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M0M0I Jul 5, 6:31 PM
No problem & same here xD
I hope they fix MAL 100% soon

His death scene was so disturbing, yeah I couldnt kill him either. :/ And ofc Kenny automatically betrays me even tho I stuck up for him the entire time Larry wanted him gone lmao.

Yeah right?? I left Lily with no hesitation, Carly was one of my faves honestly :/ After season 1 tho I learned not to get attached to characters bc Telltale is just gonna kill them off. And did you play the DLC? :o There's a part where you can see Doug/Carly's corpse when you play as the black guy (forgot his name lol)

OMG what?! Troy Baker voiced Rhys, I had no idea. He is very talented, Rhys and Joel sound nothing alike. :O Lol I never cared for Borderlands either but honestly the Telltale game pushed me to playing Borderlands 2 a bit.

I like Nerissa/Faith too! I preferred her over Snow. And I kind of like the idea of Bigby & Nerissa together tbh. That cliffhanger tho.

It's been about a month xD Have you played Batman S2 yet?

Yeah, me too. I think it went downhill after Negan and especially after they killed Carl, idk if I even wanna watch anymore. :/ He's gone through so much and died because of a small mistake.

I agreed with his choice too! I think he became really attached to Ellie and maybe even loved her a bit like Sarah. Don't think he would wanna go through the heartbreak of losing someone again. :( What did you think about E3? I saw a video someone made a really good point about Ellie's kiss with that one girl.. Because Ellie is infected and even Joel was unable to give Ellie CPR in TLOU because of it. :O
Cyborg_Dragon Jul 5, 1:31 AM
Took me a while to reply to you, my profile was not opening due to the shit that happened to mal and I still can not access my notifications.

In truth I like the ending but I have my problems with it first being who actually gives a flying fuck about madam A and her stupid cow. We do not get name of the child of the MC but we get the name of a shitty cow. Amon and Akira just get a silhouette would of preferred seeing what they are doing now or perhaps have seen them drink coffee and Touka and Kanekis new shop. Etos whereabouts are a mystery again. I don't like how Kuroiwa is alive I thought his (supposed) death was great. Most of the endings reminded me of the endings in fighting game arcade ladders.

The whole thing with Kaneki drowning the chapter before was a waste of panels for a cliff hanger before the final chapter. I feel like this series could of used another volume.

despite what people say Ishida left it open for a part 3 if you consider that the monsters are getting smarter every year and its referenced that they have leaders, it reminds me of the beginning of god eater.

Got a question are you FanEu7?

Ayumu_yuu Jul 1, 4:58 AM
Was that "password reset" really compulsory? I've also received the e-mail saying I have to, but I Don't remember changing anything, just logged in with the same old e-mail and it worked. What were u up to while MAL was down? I remember missing seeing my own profile page so much but thanks God I had to concentrate on other stuff (like school/exams) so didn't had time to freak out :D

World Cup, finally I found a (sport)soul-mate on MAL. I remember mentioning WC to someone here and they say "I couldn't care less about that" hahaha with is acceptable but still I'm also into it :) Now that I have free time I can actually follow all the matches. Who are u a fan of? (aka who would u like to win) I think this year's WC has got us some unexpected results, Italy and Netherland wasn't there even from the very start… Argentina and Portugal went home… speaking of Germany, they went home too… Insane things are happening!

(now back to the old message ^^)
I do visit my relatives, but from time to time they visit us as well. Plus, we also got some relatives in Italy, so it doesn't necessarly need to be in Moldova that we meet :) The mentality is different, they way we looks at things and at the world around us. Even the small stuff as perception of good and bad, it has it's own gradation.

I'm basically christian, if u ask me to choose one religion, it's what my parents are, grandparents and so on. But my heart doesn't belong to only one point of view. I believe in the upper divine energy, the one that is present in every religion and guides every human being, as long as they open their hearts ofc. Religions, no matter how u look at them, they constraint us, they make u feel controlled, and no human wants to be controled. I mean, for some, it might work and bring them to a brighter path, but some are seeking more, they seek the Truth from above, not just from another human being (from the Church).

