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HanByul_17 Apr 13, 2017 10:46 AM
Hey ! you're welcome :)
Linside Apr 1, 2017 11:07 PM
Yup, same happens to me every now and then :P

Cool I'm really glad to hear that! :D

Lol don't worry! School is important! I've just started college again so I will be having less free time as well, but that's no big deal, college subjects are usually kinda short, fortunately :)
RosaMess Mar 27, 2017 6:45 AM
It's fine I'm just happy to have people to share anime with~
ErebosAkuma Mar 27, 2017 5:57 AM
RosaMess Mar 21, 2017 5:43 AM
You were on one of the forums I was going through, also nice to meet you :D
Linside Feb 12, 2017 8:35 AM
Totally! And it kind of becomes a problem for me since I tend to use MAL oppinions as I guide when I'm deciding what to watch next!

Oh! I'm so sorry for you! I won't ask for details but I'm sure you'll have a lot more fun next time! :)
h0ppip Jan 31, 2017 1:03 PM
Hello! Again, sorry I'm late, I had an exam today and I forced myself to erase myself from the world. The Internet seems to be working fine now! Which is great because I now have two free weeks until classes start again and I have noooothing to do (except for revising three months of Japanese grammar and kanjis that I absolutely don't remember at all) ahahahahahha!! Yay! I'm gonna start some new series :B thank you so much for your patience and for explaining the difference! Sounds incredibly tough. How's it goin'? Did it already start? BUT HEY SCHOOL UNIFORMS I LOVE SCHOOL UNIFORMS ARE THEY CUTE??? *3* Hope you're having SO MUCH FUCKING FUN :DDDDD

Also, may I say that getting only good scores when they're young ruins children forever? They give bad expectations and make it incredibly hard to cope with failure. Which is a natural thing that's bound to happen sooner or later, so better be ready for it. Ahah I know people who get things right without studying (that would be me). It's not a good thing ç___ç I'd like to actually know things instead of getting them right by chance. Well, whatever, I managed to bullshit my way through high school so...not complaining. Yeah see the thing about those people is that they try, or rather they pretend, to get on well with everyone and they smile at you and so on but they don't really care. They'll talk shit behind the backs of everyone, those they call their best friends included. None of them actually wrote to her in two years :3 and suddenly oh we're all reunited because we used to be friends and blah blah blah. Uuuugggghh fuckers. Anyway, it sounds cliché as fuck but time does heal things! Everything becomes a memory after a while. Ahahahah oh no don't be so hard on yourself for never playing a Zelda game! There's time for everything <3 I just happened to know the series when I was very young because my sister played them, otherwise I probably would get to know about it just now. Man, Mario games are good *---*

It's so full of rape too!? It's everywhere! Why. And tentacles. It's so disturbing when you're scrolling on tumblr and you inevitably find yourself in front of hentai T_T oh my god I want to do it! I soooo want to do it. Nah come on once you explain that that's not anime, it's just porn, they should understand that there are actually wonderful series out there :B oh yes right the thing about many animes is that they're supposed to be realistic and they're not at all??? Starting from hair colours. Proceding to a group of a hundred young handsome male humans fall in love with the same young pretty female human. Which doesn't make any sense at all. Yeah the trans girl should have just gotten her own series, why not? :°° I have to say all the openings and endings are such treasures. I'm gonna rewatch them when I'm old and laugh until I die, aahahahaha. Yeah her death would obviously be meant to be dramatic but it would have the opposite effect :P I'm still hoping it's going to happen. Oh please make it happen. The writing gets better???? Oh my god it has to go in my to watch list, then. I wanna see for myself. No don't worry I won't expect anything from it, just to make me laugh and cringe a little. Ahh he doesn't have much screentime, that's why I don't remember Shining Saotome! Was he the principal?? He should be the star!!! Let him be the star!!!

Yeah, some dubs are great! I agree with you about Death Note. Seems like it has a great dub in every language :P god yes watching dubs is much more comfortable. I don't enjoy as much, though, I don't know :( you're right, it would be nice to have a bigger dubbing industry for anime! I don't know about Australia, but in Italy you can't find anime almost anywhere on tv. I really wish they aired more often :l even just with's always the same voices. Let's hope things get better quickly.

