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Kami no Tou
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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia - Initium Iter
Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia - Initium Iter
Jun 16, 2020 4:55 PM
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Jun 14, 2020 11:55 AM
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Tower of God
Tower of God
May 25, 2020 8:26 PM
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Bayek Jul 15, 2020 7:43 PM
Yeah, Supernatural is on its 15th and final season. I caught up last month and eagerly awaiting the final episodes (delayed until autumn). The episodic ghost hunt formula can get pretty redundant after so many seasons, but I really enjoy the main story arc. It's kind of like The Mentalist. The cases could get a bit repetitive but the Red John storyline is a masterpiece.

Imagining the older AC games with Unity graphics or Origins tier gameplay is just too much. I would go for that in a heartbeat. Aye, I always start my Ezio trilogy with the Lineage prequel movie and end it with Embers. It gives it a far greater sense of completion. From that first speech Ezio gives as a carefree noble to the final words he imparts to Sofia in his letters is truly magnificent. It's just been a once in a lifetime experience as far as gaming goes. I was actually really hoping they would do a trilogy of sorts with Origins as the starting point. If there was ever a character I wanted to spend more time growing on, it would definitely have been Bayek.

It's a shame because the strong woman archetype feels more like a reaction than an organic creation. In contrast, strong girls in anime seldom ever feel out of place. Velvet Crowe, Saber, Asuna. They're all extremely powerful and yet their character ring true for their settings. Saber in particular because her characterization wrestles with that entire premise of being a young girl who had to steel away her heart and become the King of Knights.

Now some of my favorite female characters are actually from shoujo titles. Yona, Shirayuki, Juliet. What I love about them is how while they're not physically strong per se, their willpower is what allows them to face their limits and grow as a result. It's something universal that I can relate to more and find inspiring all the same.

Admittedly I've often overlooked Brotherhood, but I'll be replaying it after I finish a book I'm reading about Ancient Rome. I never quite appreciated the setting until recently and it's starting to click together what a monumental choice it was for Assassin's Creed. Makes me wish AC had spent one more game focusing on the transition into the Roman Empire, though I'm definitely looking forward to the Vikings all the same.

My gaming backlog is still clogged up, but I'll try to fit TW3 & RDR2 in sometime this year. Right now I'm replaying Origins and loving it.
Lasha123 Jun 15, 2020 2:08 PM
My favorite Gintama character is gintoki and favorite arc is
Farewell shinsengumi arc
Bayek Jun 6, 2020 11:41 AM
I haven't seen either show, but my parents have (and apparently loved both!). I may look into them, but that's gonna have to wait until after Supernatural. Trying to get back into anime is busy enough.

Well once you've played Runescape, repetitive gaming feels like second nature. Still, I must admit AC1 has low replay value. Repetition is part of it, but how slow it is compared to the other games becomes infinitely noticeable. Nothing quite like blending with scholars for 10 minutes to get past a few guards.

Yeah I still play the Ezio Trilogy yearly. I'm planning to do a big AC marathon sometime before the next one comes out, albeit I'll probably wait to get it during some Black Friday deal. Going to probably just highlight the earlier games, then replay Origins & Odyssey.

Can't say I was that big on Aya either. Just felt more like it all about business with her and you didn't really get to see the bond she had with their son. Kassandra felt the same way - I infinitely prefer playing as Alexios. Honestly, AC is sorely lacking in likable female characters. It feels like they try to make them "tough girls" and don't give them the same dimensions and vulnerabilities as their male counterparts. The only female assassin I've liked so far has been Evie Frye. I basically played her 90% of Syndicate.

Oof, now it makes sense why I sensed similarities between Syndicate & Odyssey (not good ones, to boot). It's hard for me to rank the AC games, but I'd say Odyssey would be down there with Syndicate if it weren't basically a carbon copy of my favorite. I'd say my ranking from best to worst would go something like this:

Well I tried a bit of RDR2 when I got it for Christmas, but didn't get very far. It's definitely in my backlog, but it started to feel tedious keeping up with all of the realism & details. I can appreciate the effort that went into making it happen though. I think I just have the regular version of The Witcher 3, I got it during a bargain deal at Gamestop a couple years back.