The world, the nature, they skies, our bodies, isn't everything too perfect? There for sure is smb above us or even Inside us :) that possess more knowledge, more purity, more Truth than we all here do. What makes me believe, u ask, my inner gut? There's smth Inside me wispering "it can't be other way" and I trust it. I'm very receptive to my feelings and my intuition, as long as I'm feelings good or at ease, it can't be wrong, and I listen to these signs, that way I become closer to my true nature, which is the nature of the soul (stuck for a little while in these material bodies ^^). The after death is just the death of the body, we are eternal beings, but because we are here we are, influenced by many many factors, we forget why we came here and u basically just get along with the world and what others do. Our minds are dull enough to think everything stops existing after u die. Don't u feel like it's too limited to be that way? I've always been the kind of person searching for whats behind the curtains, couldn't accept everything is so simple, u get born and die, like what's the point? That's what made me look up and seek the personal growth. Eternity is a hard word to be understood by us, humans, like how can be smth eternal, but it's enough if u feel it with ur heart, that there's no begin or ending, it just exists, now and here.

It wasn't even a relationship hahaha just a special feelings with a special smb :) even now, I still believe he was able to awake smth in me, nobody ever did before, if he is sensible like me, he should have probably felt the same, for the rest, he was a liar, from the start till the end :D (keeping in positive) 26 yo isn't young at all, I'm 22 and honestly if I'd have the posibility, I'd marry even today. TO be dedicated to only one single person all ur life, being loyal and love ur family, isn't that beautiful? I'm old minded, that's why I'm still single lol

Btw, about Boruto, it starts getting more interesting. Boruto will finally get his cursed mark after that battle of rescuing Naruto from Momoshiki (I guess) and I expect great changes. A more mature Boruto for sure. Naruto might be idealistic (utopic u'd say) but that doesn't mean it can't be implemented in the real world, evne tho I doubt it can, in our society that just as u said, is full of judge, hate, and arising egos.

About Fate Zero, I still need to watch it. So u'd recommend it, right? Now that I have more time, I deff need to catch up. I already started with Death Parade (oldie but had to be seen) and now I'm into farling in the franxx (newbie, but the whole community was bragging about it, had to look up, and so far so good, kids fighting to protect the adults xD zero two is amazing tho, I somewhere recognise myself into her, beside the horns ofc, she has some genuine distincion, that's what makes her attractive)

Death Note, that one, I remember it blew my mind back in the days. I probably even rewatched it twice + the movie addaptions, all have been seen. Which one was ur favorite tho? L or Light/Kira (would u follow the law and the worlds rules to make peace or choose to have a death note and work it out by urself = aka instead of God)?In terms of depth, it has it's own cherry on the cake but even more it has these psychological mind blowing games that basically deepen u into their world. I could never relax while watching it :D

Ofc I traveled, only a bit tho. Italy, Portugal, France, Germany. Even now within one week I'm going to Italy for some weeks of relaxation and sun ^^ Any plans for this summer? BTW I wish u good luck with ur exams. If u ever feel tired or down, log into MAL send me a message, I'll cheer u up (even tho I'm not quite sure how hahahaha)

Anime and manga, as hobbies? Maybe I should, but they were so obbviously part of my life, that I thought that's just a lifestyle. They do make me happy, maybe I should start playing games too, like these online ones like I used back in the days. I had broken so many keyboards playing games, u can't even imagine, I was quite agressive hahaha that's why I started playing tennis, just to let that go away somewhere else, without wasting ym parents money for new keyboards lmao

Wishing u a nice day/night (depending on when u'll have time to read this message) See you around!!
Ayumu_yuu Jun 23, 7:17 AM
MAL is back :)

I'll deff answer ur mast message but just wanted to say hi and see if you're alright. My exams are Killing me and my time right now but hope to get in touch with u soon!
Cyborg_Dragon May 21, 3:23 PM
On a holiday to gold old Hungary.

If I ever go to japan the first place me and my buddies agreed to go to is the fox village

I decided to leave it off since I was in another country and when I got back it was sunday morning and I decided Ill wait to read the two together.

Here is a reddit post with a link to the illustration and poem translation.

lets just say his love for one piece is pretty murderous

Ya I heard about that and it was real shitty I feel bad for chandler riggs.

Ya she did.

Favourite arc would probably have to be all out war. Second would be the govenor arc.

What made spidermans the worse was how his spider senses where telling him what was happening. I am guessing cap and tony are going to have to be friends again in order to beat thanos.
Ayumu_yuu May 21, 11:06 AM
Long posts have their own riddle or even mystery you can say. I just turned my soundcloud on and am listening to princess mononoke ost. That's how I'm gonna reply to your post.

Belgium is fine. I've always wanted to study abroad so I should feel lucky to have received this Opportunity in my life. I miss Moldova more because of my relatives that are still there, maybe the energy as well. The West and East of Europe are different after all from all the angles of approach.

