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Nov 2, 2018
2019 UPDATE: im not a fujoshi no more lol.

I'm a normal fujoshi, i like BL with or without a little lewd in it, but this one seems to be just another hardcore fujoshi's BL fantasy,

DAKAICHI follows the story of Saijou Takato and Azumaya Junta two actors who become more of lovers as the story progresses, now, is it good? is it a good BL anime with decent characters and a good story? not really

Saijou Takato won 5 years in a row as the 'Most Huggable Man' or 'The Most Sexiest Man Of The Year' but this time he came in number 2, going read more
Apr 21, 2018
to be honest, this is probably one of the most enjoyable animes I've ever watched

I (and basically everyone lmao) have never felt relatable to a character then Retsuko, Retsuko is literally me when someone says something i don't like,does something i dont like, act a way i dont want them to or do something that i don't like,
there are 100 episodes and all of them are 1 minute which means that you can get this anime done in 1 hour and 40 minutes

the story is simple: Retsuko deals with stressful situations and goes to karaoke to start singing death metal music to help with her read more
Mar 26, 2018
This is my first time reviewing a hentai so im sorry if i dont do a good job

Now Shoujo Kyouiku is a teacher x student hentai so if you dont like a teacher x student relationship then please dont watch this
anyways on to the review

Art and Animation 5:
Not much to say, the art is ok and the animation can use some more work, there are some parts in the hentai where the animation could have been better.

Sound 6:

Again, not much to say, sound is fine you can really hear it.

Character and Story 6:

Sae's initial proposition to cook for Youichi (the Sensei) quickly transitioned into her read more