Indeed! They do most of the job! Sometimes animations are not smooth or any good at all, but nonetheless the work that goes behind them is immense. No wait, wait. the same time??? O_O that's a LOT. Chapeau. Seen something good so far? :3
Sacchie Jan 28, 2017 8:40 PM
No prob :)
Linside Jan 21, 2017 12:44 AM
You're actually right about that! lol I know what you mean, I recall several times in which I loved an anime and then when I went and read reviews about it and the stuff there were so many people scoring it so damn low it almost hurt! But oh well.

Don't worry about the late reply, sounds like you had a great time! How was it? :D
h0ppip Jan 18, 2017 9:48 AM
Ffs it's so frustrating D°: it takes half an hour just to load 5 minutes of an episode. Aaaaaggghhhhhh. I know it's going to get better, it always does this thing where it's shit for a week and then starts working again. The weather is really bad here at the moment, too, so that doesn't help -.- then again, I have to study, so I shouldn't be on the Internet but who has ever cared!? Thank you! I hate exam sessions ç_ç sorry to hear that you'll have to work your ass off when you get back to school. Good luck to you too. Sorry if I ask (I'm curious) there a distinction between junior and senior high school there? :O what's it mean? 2016 was a trainwreck, oh my god. Trump being elected would be enough to erase the entire year forever, imo.

Exactly, and the fact that the older you are the more you know is bullshit. I know way more things than my granma, for example. But scores really aren't that big of a deal...come on...noone's gonna care in a few years...of course giving your all in your studies is important but that doesn't necessarily translates into getting high scores. That's great! I can absolutely understand how you felt. For me it went pretty bad ahaahha and also recently I had to see all my classmates again because one of my friends who has been in the same school as me since middle school (and we're in the same university now) lost her father recently, so they all came to the funeral but it was so damn obvious that none of them actually cared and they were all trying to look sad and ooooh my god I wanted to kick them all. I don't think I've ever hated someone so hard ._. anyway, it's so bad that you felt like that, I'm sorry. It's so easy to feel like you're going nowhere and you can't move on when you're young. You're right, it's a miracle that you got out of that situation, it's fantastic, and you know what? It's going to get even better from now on :B I always say to myself that one day I'm going to be laughing at all this. Btw, I got to play Pokémon Moon after all. It's great. And now that I cannot waste time watching tons of anime I started playing Zelda again. I really suck.

But why would you say that you've watched Boku no Pico to anyone!? I don't exactly take pride in the fact that I did watch it :° you're right, hentai artworks all look so...I don't know, exaggerated? You can feel it's an hentai just by looking at a single picture, grossssss. LOL no I would definitely go for SAO between the two. No let's say I wouldn't go for either X° obviously Boku no Pico is pretty popular, but as something extremely creepy, not as an hentai D: well whatever, it remains one of the creepiest things ever. Someday I'll try to make someone who doesn't know anything about it watch it >:P You're right about writing satisfying conclusions being difficult, I didn't think about it. Especially after the story has been going on for years. Nonetheless I would know a couple examples that could have dealt with the ending a bit better :( I saw the cat becoming part of the group! Why was that necessary? X°D I don't understand!! That doesn't make any sense. And I was even excited that a trans character was in it (though I cannot remember who it was at all). Nah, it was a complete disaster overall. Yeah, they all treat her like she's blessed them all with her divine presence...I understand it's an harem anime, but come on, what even does she have of a goddess. Not even the attitude. Please. I hate harem animes exactly for this reason, becuase they all fall in love with the same person for no. F*cking. Reason. It's not even funny. Anyway, I found the ending, ahahhahhaah, oh god. Ooooooh my god. Wow. It's histerical X°°° I swear this is perfect when you want to laugh uncontrollably, I cried. Actually, her dying would be good for the story, I'm not even kidding. I clearly remember her being ill, so why not? It would give a touch of realism and drama. We've laughed enough, thanks! Really? The seasons got better? Wow, I must watch it then °3°

