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Dec 6, 2014
Durarara; a review.

I would like to note the massive popularity this show commands, and the rabid nature of its fanbase. Normally, this would be a good enough reason for one to abstain from critically reviewing this show, but oh, the thrill of jabbing at the hornets' nest...

Let us commence.

Round One: The Stage.

Alright, this one is going to be a mess, and I should get this over with in the first bit of the review. Durarara does not have a plot. It has barely any backstory, and relies more on the established 'Rule of Cool' rather than an interesting story or an intricate plot, or even read more
Dec 5, 2014
This is a review of BOTH seasons of Spice and Wolf, but I have gone to great lengths to make it completely spoiler-free.

Personally, I believe Spice and Wolf's central theme to be a rephrasing of the saying 'Never judge the content by the cover'. The story is one of the most unique in anime, despite the presence of a naked wolf girl that would normally slap a bold 'FANSERVICE' stamp right across the middle. Spice and Wolf is inexplicable, to be honest. It's a medieval fantasy, but has nothing to do with swords and spellcraft, but rather trading and economics. If I try to explain read more
Dec 5, 2014
Before you read my review, keep in mind that, as this site is not equipped with an exemplary rating, I'm in the habit of ranking things out of nine, and only when something is phenomenal and distinctly outstanding does it merit a ten.

Sometimes, amidst the millions of generic Shonen Anime and other cliches you will find, there comes a show that is truly different. One that doesn't give a flying Kuso about the current norms and trends, and creates something original. Is Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso that show?

It just might be.

The story is told from the point of view of one Arima Kousei, who read more