I like in this show:
- Beautiful soundtracks
- Pretty character designs
- Guy MC that actually treats the girls as equals
- Main girl that is not a tsundere
- Sacrastic main girl & main guy
- Main girl & main guy banters
- Realistic character personalities

What this show lack of:
- Character development
- Plot development
- Solid backstories

My ratings:
- Story 5/10 (well, there wasn't much any plot there)
- Art 8/10 (good animation, pretty character designs, good background arts)
- Sound 10/10 (beautiful opening & ending themes, overall good read more
Dec 20, 2018
Do you like thriller movies?
Do you like sci-fi thriller with lots of fancy made-up terms?
Do you like movies with damsel-in-distress situations?
Do you like actions with thrilling near-death situations?
Do you like cool impossible-to-do-in-real-life car actions?
Do you like super smart main character that clearly out-do any other characters?

If yes, then this is for you.

Many people complaint that Detective Conan movies don't really focused on mystery-solving anymore, and instead filled with unrealistic actions. Well, I didn't come in expecting grand deductions and intriguing mystery-solving. I'm just here for some good action with cool smart characters. If you are here expecting the mystery elements of Detective Conan series, then read more
Dec 9, 2018
Doll to Master is a story about a genius magician who was intrigued by a rumor about murderer and tried to solve it himself. There's some (kind of) one-sided romance as a side story.

Story: 8/10
It's a surprisingly solid story for a one shot, with very little loose ends. The case was solved in the end, the culprit was revealed, along with an explanation from the said culprit. The plot twist at the end was good, the culprit identity was quite surprising too. The side romance was hardly necessary, though. It's barely there, to be honest. It was more like one-sided crush than romance. Although the read more
Dec 9, 2018
Royal Fiancé is NOT really a yaoi. It is a short gay romance with yaoi as side genre.

If you're a fan of BL who likes to read a cute chemistry between two boys and seeing a cute, kindhearted boys fall in love, then this is for you. BUT if you a BL fan who likes to read hot, kinky, uncensored bed action, I don't think this is really for you.

Story: 3/10
The story was set in a modern kingdom setting. There's the usual sad backstories and even some attempt at political drama. In short, there's a plot. Even if it's a VERY rushed plot with read more
Dec 7, 2018
A guy died, thrown into an after life, then given a second chance? Yeah, it's been done multiple times.

So what makes this one special? No fun adventures, No intriguing mystery cases, No supernatural powers, so what's the difference that this movie has to offer?
For me, the strongest part of that makes this movie stand out in my memory is, ironically, the Simplicity of it.

The story tells a guy who had died, ended up in an afterlife, and given a second chance. The second chance is to be reincarnated in a body of a boy who had just tried to commit suicide, and continue to live read more