That was around 3 years ago, so how old was I back then, 19/20? not really a teenager. Spirituality, I guess it has to do with religion, at least that's what introduced me into this world, but goes beyond that. Let's say things like meditation, yoga, listening to onesself, being conscious of everything around you and within you, ur emotions (not only the positive ones but also fears), trying to transcend them, overcome. For me spirituality has more to do with this sort of mindset where I Don't make huge différences between religions, it's one God, all of them lead to a single God (aka divine energy). It's what u do afterwards that matters. Instead of stopping by the idea that there's Heaven and hell, I tend to bend in the direction of eliberation of the material world (it gets complex and deep) and pursue eternity. For now I think I've said enough as an introduction.

I was, I think I still am. You can't get easilty after a breakup, can u? But that's another chapter :) I'd say so, my past semester was the most alive one ever. I was able to love and to break apart. I finally was able to understand some of the most important feelings people experience on earth. I'm thankful.

"Never give up", do u know how much that simple sentence has influenced my life? He inspired me so much to look at people's souls and burders and not to jugde but help instead? Not to listen to their words, because their minds can be in agony, but look much further than that. Isn't that a great example of how our world should be? Instead of stepping on the steps of others following the path of hatred, just bring light. Just like u said, most would have killed Pain and never really changed anything, but remembering Jiraya's words... see how much of a difference can a teacher do.

If Naruto dies, I can't imagine who'd take his place, I feel like the rest is nothing without him, if he dies - it's an end to the series for me. Maybe they are taking it slowly so a big change is still yet to come. The ending was indeed a bit dissapointing, I have a friend who refused to continue with Boruto only bcs the ending of Naruto was so dull. I personally think it isn't such big of a deal, a happy ending is good for me but now that it got too peaceful I feel like the show is losing it's viewers.

So Kishimoto found it easier to bring Minato and Kushina as Naruto's parents back, the ones he's never seen (ofc during the series he's seen them some times when he was trying to get along with Kurama) but not Jiraya. Maybe it does make sense, seeing him back would mean a closure, but there can never be a closure between a master an its student, it's an everlasting endless relationship. So it's good he didnt.

I've heard that Naruto will die... I think it's to be expected...

I've heard of both (Hamburg and Dortmund) but never been there. Maybe I should visit you, during some holidays when I'm free and u as well.
Western tv shows (such a netflix etc), hmm not really. I've never been into western things I guess, I can watch Hollywood movies but that doesn't happen too often. Do you? (even though I don't think u happen to have that much of free time, but just asking)
Hobbies, I did back in the days. Playing piano (for 10 years) and tennis (5y), but since I moved to Belgium, some things came up, let's call them grown ups priorities, so I had to leave behind stuff that made me happy. Maybe I'll come back someday, but dunno when. As for now, I came to realise I'm left without hobbies. What a sad image, right? Tell me about you, anything in this world that makes you trully happy (aka hobbies)?
Ayumu_yuu May 21, 5:44 AM
I'm originally from Moldova but I've been living in Belgium for 7 years now. Your English is deffinetely not flawed, on the contrary I wanted to compliment you on it. Seems like we're not so far away from each other.

I initially wanted to enter international organisations like NATO, UN, EU and change things from the inside (such a goal minded determined person I was back then) or even security oriented organisations like Pentagon in US or KGB in Russia. Changing everything from the core, a sort of revolution was pretty much my goal. But as I said, things have changed, in terms of growing up, seeing that this world isn't such a easy place and most important to change the world u need to change urself. That's where I started to pursue my spirituality and work on myself. As for now I'm more concerned working on my inner spirit than the outside world. It's not that Don't want to serve people anymore or help them, is just that now I'd rather do it other way.

Oh, so you are taken? And how does it feel? Are you happy? :)
I'm open to everything around me, I'm ready to understand things that at first sight seem incomprehensible and make no sense. I've learned to trust not only my rational choice but also my heart, that one feeling from Inside that can't lie, the absolute Truth.
Beside Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke (that I've only recently managed to Watch and am very impressed, a genuine masterpiece), My Neighbor Totoro and one u didn't mention is Howl's Moving Castle.

Naruto is full of those types of hidden gems conversations, that go beyond the anime and can Indeed be applied in real life situations. I've been able to learn so much from people that never existed. Trying to still see the light even in the most obscure moments, is a true art people can handle if they want. Naruto was a light during the whole anime. Even the fact that he never gave up on Sasuke (him being a cold dumbass), just how many among us people will ever do so much for their friends/family? The average person will leave the next day after a conflict occured. That anime has some major points/life lessons that can't be avoided.

