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Natsume Yuujinchou
Natsume Yuujinchou
Yesterday, 5:59 PM
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Happy Sugar Life
Happy Sugar Life
Feb 19, 7:10 PM
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Tamako Love Story
Tamako Love Story
Feb 17, 11:38 PM
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Solo Leveling
Feb 16, 11:36 PM
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Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
Feb 14, 9:02 AM
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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Aug 31, 2019 9:42 PM
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EmilioX Feb 20, 7:18 AM
Haha yeah I've already been further with the main quest so many times.
I'm already so high leveled for the main quest, Conjuring is legendary level 6 or something ^^'

Yeah there are a few masterpieces out there that will always give you an eargasm.

That is nice, at conventions you always find new things that catches your attention.
Yeah Taiga is still in my favorite character list. ^^
EmilioX Feb 13, 6:30 AM
Well I played a bit again yesterday and cleared some places. I still have to travel to the greybeards on this save xD
I've already been a bit further tough, I've met Paarturax already.

Yasss and they also sound very wonderful together. ^^

I will ;)
Haha yeah I see, I haven't seen that anime, maybe someday. Mmm I don't know here, will have to do some research. ^^
I like Tsundere's as well, it's really rewarding if you get them to open up to you.
EmilioX Feb 11, 7:33 AM
Yeah that is a bit of the problem, I have no idea where or what I was doing again. Well I do know, I was busy discovering caves and clearing them.

Yeah makes sense. Like I said 2 different challenges. The piano already makes the music for you if you push the right buttons, while the violin requires a bit more effort for the right sound.

give us SENKO!!!! \('.')/
I see maybe I should play it one day.
Good question mmm, I'll go with Nagisa from Clannad, how about you?
EmilioX Feb 2, 5:57 AM
Yeah it must be, I'm gonna finish it one day, no the only question is do I start over or continue with my 3 character ^^'

I think both have their own challenges, for me one of the most difficult things was playing different things with both hands, while that is not a problem playing the Violin. I think, because I never had problems playing Guitar. My dad plays Guitar and I can't play it, but I can use both hands as intended. I don't know about the challenges of playing Violin though.
Haha indeed, if everyone had a Senko-san the world would be at piece and depression is history. ^^
I don't recall owning that one, I know I have Black-flag. Apparently that is the only one, though I had more. Is that one fun?
EmilioX Jan 29, 4:52 AM
Haha I know the main story, because the Internet, but never finished it myself.

Yeah, I spoke to someone else on MAL, and she wanted to learn to play Violin after seeing it, it's funny what a anime with such beautiful music can do. In the end I believe she didn't continue practicing like me ^^'
I see, thanks, then again it's also nice to have anime's to look forward to. Demonslayer funny, it doesn't have a funny vibe to me, but thanks for telling me, then I know what I should watch next if I want some comedy. Yeah Senko-san was also soooo comfy, I want a Senko for myself xD
Yeah I'm so happy I didn't buy it. I also have a few Assassin's creed games. I got them all for free, but never really played them, maybe I should one day.
EmilioX Jan 23, 4:26 AM
Haha yeah I should to someday. ^^

Yeah they really had some skillful players for the anime.
Haha those two you name are ones I still want to watch someday. Yeah Yuru camp is probably the most comfy anime I've ever seen.
I heard from people that this gaming year was gonna be awesome, but I donnow. I mean Cyberpunk has been delayed, that's one that might be good.
EmilioX Jan 18, 4:36 AM
I see thanks for letting me know
Aha I usually end up ditching the main quest really fast and end up exploring. I still haven't finished Skyrim once, just because I constantly keep side-questing. XD

Me too, but those are advanced pieces.
Yeah in term of anime, Attack on Titan final season, season 2 of Dragon Maid, Love is War, Mahouka, The Promised neverland and Yuru camp. Also season 3 of Oregairu. In terms of games the Pokemon DLC packs, Overwatch II and maybe Watch Dogs Legion. How about you?
EmilioX Jan 15, 4:44 AM
Haha maybe someday xD
I haven't try it as well, I usually like those games for about a week and then stop playing, because paying users are so far ahead. Not sure if its the same in that game as well.
Let me know how they are, maybe I'll go back to playing the witcher as well someday.

Haha I've seen them both, so no harm, just for future posters you buy ;)
True and both have excellent music, especially the piano violin combo of Your Lie in April.
EmilioX Jan 13, 10:58 AM
Yeah, I'm still not sure where it is though. XD
I've also played some Gwent was pretty fun indeed, isn't it a standalone game these days as well.
I heard the DLC's are like full games of them self, so good luck with that!

Haha then don't tell me about posters you got when I haven't seen that anime yet XD
Well they are both very lovely characters, especially Menma is one that I really loved.
EmilioX Jan 8, 12:12 PM
Haha I agree with you ^^

Same here, I usually forgot what I ate yesterday for example.
No I'm the only one that has never really played an instrument in my family >w<
That is a good reward, have you even finished the Witcher 3?

Sounds like a good catch. That poster of Koari sounds very cool. ^^
EmilioX Jan 2, 6:46 AM
Haha, well I think we would get fat pretty soon, atleast I would if I only eat the foods I really like. XD

Well music school was when I was 7 or something so about 15 years ago, I don't remember anything in terms of music from that period. I'm also the only one in my family that has never be able to play a bit decent on a music instrument. ^^'
Yeah same here, it takes a while for me to do the intro of something and those are usually far more easy than the rest of the song, cause it's the build-up to the climax of the song. ^^'

Still sounds very cool! Are there artist coming or are you hunting for something? (like a manga or figurine or something)
EmilioX Jan 1, 8:19 AM
Haha it's not really hard if you've done it once.
Agree, everyday should be about food XD

For me too, I have been at music school, but never got further then a chime.
Haha nice, it also amazed me when I got even a little part of a song right.

Ohhh I'm so jealous ^^'
What convention is it?

EmilioX Dec 29, 2019 4:11 AM
Picture can be done like this:
1. upload your picture on
2. Hover over the picture with your mouse and press the arrow in the right top corner
3. Press get shared links and copy the BBCode (Forums)
4. Paste that code into the text-fields of MAL (it should look like this: [img][/img*], without the star)

Spoilers can be done like this:
[spoiler="name of spoiler"*]
content of spoiler

Without the stars it will appear as this:

Haha yeah that's what Christmas is all about, eating much food. ^^

Mine too, well I liked piano before anime, but anime really got me into violin as well.
Haha no problem, even if it sounds a bit decent, I will already be impressed.
Well that might give me a bit more reason to pick it up again. :)
EmilioX Dec 27, 2019 6:56 AM
The picture or the spoiler? :o
Mine was very great, had lot's of fun with my family and ate a lot of great food, how about you?

That is very nice!
Yeah those are my favorite instruments, I really love a good violin as well.
Haha I'll await patently ^^
I will one day learn a song, I just have to!
EmilioX Dec 25, 2019 2:28 PM

Haha yeah I guess.
She was there alone #2 is a different version of the one you are learning ^^
I feel like Anime music is very often written to sound nice on Piano, lot's of pieces also have paino music in them.
Haha that is a good motivator. I can't wait to hear you play again. I do have to disappoint you a bit, but I haven't plan in forever, so probably won't be soon you'll hear something from my piano.