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Nov 1, 2017
Soil (Manga) add
Soil is a manga written by Atsushi Kaneko. This is what you would call a weird story, and it's true. This manga is different from any other you have read.

Soil is a crime and mystery work, not a classic one... It has some elements that make it a unique piece of art.

This manga has a good story, a clearly defined plot with some main parts and a little background.
The main objective in the story is to find out what happened to a missing family and a police officer and where they are. The problem begins when the autor introduce weird ...
Aug 9, 2017
Green Blood (Manga) add
This work was like an amzing adaptation from a classic western movie to Japanese manga. Kakizaki Masasumi made such a wonderful piece of art.

The story was great, easy to understand without warped plots or difficult ideas that blow your mind. It was simple, a bad guy experienced in battle and murder has an insatiable blood thirst. He wants desperately to kill his father and avenge his mother, without his brother finding out that he's a gangster. What makes it a fantastic tale is the thrilling suspense that fills it. You never know what will happen. You expect something to happen or someone to die ...
Aug 7, 2017
Doubt (Manga) add
A group of young people that play the same online game must face it in the real life. Rabbit doubt, the game, consists on a group of rabbits that have a killer among them, the wolf. Rabbits win if they catch the murderer, if not they get killed and lose.

That's the plot of this manga. The story it's a bit por because it only has this idea. It's also told a little piece of background for the main characters but not enough to make a good development of them. Although I should have expected it, since it's a short work.

The drawing work was the ...
Jul 27, 2017
Story – 9
Draw – 8
Characters – 9
Enjoyment - 9
Overall - 9

Kono sekai no katasumi ni is one of that tough stories that touch you deep. With this manga Kouno Fumiyo show us the life of a young woman from Hiroshima during World War II.

The story begins with the announcement of the convenience wedding of the main character, Suzu, with a man from Kure, a military port near Hiroshima. She must leave her hometown and go with her husband to live ...
Jul 23, 2017
Story - 8
First of all I must say that the plot of this manga was made by the respected historian Kan Furuyama.

The story of this manga takes part in two different ages. First in the Meiji era, year 31 (1899) with old men talking about politics and telling the main story. The main story takes part in the first years of the Keian era (1649-1651).

This is a historical manga and it's about shinobis, war and an attempt to a coup d'état. I really found this plot pretty interesting. Japan's history and culture are very rich and they may show ...
May 13, 2017
Wet Moon (Manga) add
Atsushi Kaneko's "Wet Moon" is a bizarre story that focus on the policeman of Tatsumi, Keiji Sada. It begins with a macabre murder. While investigating that case the principal suspect, Kiwako Komiyama managed to flee and agent Sada gets his head injured. As a result, he gets in coma, and then he suffers headaches, delusions and flashbacks. These pains and illusions come to his mind during the whole manga, making it a little bit confusing. After his failure, Sada gets obsessed over capturing Kiwako, first related with his job, then because of a weird love.

I believe this crime story is ...