You might have noticed my handiwork on the forums, but I do tend to have a bad habit of shitposting. My honest take on the protests is that people need to calm down and have an actual discourse about the current state of affairs. It just feels like two groups with their own interests are vying for the throne and people are talking past each other. I try to stack as much nuance into my stances and because of that, it feels like I really don't fit in with any camp or party.
Bayek May 31, 2020 2:48 AM
Oh hell man, that does look incredible. I've never really been big on the Viking era, but Vinland Saga piqued my interest and now I'm feeling the hype. And considering how AC is now with combat & bosses, there's so much potential for a setting like that. Even still, I'm waiting for my feudal Japan AC against all odds.

Well hey, if you loved AC1 like I did, then repetition is just part of the experience. Though because Odyssey is so massive, I start to feel it more than in its predecessors where feather collecting took a few hours max. I'm at 110+ hours on my Alexios playthrough and still only at about 90% sync. Going to aim for 100% before Valhalla drops though.

If you didn't notice, Bayek is one of my favorite assassins. I'd put him right there with the greatness of Altair & Ezio. Something I especially liked about him was how spiritual he was and how his belief in the Egyptian gods & ways of the Medjay actually made him a more compelling character. That's why in comparison, Alexios & Kassandra felt like a massive downgrade considering that they are what you want them to be. As enjoyable as Odyssey was, I think this whole "customize & choose everything" trend in gaming is becoming highly overrated.

I actually only ended up playing Runescape the entire time. I finally set up a second monitor and played that on one while watching Supernatural on the other. I do want to get back to my Xbox One though as my gaming backlog has built up quite a bit. I have at least half a dozen games that I've been delaying for a couple of years now and The Witcher 3 is one of them.

Yeah I'm American. Born and bred--well actually, born in northern Italy, but....

Meh, protests are what they are. I don't feel that strongly about them and think most are a waste of time in this day & age. That said, I at least can empathize with the desperate desire to see something done about a problem. Though that something definitely doesn't involve blind violence and reckless rioting. Given the mounting racial tension in America, I can't see any of this ending well with the road we're on. I had a feeling 2020 was going to be bad, but this combined with covid is just sending the new decade to hell in a handbasket.
Bayek May 28, 2020 2:33 PM
Oh, Valhalla's really a thing? I've been totally in the dark on AC since Odyssey dropped but I'll be sure to look into it (to compensate for the lack of E3 this year). You're really selling it with those little tidbits though. Black Flag is still among my top 3 overall and Origins has actually become my favorite AC gameplay wise. I really enjoyed Odyssey too, but felt a little bit too much like a honed rehash of Origins. Also, I'm not really big into the full on "choose your own adventure" angle that Odyssey took. Especially as it basically butchered any semblance of having a canon present day story, which I should have given up on once Desmond died (Layla just sucks, btw).

Yeah it's been a while, but I get ya. I actually went completely dark on MAL for the past month and a half. Spent most of this lockdown gaming. My state's lockdown ends Monday, but not much is likely to change for me. Well, aside from the personal decisions I'm making to better utilize the time that is given to me.
Bayek Oct 10, 2018 6:08 PM
Yeah, it's understandable. I just had an extremely busy weekend and couldn't really bother with MAL for the past week.

Oh, no kidding! I just looked at my last comment. Wow, yeah. Odyssey wasn't even named at that point. I did get it, but I haven't played much yet. I know I said I was hoping for another Origins, but I'm not quite as enthusiastic yet. This happens with most games I get though. I lose interest when I get it, take 4-6 months off, then come back and fall in love. So we'll see. I don't really like the idea of turning AC into a full blown RPG. The problem with choosing your gender is that effectively Alexios & Kassandra are the same character. This means that neither is canon and unless something big happens by the end of Odyssey, I think it's time for me to finally give up on the modern day story line. A real letdown since I've been trying to give it a chance to bounce back ever since the end of Desmond's arc.

