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Dec 9, 2019
Intro :
My way of rating stuff is quite simple :

I'm watching/reading stuff based of what i want to see/read at moment T (theme, genre).
If i'm ending the whole thing and get what i was expecting it's a 8/10.
If i get more/less of that, rating is going up or down by +1/-1.
If i get WAY more/less of that, it's +2/-X depends of how bad it is.


I'm usually very critical and don't care about hurting people or feelings when it tend to give my thoughts about something. Causing me sometimes some issues.

I've tried to found someting to tackle about Made in Abyss and i just read more
Dec 9, 2019
Ongoing viewing, 9 episodes in so far... Taking a break for writting this. Editing later prolly, but keeping that for now.

It's a total of 12 episodes, i understand the idea of "putting a story and stuff to fill the narrative and giving substance to the story and characters", but why i have the feeling of everything is WAY TOO EASY, flat, bland, tasteless.
Plot device, event, whatever..
Everything is dropped without setup, just for the sake of "having a situation" and used as plot device. It's just there and nobody seems to care or react to it, accepting everything right off the bat "Ok!", "Yes!". Quite read more
Dec 8, 2019
Started the manga, right after the anime. Here i am after 171 chapters.

To be honest, i didn't expected much.

I'm not a fan of the anime, yet, i've rated 7/10, just because "it bring what we expect to get" when you go for that type of anime.
Basically, when i'm choosing to watch something, i start with a 8/10 at the end if i'm satisfied with it, then depending of what i see and get, i rate it higher, or lower.

"Kaguya" in the anime and from the 12 episodes bothered me a little bit. The setup, the classic "comic", the read more
Dec 7, 2019
Spoiler below, but before, first impression right after the watching of all episodes.


Maybe "Angel Beats!" was a huge hit back then, but in 2019, nope, nothing happened, not a single tear.

Too many genre in one thing, not enough space for everything sadly.
No development, no nothing to relate on each characters.
Visual and music are decent, sadly, they can't support the VA and the scene to generate enough emotions on my side.

During the watching, i took many breaks to do other stuff, just because i wasn't hooked by the story and the narrative, i never was totally IN. read more
Dec 4, 2019
2 part review here :
- First 11 episodes (aka the manga adaptation).
- The entire anime (below with spoilers)

Golden Time in two words? Rushed, gutted.

First part :

11 episodes in... Takin' a break to write a rapid review/feedback on it.
Right now, i don't rate the whole thing, and i'm probably not gonna rate it at the end.
I'm not gonna rate Art and Sound too, because i'm not judging them as i really don't care for a simple reason as i've come on Golden Time animated version for one thing :

- Getting more of the story compared to the manga (stoped at chap read more