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R0rack Oct 5, 11:26 PM
Thank you so much for your kind words!!! And about the truant thing, I didn't actually research, but I already knew about it from an ANN article that is pretty awesome btw. I read it after watching Maquia, and I thought it was an interesting thing for a writer that makes so much stories about high-school, so I really wanted to put it in my review.

About the dialogue thing, yeah, it was kind of a hit or miss for me, though it definitely improved as the series went along . There were times where I legitimately thought the dialogue was very sharp, most of the time because the characters were contradicting their own actions by what they were saying, and I love to see that in a show because it is very realistic, as what you said about Izumi. But scenes like Amagi saying to Rika: "You know, if people saw us right know, they would probably think that we're flirting" just kind of sounded too blatant. Though, in all fairness, I truly don't know if that's just normal small-talk in Japan. I mentioned that Japan has a very distinctive culture, and the few japanese live-action movies I've seen are very subtle in their dialogue. So I really don't know what to make of those lines. I could be wrong. And you're right about most of the conflicts being born out of characters not being able to express themselves clearly, which is a really important point in the last few episodes.
I also mentioned the dialogue because my review also talked about Okada as a writer a lot, and I think she used to do that more often before, and I know a lot of people dislike her precisely because of her dialogue. But I honestly think O Maidens is one of the best shows from her I've seen, though I still have a lot more to watch from her catalogue.

And, last but not least, thank you a lot about the grammar bit. Hehe, don't feel bad about it, It was the kind of feedback that I was expecting, so thank you. And I'm really SUPER HAPPY that you liked my review!!! I mean, the main idea came through, and that's what a review should do, so I'm very pleased about it. What I'm not pleased about is that it took me a pretty long time to write, but hopefully I can get better on the timing, so more people can read it :)

Thanks for reading again, man. You made my day :)
R0rack Oct 5, 10:56 AM
Heyy!!! It took me way longer than I expected, but here is my review of O Maidens:

I would like to hear your thoughts on it, and maybe some feedback, as it is my first review on the site. Jeje, thanks for supporting me, btw. I also hope that you continue writing on this site :)
Also, when the premieres of the season ends, I'll let you know which ones I liked the most :)
R0rack Sep 30, 12:04 PM
I started watching Utena while I was watching Sarazanmai. I definitely liked more Utena, though I kind of also put it on-hold.
Sorry for the delayed answer. I've been trying to write that O Maidens review. I kind of finished the first draft already. The thing about writing a big piece in english for me, is that I spend more time correcting the grammar, orthography and the order of ideas than I spend writing the damn thing. Writing is hard, but is also kind of fun. I'll tell you when it's done so you can tell me what you think of it :)
Freyja-Lilith Sep 28, 6:04 AM
You're welcome. :)
Freyja-Lilith Sep 27, 6:28 PM
Happy Birthday!
R0rack Sep 18, 10:07 AM
Thanks for saying that! I've been reading a lot in english, so that might be why I got better at it!

Mob Psycho 100 ll kind of put the whole franchise in my favorite list forever, so yeah, I pretty much liked that one. On winter I also watched The Promised Neverland, which was pretty fun, and finished Run with the Wind, that is actually from past fall, but it was still one of the best weekly-anime experience I've had this year (that one's from the same writer as Fune wo Amu, so I think you'd like it). I kind of dropped both Sarazanmai and C&T in Spring for the same reason you put Given On-Hold. I just didn't have the time back then. I was planning on finishing both eventually when they finished airing, but the fuss about C&T made me come back to it before it ended. Sarazanmai was my first introduction to Ikuhara, and I don't know if that's a good starting point (i liked its ideas but kind of got turned of by the repetitions, something people warned my about) so I don't know if to finish it before or after I've seen some other work of his. And right now I'm probably watching the same as you plus Given, which is pretty good, and Granbelm, which is pretty... fine, I guess. I guess I did have the time this season to stuck with anime that I would've otherwise dropped, but it turned out to have a few interesting ideas, though I'm not a big fan of Big Robot Battles.