Indeed! I've learnt mostly formal speaking in my first year. This year we started more colloquial speaking, which threw us all in utter confusion. And next year is keigo again! Yay! Actually anime does help a tiny bit in understanding the difference between the two. You can immediately tell when they switch, mostly because you hear "masu" and "desu" all of a sudden X° have you ever noticed sometimes a chatacter starts talking and tells a whole sentence in a colloquial form then realizes they are speaking to a senpai and add ".....desu" out of nothing? That cracks me up, I love it X° Ahhh yeah I know what you mean! It's difficult when you have to focus on the subtitles. I think if I rewatched an anime without subtitles I would suddenly notice so many details. I've seen some dubbed anime when I was younger and not at all used to Japanese, like Death Note! Italian dubbers are either incredibly good or incredibly bad. There's a gigantic tradition of dubbing here. In Death Note and Slam Dunk the dubbing was fantastic, if I watched them in Japanese I wouldn't like them. But nowadays animes are dubbed sooooo badly it just makes me want to kill myself <.< yeah, especially in anime there are always the same voices, all oooover again. It sucks.

Yeah, exactly!!! I have a very good ear for voice actors so I always recognize them and I know most of their names by now, but I couldn't say who animated my favourite series! That's so bad, they do all the work. It's a tough job and it barely gets retribution or even recognition. I really hope in some cases it's better. I think I'm going to do my best to know who's behind what I watch now :° goooood job! How many will you watch? :P the moment you start watching Slam Dunk I want to know!!! I love Slam Dunk!!!
Linside Jan 7, 2017 10:10 PM
LOL I KNEW IT :P Yeah I know what you mean, it always feels nice to know that you've just watched something decent/awesome/a master piece/whatever! Well you're damn right 'bout that! We all like different stuff, after all.
h0ppip Jan 3, 2017 10:39 AM
Hi!! Sorry I'm a bit late. I'm having some problems with the internet connection lately, I havent' been able to watch anything :DD I've tried taking advantage of it and studying properly since EXAMS ARE COMING OH MY GOD THEY ARE COMING but I kept thinking about how angry I was that it wasn't working. It seems stable now. More importantly, happy new year!!! Let's hope this one isn't too shitty.

Ahhhh parents thinking their children will be exactly what they were like when they were kids. <3 lovely. For real though, why do parents get so worked up over scores. Why. I'm so happy I'm out of high school .-. just thinking about being there makes me want to vomit. Hope everything is still going okay for you! Btw, if I think too much about going to Japan I'm going to freak out ç_ç I'm not exactly and indipendent person so I wonder if I can make it. Still, it will be nice to leave this place for a while. Oh my god if you end up playing Pokémon for real tell me. I would want to know. So I can bug you even more.

