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Days: 16.6
Mean Score: 7.48
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  • Episodes986
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Detective Conan
Detective Conan
Today, 6:55 AM
Watching 23/? · Scored -
Kimi ni Todoke
Kimi ni Todoke
Today, 2:48 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Today, 2:47 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
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Days: 15.7
Mean Score: 7.74
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  • Chapters2,834
  • Volumes196
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Fate/Extra CCC: Fox Tail
Fate/Extra CCC: Fox Tail
Yesterday, 1:21 PM
Reading 30/? · Scored 7
Kase-san Series
Kase-san Series
Nov 5, 8:56 AM
Reading 5/? · Scored -
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Oct 24, 5:06 AM
Reading - · Scored -


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_Aisu 5 hours ago
Thanks for the friend req mate. Glad to see Kotomine and Akiha on your favorite characters list.
Tommeow Yesterday, 6:50 AM
Abandon all hope ye who enter here, eh?
mhkr Nov 9, 12:08 PM
عه، خب هر جور راحتی ولی مثلا من فول متال و طولانی حساب نمیکنم (زیر 100 قسمت انصافا سخته اسمش رو طولانی گذشت) ولی من هِیتر شونن میشناسم بالاخره از بعضی شوننا خوشش میاد...
مثلا از دی گری من خوشش میاد ولی نگاه کنی به اکثر شوننا کم داده
mhkr Nov 9, 11:46 AM
آها ولی معروف ترین انیمه ها رو ندیدی هنوز و عجیبه یکم... اون انیمه ها هم کم رو پروفایل مردم نیست
mhkr Nov 9, 11:36 AM
دوباره سلام
شرمنده ظهر وقت نداشتم این سوال و بپرسم ولی کی بهت این انیمه ها و مانگاها رو پیشنهاد میده یا دقیقا بر چه اساسی انیمه ها و مانگاها رو میبینی و میخونی؟! چون امکان اینکه لیست یه نفر با این تعداد کامپلیت این انیمه ها باشه نزدیک به صفر ه...
Pikari_ Nov 9, 9:37 AM
Eeeeee :D

Mamnoon :)
Pikari_ Nov 9, 7:22 AM
Khoobi? :)

Mamnoon az darkhast doosti.

Ax profilet che khoobeeee :D
Shakhs asli tooye ax kiye? :D
mhkr Nov 9, 12:57 AM
Oh okay, thanks
mhkr Nov 7, 7:47 PM
Hello my brother, I'm glad you're a CGDCT fan. It seems your list isn't complete... Around how many anime have you watched actually?!
Also may I send a friend request because you're Iranian?
SunWukung Oct 5, 10:42 AM
Very cool image profile.
V_I_N_I_X Sep 25, 1:32 AM
Vasilivros Apr 10, 1:52 PM
Alright. Bye then.

Tho you do have a golden profile pic.
Vasilivros Apr 10, 1:42 PM
So? Any ideas? Why you care about me or why I should care about you? :3
Vasilivros Apr 10, 1:23 PM
What have I ever done to you to deserve receiving a friend request?
czxcjx Apr 1, 10:41 AM
Akio is childish tho.

Also Bergman has slapstick humor even in works about death & existentialism like The Seventh Seal - because life isn't just about talking 'seriously' all day. I don't see how a single moment can ruin an entire work unless you're the type to see the trees rather than the forest. If you have 1 line that is a string of vulgarities and 40 lines that are great, does that invalidate the overall beauty of a poem? Would you stop reading that poem simply because you saw that one line in there?

Incidentally, on looking back, I may have a much lower evaluation of the work in question - but what kind of critique is "it has one moment played out in an exaggerated way comedically thus the entirety is utterly destroyed"? Why is it out of place from Akio's character? What is this 'premise' that is set up in the earlier parts? Why is a comedic moment a destruction of said premise rather than a subversion? How do you know that they don't follow anything up beyond chapter 6 to justify that moment? Why don't you take the time and use extensive evidence from the work to prove your point rather than just coming to me with some small comment as though one paragraph could encompass the entirety of a work?

By the way, I have a ton of other stuff to do, and a backlog of works & readings to consume, than to wrangle with the minute details of a manga like Gonensei. If you want to prove Gonensei sucks or something, go write your own review and see if you can oust my opinion with rigid analysis. I bet if you took the time and care you could, since that review was written a long time ago and has a lot of fluffy analyses. But no way am I going to be getting into a Gonensei debate in my MAL chat.