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Dec 9, 2019
Wish Steins;Gate and Bunny Girl had a movie together? Of course you do!

Well that's what this is.

I'll admit, at times it was confusing, and at times I really wasn't sure how it would end. I haven't been on the edge of my seat quite this much before. It's just as good as the orignal series, and continues very much like you'd expect.

If you didn't like the "quantum mechanics" being a convenient plot drive in the original show, you certainly won't enjoy this movie. But if you look past that (as you're really meant to), the movie opens up emotionally much more than the read more
Dec 3, 2019
Acid is one hell of a drug.

Seriously, this was just insane. And just like the original series. It starts great, then just goes down the toilet. I'm not sure who decided to let this be produced, but hopefully are no longer in the anime industry.

The only enjoyable part was Asuka kicking EVA ass. That and the lovely animation are the only two things that allow this movie to stand on two legs.

I don't think there is really much to the movie, despite all the raving about symbolism here and there. But there is one great thing I've taken away from the whole Evangelion line-up, read more
Dec 3, 2019
A show that lives up to the ego people give it. I like that, a lot.

Like most great shows, it takes a little while to get going, and definitely presents a little hill to get up first. But past that, it really is a great show. It's a show where I could (and did) easily watch 5 episodes back to back, without feeling drained. That to me is a sign of a great show.

I won't sit and praise every single thing it does right, but rather the things that it did right, despite my inital concerns.

Despite inital confusion about what's going on, the show handles read more
Dec 3, 2019
I both love and hate the show.

This will be the first mecha I.P I've watched, and quite honestly I enjoyed that aspect of it, a lot. I loved how their was little introduction to the world. It was refreshing compared to some of my favourite series', as they can sometimes takes quite a while to get up to speed.

I really dig the art style and overall aesthetics. I'm willing to ignore the clear budget problems the studio had during development, as not much can be done about it. The colours were bright, but not oversaturated. I've never liked the 80/90s aesthetic, but this might read more
Apr 23, 2019
Man this show. It doesn't hold back. It's best described as dry, gritty, slightly edgy and certainly not politically correct humour. And I love it. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and the whole romance angle is very shallow and hardly given any weight.

The story while uncomplicated, is typical slice of life. One setting with little depth, makes the writers work harder making every line more punchy, because as the audience with shows like these, that's all we have. No grand story, no major objective. Just characters talking to each other.

The art is sorta generic. Nothing fancy and CGI is limited to effects and such. read more
Apr 12, 2019
Oh boy.

This was very bittersweet. Some parts very hard to watch, other's not long enough.

The first part was real hard. As a victim of bullying, it was hard to watch.

But the show did something I didn't think it could do, it 180'd my view of the main character. For the most part. Anime makes me sad. Sad because it tells a narrative that would never happen in the real world, so beautiful that it's make-believe.

I wish it took a little longer to show both the characters in more depth, laying more solid foundation for the narrative to come, but for a movie, it read more
Apr 12, 2019
My first slice of life. And certainly not my last.

Non Non Biyori may be seen as boring, a point many make about the genre.

Sure on the surface this is boring. Just following a group of girls going to school, as well as out of school activites. But it's more than that. The writers on this show are really something else. They are very funny, without clearly making jokes. Whether it's Renge shouting "Jumbo!" as a big dragonfly flies overhead, or Komari having a crisis over how short she is, there is something special about how the characters express themselves, that feels so genuine, you can't read more
Mar 22, 2019
Ah Soul Eater. Such as interesting and unique experience.

The story, well it's different. It's easy to follow, offers a good amount of plot and offers a somewhat complete narrative. The episodes stand themselves, and don't always further the plot, and it makes for an easy watch without being at the edge of your seat all the time. It is slow to start, but set's a nice foundation for the audience to follow.

The characters are quite interesting. You have Maka, who it the do all good student that doesn't have the capacity to do evil. She can be a little monotone, but has her moments. read more
Mar 22, 2019
It made me cry. Ugly cry to be honest. For me, that means it's something special.

It's beatiful, fun, sad, tragic all at the same time.

The story is truely tragic. Where you expect things to be fine, they aren't. And when things begin to get depressing, it gives you a little pick up before pushing you back down. Certainly not for those that are either sensitive, or are going through some stuff IRL. It's that good.

The sound is heavenly. Granted you'd expect as much, considering the two main characters are musicians. Still however, pieces are well tuned for the scenes the show presents. It mixes read more
Mar 21, 2019
Perhaps the most beautiful anime, or at least very very close.

First of all the art style. The first thing I look for in an anime, and the last thing I need to worry about with Violet Evergarden. Between the frolicking landscapes, to the characters' expressions, everything feels detailed, as if each frame was given twice the effort than usual. CGI is used well and doesn't distract, and some scenes where other anime would use CGI, are hand drawn here, and are simply encapsulating.

Sure, it looks great, but what about sound? Equally if not more important.

I watched the dub, since it's netflixed produced, so has some read more