Why would you want to watch something that horrifying!? There are many people who watch it because someone told them to and they didn't know what it was, but come on, look at pictures or read the synopsis or something. The reactions are priceless...they are sooo's exactly the way the person suffers that makes it so funny. X° well I was younger when I saw it (13 maybe??), I guess I wasn't exactly understanding everything that I saw. Thank god. Had I watched your age it would have probably traumatized me a bit more :D in conclusion yeah stay away from it. Right, why did they make two more??? Wasn't one enough??? The others are kinda better, yeah, though even the idea of three kids having sex is a bit disturbing. Hentai is full of this creepy things D: I will watch Fate Zero and maybe even something else. At least I plan to. I wanted to watch something these days but I couldn't .-. I have a two weeks pause at the beginning of February before the lessons start again, those will be fuuuull of anime :B I totally agree with you! Anime only endings sometimes are very good! For example, I loved how Soul Eater had different endings for the anime and manga, it showed other aspects of the characters and it made me think about how many different possibilities there are. I was like Ooohh but in the manga, THIS happened instead! Interesting :3 Yeah I guess autors can be a bit lazy. If the series doesn't do well and it ends with a cliffhanger they can just sey Well, whatever, we'll leave it like this and people will never know what happens, their bad :°°° of course I know nothing about these things but I do get the impression that is the case, sometimes. You're right, they tried to make the boys in Utapri so original and particular and handsome but they came out ridiculous. Especially the hair. Like there's this need to have them all have different hair colours because apparently if they all have black or brown hair it's not as charming? And the haircuts. Ahahahaahahah. I think I remember that at one point she didn't have enough love interests so they made the cat become human???? Why????? What why. I do appreciate that for once the cat doesn't become a very sexy lady, but I hate it nonetheless. I searched for the ending you were talking about on youtube and I didn't find it!!! I wanna see it! I wanna laugh! X°( Ffs even just her NAME makes me wanna puke. So girly. Uuuhgggghhhgg. I agree, nice characters are awesome, but most of the times they fall into cliché, girls especially. They always have that expression which is supposed to be cute and innocent but they just look retarded, they never get hints or whatever, never make a mistake, cry for every little reason. :l so hateful. She has the only purpose to make the series a "romantic" harem, I guess. Because otherwise she's just so plain and forgettable as you said. I don't even remember what she did...did she sing? Did she play something? I have to say main characters often have this effect on me. I just find them so boring. I ALWAYS go for the secondary ones ): It's just unbelievable that she's the main character ._. whyyyyy. She just wants to be flipped off! Wait I think I remember she was supposed to have some kind of disease? Wasn't she sick and she like lived with her grandma in the country??? I hope she dies at the end of it all! :D ahahahah yeah right you watch it and you think It's not going to get worse than this, but then it does, ahahahahah X°°°°

Anime helps a lot in that! It has been of immense help to me. Thought it doesn't help much with formal speaking. But whatever, it's fun as well as useful :3 I used to think subtitles came very early in English, but since I joined MAL I noticed that raws are out a lot earlier than subs! There were people speaking about episodes I had yet to see hours before I could see it °-° here's a question, what do you think about dubbed anime? Ahhh when I get something they say it's the best feeling in the world :°

I guess as many other things some series start out as entertainment and end up being a source of money, and that's it. Like, there's passion at the beginning but then it goes on for too long simply because it brings money, even if the attachment the author and viewers feel towards it isn't the same anymore. It's a shame. It might be better to just start another series, I would watch a new series from some of the authors I loved! I really hope anime never dies! Apparently it's not as fruitful a business as one might think, it kinda scares me. Hehhhh I know I just love sports anime...I should watch something else for a change though :l why should having just one anime in the watch list be bad? When that anime is done you'll add another one and so on. I'm sure the new year will bring you a huge list of new things to watch though :P
h0ppip Dec 24, 2016 7:43 AM
Thank god your mother doesn't say anything anymore! Mine still wants to know everything I do. My sister even stopped telling her (and everybody else) what she's doing at university because my mom can be very stressing at times, she really makes you anxious, even if she doesn't do it on purpose. :° might be she's so focused on scores because she's a teacher. Mmm. Anyway, yeah I'm excited!!! A bit scared, too, I'm gonna be all alone DDD: I'm glad I still have about a year to get used to the idea. I'm not going back to university before february so I should really get back to playing a little bit! I might seriously do it. What's good about the Sims is that there are many aspects to it, as you said, you might want to spend some time building and modifying the scenario or you can just get in the game and do whatever you want :3 ahahah yes Pokémon has been one of my biggest companions of all time. Which is the best one??? Oh my god I don't know. I absolutely loved the third generation games (Ruby & Sapphire), they're my favourites, but I loved them all so it really doesn't count. The first ones of course are the best. Though I prefer the more advanced (?) graphics of the latest ones.

