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Apr 22, 2010
At the starting of the winter season Dance in the Vampire bund was touted to be the best of the anime winter line up. However, the show did not amount to all the hype. D in Disorder is a befitting name for this show. Be wary of Spoilers.
Story-The story begins with Mina Tepes (The Queen of vampires) unveiling the existence of the vampire on a game show. What happens afterwards came as a surprise..At first you thought the show was about protecting the existence of vampires and somehow requisitioning a school as a corporate asset will stifle all insurrection.Right. Only opaque flashbacks are shown between read more
Feb 23, 2010
Hotel (Manga) add (All reviews)
This is a scintillating tale that will put more emphasis on the time that we share with our loved ones. A Present once opened, the inclement struggle of life shall pass.

Story-There's nothing especially grandeur or ground breaking about this story. A student falls madly in love with her teacher, their is a reluctance in dating his pupil.Fast foward to Hanako being in chronic coma liked state due to an incurable disease , takao sucumbs to these difficulties as times. These stories at times try to be sensationalistic and unrealistic in trying to enthrall the reader but the story tries to be read more
Feb 9, 2010
Hey this is my second review for a show that hasn't gotten any recognition.

Story-Well its the Romeo Juliet esque plot line with two sets of parents and or families in which despise each other. The introductory part of the story tells how the Water god and Fire god came into conflict.The sea prince is the son of the Water god at first he shows a trait for running away on his escapades. Conversingly the fire princess and or fire child is dutiful to her mother at first( guarding the flame etc..). After the two main characters encounter each other is less friendly with an exchange read more
Jan 23, 2010
Hey this is my first review.I'll try to be forthcoming as humanly possible with this show.Thirdly this review is premature with only 2 episodes in which have aired.

Story- Essentially we have a silver haired character named Alexander who needs a certain form of sustenance in order to gain the energy needed for his metaphysical unravelling of the iron atom.Now what would that be, wait for it breast milk....Well isn't that the most enthralling and original concept to have surfaced in an anime.There is the local grocery store in which you can buy milk....or you can suck on a taciturn girl with gargantuan tits.Now to move read more