On the upside, my guess is that Odyssey is meant to give you a sense of freedom vs order that predates the Assassin v Templar conflict. I think it's ultimately telling us to choose which one we believe in. In that case, I think I'm going to play with Alexios as the assassin & Kassandra as the templar, so to speak.

Yeah, nothing on Splinter Cell. The great news, however, is that Blacklist, Conviction & Double Agent were all made BWC for the Xbox One. That's a huge step in and of itself since I can finally play them again. Just going to have to wait & see from there.

Yep, I'm all in again. Being back into anime feels so good. I actually went to my first anime convention this weekend and I think it's set some things into motion for me. I feel renewed and ready to work even harder towards my life pursuits.
Cyborg_Dragon Oct 9, 2018 12:50 PM
Cool, I spent my time job hunting and trying to get some things in my life fixed.

Eh I kind of don't really care anymore about it whats done is done and Furuta is still trash. The guy should of went on Hiatus instead of turning into Kanekis Mom.

I got it for my birthday a couple of months ago. I have over 300 hours (Mishimas request forced me to play a third playthrough) in it and got the platinum trophy. I never played a console game in years but this game pulled me back to it. Its an amazing game, its up in my top 3. I made Ren as smug as possible in one of my playthroughs.

I felt Akechi was too obvious to be the villain and I thought writers were trying to play a fool out of me and Joker was really still in Sae's palace during the interrogation. Same with Makoto being the Waifu, I feel like the game really pushes her especially some of the convos in the dancing game. My issue with Ryuji is that his character in the s link is different to the one you come back to in the main game. Ann is cool but she does not do much after the whole Kamoshida palace. I have a love hate relationship with Morgana. Yuusuke is best boi. Makoto is my best girl but I wish her S-link involved her sister more then this stupid girl no one cares about. Futaba I feel had the best s-link of the thieves, I find her more relatable as I dealt with similar shit in my childhood. Haru was introduced way too late and I never in my 3 playthroughs used her garden to make vegtables because I had sp adhesive. I feel there where things that could of been done better with Akechi.

Two guys from my favourite podcast discussed who is best girl Makoto or Sae

keragamming Oct 6, 2018 8:04 AM
Something happen during that festival event, I think it had something to do with the discussion he has with Yelena, because she obviously wasn't telling Pixis the truth when they talk, Pixis even pointed it out, something convinces Eren to change his tactics.

Eren has change a lot since Learning about Marley and his father past as well, not to mention that he and Zeke has a discussion, whatever thry said to him is something that open his eyes.

Also Historia is pretty much on Eren side as well, Eren could possible be the father as well, I'm not buying that the father guy is the father at all.
SuperRed Oct 6, 2018 5:06 AM
Yo have you read the latest OP chapter?
CrimsonMidnight Oct 6, 2018 4:00 AM
hey! long time no talk!
sorry to suddenly disappear lol

Ah, it was........a shame. Really. The series started really well, but rushed ending ruined everything.
All in all, I don't have that high expectation in the first place, so I didn't really feel anything tbh.
I already forgot about it.

The only thing I remember is that Hide got a bit more screentime than other characters and for that alone I pretended it's good enough.

But seriously, Ishida left out a ton of unanswered questions, unresolved character's arcs, and instead just narrating unimportant characters and the whole thing and called it an ending.
It's unbelievable how awful the ending is. I'm one of them that loath the ending so much I really wanted to give the series as a whole a 1 (I didn't though)

ArabianLuffy Oct 5, 2018 8:37 PM
Enise Lobby.
Cyborg_Dragon Jul 5, 2018 1:31 AM
Took me a while to reply to you, my profile was not opening due to the shit that happened to mal and I still can not access my notifications.