Ohhhh god no don't watch it, never watch it, it's traumatizing D: I have to say the reaction videos are golden, though X° those are fun to watch and you just get a hint of what's happening so that you are disgusted but in a very light, kinda laughable way. The real thing is ATROCIOUS. Yesh, the voice acting was the worst thing about it...the sounds...hhhhgggggg my heart. Thank god I watched it so long ago now I've kinda erased the details from my mind. But yeah, it's consensual sex, at least. I also think in the other episodes (why couldn't it be just one...?) the man disappears and there's just a bunch of kids doing each other so yay no more pedophilia! Still, it's disgusting X° remain pure please!!! Aahhh no I don't think I'm ever going to lose interest in anime. It's just lately I've been losing the drive to do so many of the things I loved doing and I'm afraid it will happen this time too. But anime is still one of the few things that can cheer me up no matter what :B I really want to watch something new during the holidays so I'll probably get to Fate/Zero too! Let's hope the second season is different from the first one in a good way, because the first one seems gggggreat. Ahah, yeah, I figured it would be that way :P you're clever enough to only watch finished things so no problems with delays and waiting for episodes. I don't really get why they leave so many series on a cliffhanger? Is it so that if the series goes well they have a point they can continue from and they know people will watch it because they want to know what happens next, and if it doesn't they'll just leave it like that? So annoying! Aahahahahahahah oh god I unleashed your fury! I get it though, it's one of the cringiest shows ever. I know what you mean, it's not supposed to make you laugh, it's not exactly a comedy, but it does anyway because it's ridiculous! It doesn't make sense! Ahahah, sexy!? Where was it sexy? I mean, it was trying hard to be, Just no. I watched it with a friend because we both thought it would have been a good series??? We were both a lot into Vocaloid at the time so I don't know why but I think we thought it was going to be something similar to the things we were listening to. Nah it was pure cringe!!! I agree with you a hundred percent, the girl was the most f*cking hateful piece of crap character I've ever layed eyes upon. The physical incarnation of a Mary Sue. Sickeningly cute and good to everyone, never makes mistakes, always wanted and always succesful. God yes every single guy in the show confessed to her and wanted to be in group with her but she never answered??? Why didn't they talk to the wall then! I think they made her avoid answering any of the guys because they wanted to show that she's a pure soul who doesn't want to leave anyone behind and doesn't have preferences, but the result was that she seemed retarded. Like seriously. Her eyes are so unnatural it physically pains me. They tried way too hard with her...and I can't think of a single anime character I hate more than her. For real °-° I understand why you want to keep watching it, there's a particular pleasure in watching shows you don't like so you can keep on hating them :P it's fuel for the soul, mwahaha. Don't be ashamed. I think I'll watch all of it too, one day.

You definitely can become fluent in Japanese if you want! Just keep on giving it your all :B you also started pretty soon to study it so in a few years you'll already be at a good level. Ganbatte! Ahh yes I'd so like to watch without subtitles too. It would be convenient to be able to watch episodes immediately after they come out instead of waiting for subtitles (that's also why I stopped watching with subtitles in my language, because they NEVER came out). Though sometimes I focus on the Japanese and I can recognize some of the things I've studied, I still don't get 95% of what they say :D

Yeah, see? They just end up ruining the show for you! Authors should really, REALLY try to understand when it's better to stop. I get it, they earn money from it, but uuuuugggghh think of the experience! Think of the readers/watchers! Ffs! But hey, don't give up on finding new good series either. Noone of us should. Hehe, I'm sorry if you're ever looking at my currently watching list, it's just...sports anime. X°

Ahhhh, lucky you!!! That's so nice. Okay then, in case I don't hear from you for a while, merry Christmas (if you happen to celebrate it), have fun during the holidays and watch as many anime as you can :3 have a nice trip!

Rants about bad anime are nice. They're good. I like badmouthing bad series. :P
Linside Dec 18, 2016 9:28 PM
Wow! Anime reviewer! Sounds cool, I'd like to do something like that as well! I do not know why, but since I know you, I kinda have this feeling that you would rate very low pretty much everything :P
h0ppip Dec 17, 2016 10:42 AM
Well yeah I say I don't care but I get depressed if I get average scores anyway. Mostly because my family seems to think I can't fail at anything and when I do they get angry at me :3 and I feel stupid. But no, they don't really matter. Thanks again ;_____; it's nice to be the one who gets a bit of encouraging every now and then! Speaking of future and directions and such, d'you remember me bugging you with those tests in English I did so I could go abroad? Well, maybe it worked, there's a pretty big chance I'll be studying in Japan for a few months next year. It's not something concrete, yet, but there should be no problems :° if it happens it's going to be the best things that's happened in my whole life, god. Anyway, the problem is that I'm not patient at all, like maybe I start the game with the intention to build a nice house, but then it takes soooo much time and I want to play so I just stop :° I'd really like to have more time to play again!!! I'd like to see some of the things you've built *3* aaaaahhhhh omg Pokémon has been my whole childhood and even more. I've been playing it for 13 years for fucks sake X°°° I don't even want to think about how much time and social activity I wasted because of that game! But it's so good. Soooo good. I love it. Of course it got worse with time, as everything does, but do I care??? Nope. (try it out try it out try it out do it do it do it)