Your sentence "Naruto was always good at feels moments"... I couldn't agree more to it. It's so damn true, so many tears had be shed during these series. I think that if u really watch it with your heart, beside the whole ninja action thing, there's so much more depth in this anime. I wish everyone would know and appreciate that. Jiraya's character was a real master, the one I wish I'd have irl. He has been everything to Naruto but as they say, a master appears whent he student is ready but also leaves when the student is ready, I think that's why he died when Naruto was deff at his peak.

A piece of advice I'd like to give Boruto, is try to understand ur father more without being so annoying. But who are they, they have never been through war, they have never lost their loved ones, they trully don't know what pain is... Basically what makes a person stronger (and this applies to real life as well) is going to those breakdowns and being able to stand up and go forward, no matter what. This, without becoming an asshole but still having a strong heart that spreads kindness. Being able to smile after u've gone through so much pain - isn't that impressive?

Thank you for the recommendations. All of them are on my PTW-list already. I'm waiting for the summer vacation to be able to Watch them. Been postponing them for so long I feel guilty already. I'll keep u updated once I start :)

Death Note deffinetely, Mushishi, Tokyo Ghoul, sport animes are fine too when you're not looking for too much depth (although these ones have it form time to time)(Kuroko no Basket, Free, Hungry Heart:Will Striker). One Piece, I have dropped that long time ago… You probably guess the reason.

My post got long too, hopefully u won't give up half way lol
Aezeryel May 21, 2:39 AM
It's gonna be my second contract. And yeah, you do travel a lot. In one contract you can visit as much as 15, even 20 different countries, depending on the company and the ship of course.

Well, it's not like we have many organizations introduced, but yeah, out of all of them, FUG is the most interesting one.

Not spin offs, but there's gonna be three different stories within this universe. ToG is the first one, and there should be another two. They might not be set in the tower, the characters might be different, but it will likely function on the same principle (shinsuu and that stuff).

Yeah, and Jahad actually has to go all out now to have a chance of defeating Baam.

We'll see. I'm expecting a timeskip, though SIU might have other plans.

Nah, none other. I started reading this one simply because of a recommendation by a friend. And I'm rather lazy to try finding any other good ones.
Cyborg_Dragon May 20, 1:01 PM
Oh Its cool lad I took one aswell I was in eastern europe for the last week.

Well there is a offer on the table to go and assist in teaching english in Shanghai or Tokyo for six months that is very tempting I might do another course in my local college thou I can travel to one of those places whenever I want.

I have not read the latest chapter of tg btw

I don't care who does it weather its maris stella or the token fetus if someone can just do Furuta dirty I would be happy I am done with his shit. As for old oek stuff who knows maybe Ishida will do some prequel manga I feel like the opportunity to reveal them is long past.

Oh he releases poems with illustration of characters. He released a poem and illustration on the week of the surviving Kirishimas (touka, ayato, yomo) birthdays titled "her womb smells like it was burnt" with the opening line being the "the children meant to be born died" all in all does not sound really good I can like a english translation if you want and the illustration. The poem and illustrations are part of Ishidas foreshadowing boner basically and the poem does not sound good its either Kaneki reacting to his child dying or its Kaneki reacting to Touka dying or its the child. He made other in the past including one on Furutas birthday that is his possible death, Rize being the dragon the main villain, haise dissappering, Kanekis suicidal thoughts etc.

You should here what that character had to say about one piece.

Ya exactly at the moment Carl is being built up to continue after Rick and is getting more of a role then being the kid that needs to be protected by a adult all the time. Its currently a waste and Lauren Cohna (Maggie) might leave the show soon and it will just be more important characters removed. To be fare this is the issue with long running tv series, the actors can not stay forever the show should have either ended years ago or took a break and recasted with time skip.

I did some research into it and it turns out that lily in the game was supposed to be lily in the comic and it even said so in her bio on the telltale games website. However the novels come out and it created a continuity issue so telltale removed all mention of her being lily from the comics where possible.

I saw deadpool 2 yesterday. Have your seen IW yet?

Ayumu_yuu May 20, 5:25 AM
Normally 1 more for my bachelor and 2 more for my master. Everything dépends on my results, if I pass or not the courses. In case I Don't, it's obvious that I have to retake them next year. Qua mindset, I've always thought of myself as a more international person, so I was never hindered by borders. I wanted to help people in war and need and to do so u need to change Something about people's rights, jurisdiction/politics. A strategic view to look at things, that's what has driven me to chose this path. Lately, things have changed, I still do it but my goals are deffinetely not the same.

I know what u mean with an interesting/deep story. Yuri and Yaoi Don't usually provide us that, but in order for me to relax from my books and courses I found that that sort of romance is doing a pretty good job. It's sort of médicine, I can't compensate it anywhere else because I'm single and average anime relationships seem too mainstream lately. The weirdest thing is that I have my own opinion about LGTB irl (which aint that supportive) but I'm free-spirited when it comes to anime.