In truth I like the ending but I have my problems with it first being who actually gives a flying fuck about madam A and her stupid cow. We do not get name of the child of the MC but we get the name of a shitty cow. Amon and Akira just get a silhouette would of preferred seeing what they are doing now or perhaps have seen them drink coffee and Touka and Kanekis new shop. Etos whereabouts are a mystery again. I don't like how Kuroiwa is alive I thought his (supposed) death was great. Most of the endings reminded me of the endings in fighting game arcade ladders.

The whole thing with Kaneki drowning the chapter before was a waste of panels for a cliff hanger before the final chapter. I feel like this series could of used another volume.

despite what people say Ishida left it open for a part 3 if you consider that the monsters are getting smarter every year and its referenced that they have leaders, it reminds me of the beginning of god eater.

Cyborg_Dragon May 21, 2018 3:23 PM
On a holiday to gold old Hungary.

If I ever go to japan the first place me and my buddies agreed to go to is the fox village

I decided to leave it off since I was in another country and when I got back it was sunday morning and I decided Ill wait to read the two together.

Here is a reddit post with a link to the illustration and poem translation.

lets just say his love for one piece is pretty murderous

Ya I heard about that and it was real shitty I feel bad for chandler riggs.

Ya she did.

Favourite arc would probably have to be all out war. Second would be the govenor arc.

What made spidermans the worse was how his spider senses where telling him what was happening. I am guessing cap and tony are going to have to be friends again in order to beat thanos.
Aezeryel May 21, 2018 2:39 AM
It's gonna be my second contract. And yeah, you do travel a lot. In one contract you can visit as much as 15, even 20 different countries, depending on the company and the ship of course.

Well, it's not like we have many organizations introduced, but yeah, out of all of them, FUG is the most interesting one.

Not spin offs, but there's gonna be three different stories within this universe. ToG is the first one, and there should be another two. They might not be set in the tower, the characters might be different, but it will likely function on the same principle (shinsuu and that stuff).

Yeah, and Jahad actually has to go all out now to have a chance of defeating Baam.

We'll see. I'm expecting a timeskip, though SIU might have other plans.

Nah, none other. I started reading this one simply because of a recommendation by a friend. And I'm rather lazy to try finding any other good ones.
Cyborg_Dragon May 20, 2018 1:01 PM
Oh Its cool lad I took one aswell I was in eastern europe for the last week.

Well there is a offer on the table to go and assist in teaching english in Shanghai or Tokyo for six months that is very tempting I might do another course in my local college thou I can travel to one of those places whenever I want.

I have not read the latest chapter of tg btw

I don't care who does it weather its maris stella or the token fetus if someone can just do Furuta dirty I would be happy I am done with his shit. As for old oek stuff who knows maybe Ishida will do some prequel manga I feel like the opportunity to reveal them is long past.

Oh he releases poems with illustration of characters. He released a poem and illustration on the week of the surviving Kirishimas (touka, ayato, yomo) birthdays titled "her womb smells like it was burnt" with the opening line being the "the children meant to be born died" all in all does not sound really good I can like a english translation if you want and the illustration. The poem and illustrations are part of Ishidas foreshadowing boner basically and the poem does not sound good its either Kaneki reacting to his child dying or its Kaneki reacting to Touka dying or its the child. He made other in the past including one on Furutas birthday that is his possible death, Rize being the dragon the main villain, haise dissappering, Kanekis suicidal thoughts etc.

You should here what that character had to say about one piece.

Ya exactly at the moment Carl is being built up to continue after Rick and is getting more of a role then being the kid that needs to be protected by a adult all the time. Its currently a waste and Lauren Cohna (Maggie) might leave the show soon and it will just be more important characters removed. To be fare this is the issue with long running tv series, the actors can not stay forever the show should have either ended years ago or took a break and recasted with time skip.

I did some research into it and it turns out that lily in the game was supposed to be lily in the comic and it even said so in her bio on the telltale games website. However the novels come out and it created a continuity issue so telltale removed all mention of her being lily from the comics where possible.

I saw deadpool 2 yesterday. Have your seen IW yet?