Let's talk about Boku no Pico, please, that has been one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I don't even remember why I watched it, do you (supposing you did watch it)? Nowadays it's recommended as a joke to whoever asks for a new series to watch, but I definitely wasn't told to watch by anyone...yeah, no, don't worry, it's probably me and the fact that I do nothing to go and find a series I might like. Though recently I've just been watching this things I enjoy a lot but...not more than to a certain point? ): if I'm losing interest in anime too than that's the end for me D: I heard a lot about Fate/Zero! It has a pretty high score, too. The plot sounds incredibly interesting, exactly what I like. I need more time!!! Yep, I'll just wait for the One series that changes everything :3 Yeah!!! It's so depressing how things seem to only get worse in Attack on Titan, but at the same time it makes it easier to feel simpathy towards the characters. I feel their struggle :3 mostly I feel Sasha and her perpetual hunger, hahaha X° everything you're looking forward to gets delayed, isn't it? :D there's still a few months to go...oh yes the manga is going on (I don't know if you're reading it?), so many things have happened. I actually hope they'll make a third season soon after the second because I'm not getting anything that's going on in the manga and I need to see it animated to understand ò_ò so you were referring to the first one! Yes god it ends with a huge cliffhanger! It was the worst ahahaha X° well, girl characters in sports anime are generally...completely useless. They're very pretty so every male character can seem less gay, basically, and they never do much. I could name a few :l though I have to say I've been watching All Out recently and the manager (a girl, obviously) isn't that good looking and actually knows about the sport and knows what she's talking about, I really appreciate that. Momoi was presented as a girl who is good at collecting data and knows anything about everyone, but they insisted on her having large breasts a lot more :) so yeah, she generally was very very forgettable. I watched the first season of Uta no Prince Sama my god it is one of the worst things I've ever seen...I was 15 at the time, I think, so at first I was like yyyyeeeeeaah harem of bishounen singers, this is my jam, but with time comes wisdom <3 I eventually got to the conclusion that it was horrifying. And the girl was so annoying I wanted to kill myself. I'm kinda tempted to see the other seasons so I can laugh a bit and see what others clichés and shitty things it has in store, but not having much time I'ma watch good things first :° Slam Dunk is gonna be good, though. :P

Hhhhhhhhhh no please stop or I'll think I'm way better than I am >/////////< you're making me blush!!! Thank you, really! Of course I still have miles to go before I get where I want, but let me brag a bit, I love that I can understand another language this well. Italy is such a small, stupid country and by speaking English I get the illusion that I'm a little less of an Italian citizen and more of a citizen of the world :3 so thanks again, really, for helping me!

You have to forgive me because apparently I'm dumber and more forgetful than I already know I am. We talked about Shirokuma Cafè AND 12-sai as well. Where even is my mind wandering when I write. Gosh darnit. Aggghhh god yes anyway it's so hateful when the story goes ooon and ooon and ooon and it only gets more stupid...did we talk about Sword Art Online? Yes we did. 12 episodes of that were more than enough. We got 48. And it was so cringy. But like, with Ranma and such it's so much worse because the beginning is so good that you get attached to it quickly only to see it become a mess in the end ): those kind of things make you lose faith in humanity, ffs. I'll just keep an eye on the "recent friends update" thing in the homepage so I'll know what you're watching and will bug you about it. Hehe.

This was a bit lenghty, I'm so sorry!!!!