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Feb 25, 2013
REVIEW: An earlier look into the lives and minds of a group of killers who hunt criminals, some disturbingly overzealous, others reluctant, by Kotegawa Yua.

IT ALMOST SEEMS A DRY RUN FOR HER LATER SEINEN MASTERPIECE "KIMI NO KNIFE". Weaker but similar art and familiar character profiles, using the now-familiar plot devices of guilt-driven hallucinations and love+circimstances forcing a mild-mannered, shy, guilt-wracked, and cowardly man onto the path of the reluctant killer... However, "Anne Freaks" is shorter, less mature and less coherent, with less detail less realism less believabilit and far less emotional impact, lacking its powerful mood-setting devices and strong introspectives...

10 years after read more
Aug 22, 2012
Blue (Manga) add (All reviews)
*Amateurish autobiographical apology to a girl the author kissed in high school - masquerading as a manga. Typical flaws like irrelevant events that neither entertain nor add any sort of dimension to story, or readability-contradictory events like multiple people changing hair cuts/styles at the same time (just because it actually happened that way). Or sudden bursts of extreme detail in a manga utterly devoid of it. About people who never appear in-panel... at all, ever.
*Ridiculously short on content. All 10 chapters of ~20 pages take altogether maybe as long as a really short chapter of "NHK" or half a chapter of "Kimi wa Petto" to read more
Aug 18, 2012
Horribly choppy bland animation, sterile and stiff voice acting & characterizations, godawful pacing, timewarp abuse, and seems to be kinda boy-boy gay too... BUT it's SOOO DARK & GRITTY (...NOT!! - A sheltered first world grade schooler-level view on dark-gritty, at best)

Utter FAIL, without the saving grace of good well-drawn violence, memorable characters, moments of pure win... or even charming perversion, pantsu service, or a catchy theme.

...1/10 - cause zeros or negative numbers cannot be given here.

PS appears to have been uprated to a decent score and praised all over by the fans of the manga. dunno, haven't read it, don't care... anime read more
Aug 13, 2012
DISCLAIMER: THE LITTLE DEAD GIRL ARC (in the middle) IS INTERESTING, SEEMS ORIGINAL, AND WELL-DONE (but incomplete). It also appears to be the only plot in the whole show, its raison d'etre, and what sets the whole shebang in motion. Also the reason I gave it a "7" and not a "2".

Everything else looks like episodic filler (further bloated by sloooow, polite, high-pitched watakushi-desu-de gozaimasu conversations) and resembles a game walkthrough of the most basic kind. The main character lacks any discernible personality, traits, signs of intraspection, or even self-awareness. His SINGLE trait (other than supposedly having a penis somewhere under the dress, not that read more
Jun 17, 2012
Western fantasy-style anime DONE RIGHT.

aka a prettier Slayers or a more mature, less bleach-ey, more mature Fairy Tail. Nothing much else to say, just that if you like the genre, watch it!!
Dec 25, 2011
Cutesy slice-of-life anime about kicking your inner demons (or "aliens") in the bollocks and finally hitting the broadside of a barn, when no one any longer expects you to even take the shot.

Beautiful animation and endless attention to detail turned up to 11 with various CGI. Juicier colours than ever seen before, anywhere. Just stunning.

Very cute, really original characters & character designs. Futon girl Erio is both the most original character design in years and the cutest most kawaii thing ever shown on television.

The series has its very own, quite different artstyle. One season on, people are already starting to copy it.

Unfortunately, it cuts off read more
Dec 19, 2011

Story (6): unusual, but built of cliche. Goes the whole spectrum from shoujo into josei and into a new genre of anime probably to be identified by future generations as "obaa-san". Kinda random over timewarps, too. Ooh, and MonF bitchslaps are hella romantic - that's how every single romance really gets serious here. And there are A LOT.

Art (9 chars/ 4 everything else): Character models great, but then somebody obviously ran out of cash. Well, either that or the Korean/Vietnamese places that generally take care of CGI, backgrounds, and juicy colours went on read more
Dec 9, 2011
Hell hath no fury like a schoolgirl halfway to housewifedom scorned.

Submissive, homey together-since-childhood girlfriend of an aspiring pop star, who works two jobs to pay his rent and spends her free time packing him exquisite lunches and stroking his ego, accidentally overhears him speak of just using borind old her - for her "convenience"... AND SNAPS.

And oh boy, does she snap BIG TIME. And decides to destroy her ex - in his field, on his terms... Tokyo's showbiz doesn't know it yet, but it's just gained its newest, most lovable (and successful) schizo yet. Her niches: CUTENESS + HATRED.

Packing enough negative energy to read more
Dec 5, 2011
There are only 2 redeeming factors about this anime:
1) It manages to keep the viewers' expectations that ... NEXT EPISODE... something, anything interesting or unexpected might happen.
2) It's uber-simplistic approach to everything (a season-long 3-card card game, even that not explored to full mathematical potential, etc.) and wanton brutality manage to piss you off... yes, actually evoke an emotional response, instead of just whatever-delete folder-next!

Hence the review.

Still pretty all-around horrible, though. Figure in the art quality, and looks like this was made with a budget of $20/ep.