Apart from Naruto, DBZ as well, One piece too, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon and some Studio Ghibli masterpieces (Spirited away for instance).

Pain (Let's be honest, he was some sort of God, like Kaguya is too, but Pain is Something different) was indeed a peak, next to Jiraya's death I'll mention Neji's and Itachi's (I was crying rivers when I found out he was never against Konoha and that he loved Sasuke so much, just why do have people like him to go through such a painful way in life... Naruto as a character with a strong will power and his quote "never give up" did leave a mark on my childhood and me as a person now, but Itachi had always have a special place in my heart).
As for my favourite, that one third of the whole series, the fourth shinobi world war. I'll recommend that to anyone who's too lazy to watch the entire anime.

About Boruto, you're right, a story full of spoiled brats. I think the creators of Boruto were relying on loyal fans that will keep their show ongoing, but I see myself dropping... soon.
What are ur fav shows lately? Keeping up with seasonals or rather some good old ones?
Ayumu_yuu May 19, 10:58 AM
Discussing in more depth and not being stopped by the surface, I must admit I'm like that too.

University as well, trying to get that law degree first. A doctor, damn (I have 2 cousins studying médicine and I know it's a tough path) You must be constantly busy studying, how come you manage to check MAL and even have decent conversations with people here?

Yup, second one si deffinetely yaoi/shounen ai. I know most of the males have a narrow view related to these type of shows. That's the reason I set it under a spoiler tab.

Among my list u could directly tell that, impressive. I Indeed am a fan of Naruto. I grew up while watching it, so no wonder. Honestly I enjoyed the final war a lot, it's like a highlight of Naruto. I'm more dissapointed by the end of the show and the fact that they continue it with Boruto (which is a bit of a set-back tbh). Every show has it's peak but not every show can keep it there. But, once u r a fan of a show I guess u Don't really pay attention to there, u just enjoy the plot as it is (what I personally did).
TheMageKiller May 18, 11:41 PM
I think a mix of tragic & heroic characters are best, especially when they are odds with one another which is why I enjoy Fate/Zero so much. I really liked what I have seen so far from the Garden of Sinners series but I still have 2 left to finish.

My rule of thumb has been if has the Fate name but isn't done by uFotable, it probably won't be very good. Honestly I hope to be proven wrong, though I honestly doubt that will be the case from what I have seen and heard from others. HF is supposed to be the darkest route though we'll have to wait and see.
Cyborg_Dragon May 18, 3:05 PM
What up lad
Ayumu_yuu May 17, 2:43 PM
Your comment section is life, these long inspired messages keep me away from studying haha (randomly passing by saying hi :3)
Bayek May 16, 4:06 PM
I'll admit that I too eagerly dismissed certain settings and concepts for AC early on, but cowboys definitely sound too comical for an AC game. Leave that domain to Red Dead Redemption. And if the WWI segment in Syndicate is anything to go by, that definitely starts to get too modern. Well, I just hope that when our age is long history, they steer far away from us.

Yeah as far as Watch Dogs goes, there's a theory that it's part of the AC verse. I know there are Easter eggs that connect the two, but I hope that's just more of a tease at this point. I think it would greatly break immersion if they started a crossover between the two. And please, for the love of god, let's hope they don't turn AC into a mockery of itself as well.

You mean The Curse of the Pharaohs? Yeah, I've done it twice now. Really worthwhile addition. Hidden Ones was well enough, but they outdid themselves with this second one. If you haven't played it yet, there's certain regions in it that are just absolutely breathtaking.

I know it sounds calculating, but I'm waiting for E3 before I figure out which AC to replay next. If we get a new one this year, I'll hop right into Origins. If not, then I may prolong AC:O until the right time early next year.

I don't know if you've heard, but there's rumors that Splinter Cell may finally be returning. I guess there was some Walmart leak and now speculation is arising. I really do hope they reignite it. Get Michael Ironside on Fisher, blend Blacklist's innovations with Chaos Theory's core elements, and revive versus multiplayer. That would definitely be the way to go.

Truth be told, I'm not doing much in place of anime. Breaks are understandable, but I feel as though I've crossed into the territory of procrastination. Not a day goes by that I don't want to watch it, yet I keep putting it off and distracting myself with less enjoyable hobbies. I know it sounds like I'm treating anime more like a duty than a pastime, but I guess it's because of its impact on my life. At a few points, anime literally saved me and gave me the courage to turn my life around. It feels like a betrayal as I've been in a bit of a slump in general ever since I stopped watching.