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I went into Space Captain Harlock thinking I'd be able to give it all the allowances I could for the time it was made in and and all that comes with. I really did try. I've heard nothing but good things about this show, and I was really looking forward to my first foray into the Leijiverse. For what its worth I did watch every episode, but I just can't recommend it. I just can't. I'm mostly going to focus on the story and characters here. This review is meant to warn people about this show, and in no read more
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First off I just want to say it's about time. I'm from the generation that was around to watch this show as the episodes were released, and over time the inconsistencies in the series made the heart grow somewhat less fond. I guess I have to blame Anno's suicidal depression as the hodgepodge focus the series tired to show off. Rebuild 1.0 is like an attempt for Anno to validate his feelings at the time by redoing the series in the way it might have been done if he hadn't been psychotically depressed, and the result is good.

First off I'd like to read more
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May 14, 2008
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (Manga) add
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SLICE. OF. LIFE. This might as well be the end-all be-all of the genre. The lazy countryside setting in a low-tech, post-apocalyptic future is something unique and is accentuated very well by the beautiful artwork and endearing characters.

The slice of life aspect of this series is sometimes taken to the extreme. Many chapters focus on simple conversations or mundane aspects of life out on the countryside, but manage to never be boring with the endearing characters and whimsical direction of the story. One such chapter focused solely around Alpha trying to decide where in her yard to re-set her read more
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Apr 18, 2008
Gasaraki (Anime) add
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Gasaraki is a very serious mecha anime that falls somewhere between the military and supernatural genres. Fans of G Gundam, Gurren Lagann, or any mecha show in that vein probably won't find what they're looking for here. There is a lot of politcal action going on with the various governments, and various character's psychology is brought up on multiple occasions. The end of the show gets pretty complicated with lots of information warfare and stockmarket wars going between America and Japan and will either add to the enjoyment or confusion of the person watching. The intrigue and character drama still make read more
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Apr 16, 2008
666 Satan (Manga) add
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666 Satan at its heart really is the embodiment of shonen I think. It has friendship conquers all moments, enemies becoming friends, enemies you love to hate, super powered attacks that keep getting stronger, and of course that girl the main character might end up with in the end. I really like the art style found here since I read Naruto first (the Mangakas are brothers after all). The story is a little rushed at times and there's a few characters and plot threads that don't get the attention they really needed but the strong cast of characters and interesting overall read more
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