On the whole, it was a pretty normal year in anime for me, though I believe Fall will bring a few shows that might end on my end of year Top list. Mostly looking forward to Beasters and Hoshiai no Sora. The latter mostly because of its creator, and the catalog of beloved shows it has, though I haven't personally watched any of those. They're on my to watch list, though.
R0rack Sep 17, 12:02 PM
Hey! I'm practicing my writing too (English is not my native language). I'm glad you're enjoying both Vinland Saga and O Maidens, and yes, I understand what you mean about the forums. I don't usually write in "every" chapter forum, but I do occasionally when I think I have something important to say about the episode. I think you should do the same. I mean, writing every week in a forum full of opinions that are mostly just close-minded can be a bit exhausting, but if it weren't for your writing, I wouldn't have sent that friend request. So maybe write, but not so much as to make you feel exhausted :)

Btw, I'm planning on making my first review ever on O Maidens, mostly because I feel I already figured out what makes Okada such a divisive writer, and why I think O Maidens exemplifies those things perfectly. Either way, I honestly think is a great show, and I can't wait for next episode. But I've seen what people have been complaining about, and I can kind of understand why people don't like it. Some of it have to do with Nina and Hongo's storylines for obvious reasons, and some of the complains are simply because of Okada's style of writing (which I personally love). But that will all go hopefully on my review.

Also, are you watching Given? Is WAY more subdued in its drama than O Maidens, but those too are by far the best dramas I've seen this year. Also, what other shows are in your top favorite this year?
R0rack Sep 17, 8:31 AM
You're welcome!!! You have a pretty cool top anime, btw :)
I actually found you're profile because of that little rant you made on Carole and Tuesday's episode 20. Pretty cool stuff XD
I actually love the theme of politics and art. But I think is one of the most underused themes in media, precisely because it is meant to be divisive. But the power of media to speak and to move the masses is something real, and a show that parallels that with a political campaign that directly and blatantly critics many global immigration issues of today... is just something so bold that I can't help to respect.
I actually dropped C&T momentaneously after episode 6. I thought it had a lot of interesting aspects, but I felt it wasn't doing anithing interesting with them, at least yet (Like, I thought they couldn't possibly have made Tuesday's mother a polititian just for the sake of it) I was planning on finnishing it if people said it got better. And then I started to hear people complaining about the politics, and I just thought to myself "well, it might just be doing something good after all"

Jeje, that's what I wanted to say. Im still not completely caught up, but Carole & Tuesday is shaping up to be one of my favorites this year. I actually believe that the fact that the show almost tricks you into thinking that it has nothing interesting to say in the first half (with a few exceptions) is done on purpose. And I think that's fucking cool. People got tricked into thinking with they're escapism media. What a great guy, Watanabe :)

Anyway, you're welcome again for the friend request XD
Randomloser_8 Aug 18, 8:45 AM
No Money is a gay anime where the one being sexually used acts pathetically and eventually falls in love with the business man that bought him because of his cousin’s debt. It’s so stupid and they are all pathetic so as their looks lmao. Boku No Pico is also a gay anime which is a hentai where there is no plot and this little boy is always horny it pisses me off.
Randomloser_8 Aug 18, 7:15 AM
Oh no I meant by your list. Anime that I really hate is Danganropa, Boku no Pico, and No Money
Randomloser_8 Aug 18, 12:45 AM
Oh i see, I’m surprised with that many that i havent been triggered or anything and yeah about that I’m pretty new ig ive only seen 114 different anime
Randomloser_8 Aug 18, 12:25 AM
You’re welcome. Damn you dropped a lot of anime there XD
Yuki_Nonaka Aug 14, 10:19 PM
dropping ergo proxy ...
_Ako_ Jul 28, 11:40 AM
No, it means you're a faggot in MAL like we all are
Fundashi666 Jul 1, 1:34 PM
I'm fine^^

thanks for asking ^^